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kathy gg
01-27-2006, 09:01 PM
HI guys,

I hope it is cool that I post this here. I read it while browsing a gay mag I read online and it is written by a ftm tranny-girl, she writes for a local weekly here in Canada.

There is not a direct link to the article, so I cut and pasted and also it has graphic descriptions of sex. I have tried to edit as much as possible, but still, it is a bit graphic....anyway, if you find it too much I understand if it gets removed. But I have read some threads in here about some ftm's being into boys and found this quiet relavant.

FTM fooling with fags
Posing proves he’s a real fag

Horny homos inspect every part of “Jesse” as he walks out of the steam room and through dimly lit halls, past open doors within which boys c*ck their *sses in the air. He runs his hand across his chest hair, flexing his hormoneengorged biceps nonchalantly. He struts and lets his towel hang low to reveal his firm, furry butt cheeks. A muscle queen lumbers by and brushes his hand against Jesse’s white terry cloth, groping for d*ck. Jesse smiles. His strap-on feels like a semi-hard p*n*s through the towel, and the temperature-sensitive silicone has retained the heat from the wet sauna. Everyone at the bathhouse thinks Jesse has a hard, hot c*ck under his towel. No one knows he has a v*g*n*.

I met Jesse six years ago in university, when he was a tough-looking, androgynous woman in a baseball cap and baggie clothes. He was already doing two hours of weightlifting a day when he started receiving testosterone injections. Jesse’s voice deepened, his bodybuilding regime gave him a physique from Men’s Health and he got hairy enough to fool your average bear. He was the first female-to-male trans guy who told me he went to gay bathhouses for man-on-man sex.

“I ain’t no bottom! Maybe ’cause I don’t got a prostate!” Jesse laughs. “But it’s too hard for me to top without getting discovered.” He goes to the spa to have his pecs, abs, traps, triceps and biceps worshipped.

His chest carpet covers the scars from his double mastectomy. If he accessorizes with a leather harness that criss-crosses his pecs, he passes seamlessly. He brags, “I fool everyone, and I confess it makes me feel like a man.”

Jesse laughs and agrees with me when I suggest that tricking gays is his biggest sexual thrill.

“Regular” sex with a detachable ****!

“Bobby” is a self-confessed “FTM bathhouse Betty” with a lean, tight body. A couple of months ago, he bought a prosthetic c*ck made to match his skin tone by an Australian company that creates state-of-the-art body parts for people who’ve been injured in accidents. It’s glued to the front of his groin with medical adhesive. Pubic hair hides the top edges of his masterfully crafted high-tech dong. It has a firm shell filled with silicone gel, the same material in breast implants, making it realistic to touch. “It even has little veins on it,” he says proudly. Bobby lathers up in the group showers so guys can see it. “Even soap won’t dissolve the glue,” he says. If someone gets within reaching distance of his well-proportioned man-made manhood, he saunters to a urinal and pretends to take a “nice long slosh.”

But Bobby doesn’t walk the house of many doors to be a display model for the newest bod-mod technology. After his testosterone shot, he’s raving horny. “I tell guys I’m mostly into sucking c*ck.” Then his knees hit the floor. If his partner bends over, Bobby f**** him. Bobby says they don’t realize they’re being penetrated by imported Aussie silicone. Condoms and lube only add to the illusion.

“There’s rare fags who want to suck and f*** with trans guys, but they want an unusual experience – a boy with a p*ssy.” Bobby’s not into his v*g*n* and doesn’t want men who like him for that. But unlike Jesse, passing for male isn’t enough of a sexual thrill for Bobby. He says, “I’m a man, and I had to find a way of f*cking other men that feels regular.”

Shameful acts?

“I stopped going to bathhouses two years ago,” claims “Hank,” a politically-minded FTM acquaintance of mine who also likes men. With his short beard and receding hairline, Hank could fool fags, but he doesn’t want to fool himself. “I used to have sex with guys without telling them,” he says, but he started wondering if that meant he was ashamed to be trans.

“I would go to the bathhouse if I could be open about myself, do everything I wanted with a guy and be accepted,” he says. I mention Bobby’s bathhouse bangs, and I ask Hank if he longs to have sex with someone who isn’t looking for a kinky encounter with a trans person. He nods and says, “Yes, I just don’t want to have to lie about myself to get it.” Hank tells me there are personal ads for gay men seeking trans guys on the net. (He doubts it comes close to the amount of interest straight men have towards t-girls.) He’s got an ad on a website, and he’s hopeful.

nina arsena

01-28-2006, 11:14 AM
Good article, Kathy - thanks for posting that. Certainly answers some questions for me. :cool:

kathy gg
01-28-2006, 11:53 AM

Sure the link is

It is a free weekly that you can pick up in varius places in our area. But I dont' always remember to grab one, I just usally read it online.

Another good gay rag in our area is