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08-01-2005, 08:22 PM
I did my very first stand-up gig last night.
The way I got into this was, I was on Myspace.com and met this guy, Sina, who goes to the same University as I do. He's a stand- up comedian and invited me to play at a club he frequents, called Mo's Neighbourhood Grill. So I went in last Sunday to watch the open mic night and get a feel for the club.
Sina introduced himself to me in person and talked to me about my being TG (he'd read it on my profile). He said I was the first TG person he'd known in person and was really cool about it. So I went back last night to do my stuff and got to talking to some other comedians. Sina was happy to introduce me to them as Ben, and referred to me as "he" and "him" and all that.
So I was brought up onstage by another comic, Troy, who said "We'd like to welcome Ben to the stage. It's his first time tonight so give him a big round of applause!"
So I did my set-- about 5 minutes or so, getting big laughs when my best friend Amber yelled "You suck!" (out of love, of course, because she's like that) and I simply replied "Yeah, and I deep- throat, too!"
Later on, another comic was onstage (he owns a comedy club in another area of town) and Amber was chatting to him, and he asked if she had ever done comedy or wanted to, and she points to me and says, "she's a lot funnier than me. I mean, he is!" I just laughed at her and said "You just blew my cover, you bitch!"
I wasn't too worried about it.
A little later on the same comic, John, came and sat by me and asked me to talk to him after the show. So I did, and he told me about his club and invited me to do his open mics there whenever I wanted! He got my number and gave me his and all that. He asked if it was really my first time doing comedy and said he could tell I've been onstage a lot (what with music and everything), and that I was really good, especially for this being my first gig.
So I'm excited! This is all taking off very nicely. I hope I can keep coming up with good material. I'll keep on doing it as long as I can keep writing new material. :D

Marlena Dahlstrom
08-03-2005, 01:10 AM
Remember us little people when you're the next Eddie Izzard. :D

08-03-2005, 03:05 AM
Thanks :)
And I will, of course.

Thing about me is, I'm a musician who does comedy as a hobby. Izzard is a comedian who does music as a hobby.
Did you see him play piano at Live 8? Bloody brilliant!

08-09-2005, 07:48 AM
I seem to come up with lots of material-- 4 new bits since I played Mo's Sunday night (less than 2 days ago)... And I see nothing wrong with re- hashing old material; I just don't want to do the same tired bit every week for months on end. Pretty soon I'll have a huge bank of material to work with. :D
I'm really liking this stuff. The guys are all really nice and Sina (who knew from the beginning I was TG) is really cool with me; treats me like one of the guys, uses male pronouns when bringing me onstage and when referring to me, and hasn't outed me to anyone as far as I know.
This is definitely going to become a weekly thing for me, and I've already been invited to play 2 more clubs around here, so things are progressing rather well.
So, if anyone's in the Salt Lake area, let me know and come see one of my gigs! :D

09-09-2005, 09:36 PM
I always thought I'd like to do stand up comedy, but much to shy to try it. I have some good ideas for a gig but that's as far as I'll ever get. I might try to write comedy pertaining to cross dressing, but I don't know who I could sell it to. Good luck, Trudyjean