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Debbie Kong
09-13-2005, 09:18 PM
Hi Eddie

I'm a M2F type and I have felt that this part of the forum was none of my business so I havn't checked it out much. A current posting about Dance Classes caught my eye though so I couldn't resist reading it. It led me to read the "sticky" and wasn't I surprised to see your Avatar. I've read messages of yours before and I always thought to myself, "Why isn't that Gurl made up?". I thought that you were a M2F Trans type. Is that reassuring for you? I hope so. You look like a guy to me.

Now I find that many of the postings here are from M2F and that it's taking time to get more F2M action happening. I can understand that. The M2F world is overpopulated with, me included, those that like to glam it up as opposed to those that are truly transitioning into the opposite sex. The F2M is probably the reverse. Most are transitioning as opposed to impersonating Elvis Presley, James Brown or William Hung.

Maybe you'll wish you were here. Last winter a Club in Barrie, Ontario hosted an ongoing Drag Contest for both Queens and Kings. I went to a few, enfemme, and mingled with many who were the opposite. After 16 weeks the finals were held and the winning M2F got a crown and such but the winning F2M got a paid trip to Chicago for a big showdown there. I don't know how they fared but they certainly put on a good show that night in Barrie and had a lot of other F2M and Admirers out to support them. They stole the show from the M2Fs.

Anyway, that's my F2M "Feel Good" story.

So, if you don't mind, I might add something to the Dance Class thread.

Best wishes


09-14-2005, 02:29 AM
No problem with you posting here! It's absolutely fine.
Ontario sounds fun! I have some cousins in Canada who I need to visit sometime, so I should go there anyway!