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10-10-2004, 02:38 AM
Well, hey there. I just got back from my first club (a gay club in Winston- Salem, NC called Odyssey). Had a fun time, although I didn't dance. No- one to dance with. And I don't dance anyway. But one of the security guards, a big black guy named Patrick, came up to us (my stepmum and I) when we first came in and started flirting with us. After awhile he came back and flirted some more, then proceeded to give me a big, tongue-y snog. Hehe. Later on another guy was talking to me. His name was Stefan. He told me I was attractive, I had beautiful eyes, a gorgeous smile, and a great ass. They both knew I was a girl. *shrug*BUt that was quite interesting. My friend Jace was going to come up from SC, but his dad wouldn't let him. I would've danced with him. Anyway, I had a pretty good time. :-D

10-10-2004, 06:58 PM
As long as everything's clean fun, and you think you had a great time, it's all good. :D

10-11-2004, 01:04 AM
Yupyup! :D

10-11-2004, 01:22 AM
Okay, Eddie... need more details here!

Why were you with your stepmom... at a gay club?

What is a tongue-y snog... and what part of the body does it involve?

You were at a gay bar... why didn't you dance with your stepmom???

How were you dressed?

10-11-2004, 02:01 AM
Wow-- lots of questions!

I was with my stepmum at a gay club because we thought we'd have fun. My dad didn't want to go... He doesn't have anything against gay people, but if he sees men on men he gets a bit queasy. Understandable, I suppose.

A tongue- y snog is a French kiss. It involves mouths ;)
(Patrick was married, too. Oops!)

I didn't dance with my stepmum for a couple of reasons: 1. I don't dance with women. It makes me nervous. 2. She thought if I danced with her everybody would think we were lesbians and then I wouldn't get hit on by any guys (straight or not). So, that's it basically.

I was dressed in black spandex trousers with shiny red tights over them (and my little weenie jutting out seductively), a Bowie t-shirt with a sparkly red button- down shirt over it, a dark blue velvet jacket with gold buttons, and a Fedora. I had on lots of dark red eyeshadow, a "Bowie" circle on my forehead (in Gold, of course), and a long, pink stick- on eyelash. A black fedora and red and black low- top Converse sneaks completed the look. I was going for Bowie, if you couldn't tell.

Anything else? ;)

10-11-2004, 11:45 PM
Okay... now it makes a bit more sense.

I thought the snog thing was of the French variety... just wanted to make sure. Gay night clubs, in LA, always had the best music and great sound systems... which is why they are so "mixed" now days. I never felt comfortable dancing either... just love the music. I did do the Disco thing for a while... but that was so lame!!!

Great outfit, too. Outrageous... but trendy!!! :cool:

Well... you had a good time. That's important!

Were you nervous about being there? Did you feel comfortable? What would you do different next time?

Oh... As a guy... you could ask another guy to dance! I know you don't like to boogie... but it is a good way to meet people... since you can't buy them a drink, yet!:p

10-12-2004, 12:06 AM
Yeah, I had fun. I was totally comfortable. I felt like I was with "my own kind".
I could ask a guy to dance, but I wasn't pulling off the male facade very well. Any little bit of makeup and fluffy hair (which I had) immediately gives me away. I've got to be no makeup and spikey hair or a baseball cap to pass.

What I would do different next time is bring a guy friend. My buddy Jace was going to come, as I said, and I would've had a lot of fun with him, dancing, snogging, etc. :-D