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08-15-2005, 09:29 AM
I was at Mo's doing my standup last night. I must admit, I felt a bit of an ass because there were a bunch of professional comics there. I probably got more laughs than I've gotten in the past but I kind of wasn't feeling it. Y'know? I just wasn't really getting into it. Kind of flustered and everything. Plus I'd had a couple beers and was a wee bit buzzed. I thought it'd loosen me up but it just kind of made me paranoid and uncertain of myself.

Anyway, I was talking to the pros afterwards and got some good advice and learned a lot from talking to them and watching them so all in all it was good.

There's this one comic there named Craig who I like a lot. He's realatively new (been doing it for 4 months) and I'm getting to be friends with him. He's a cute, tall black guy with a shaved head, and he's really nice and friendly, always has a smile on his face.
So after the show (I'd been called to go to work but needed to talk to Sina and also get my tips ($5.25 this time!) and was a bit antsy cos I was running really late for work), Craig calls me over to talk to him and says rather bluntly "My sister's just like you."
I was kind of confused, and he says "what are you?" Not in a mean way, just in a curious way and I didn't mind. He says "Here, sit down and talk to me for a second." So I did and he asks me again... This time mentioning that his sister and him had slept with some of the same girls (without knowing it at the time). Again-- this sounds harsh or whatever but he was just genuinely curious and he's not the type of guy who puts people down or anything. So I just said, "I'm trans" and then went on to explain it a bit, making sure to mention that I'm a girl but want to be a gay boy. He seemed to understand pretty quickly and was really cool about it.
As I said he's really personable and the touchy- feely type (he shook my hand (those street handshakes that take 5 minutes a piece) several times over the course of the night). So I thought it was cool.
I don't know quite how he figured me out, unless Sina told him (which I'm fine about). I'm a bit curious but not bothered about it.

So has anyone had any coming out stories with happy endings? All of my "outings" have been really awesome so far. It's pretty crazy-- people seem to think it's more cool than anything else and have been perfectly happy to accept me and just be groovy about it. I guess I'm just lucky. :)

08-15-2005, 01:25 PM
Sorry Abraxas, I cant really relate to your story, but I found it really interesing. I am glad you have had such good experiences...