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07-21-2022, 11:01 PM

Annual event
Looks like something for everyone!

08-19-2022, 11:55 AM
I am very interested in this. Anyone have any first hand experience with this?

08-25-2022, 09:03 PM
I am in australia and hoping to attend.

It overlaps Halloween this year (it's usually around march-april) and goes from Sunday the 23rd to Friday the 28th of October for the main part with an extension over the weekend.

On their website, they usually put up a list of the daily events but they are still to do so as of today. The last update was around a month ago.

They usually have a golf event on during the week which is fun but for some reason, this year it is scheduled for a saturday

I went once before in '14

08-25-2022, 10:39 PM
How fun Princess .
CrossKimmy, I will ask one of the ladies that usually attend to pop in the thread.

08-27-2022, 11:01 AM
That looks like it could be a ton of fun.
(Daydreaming, Someday):daydreaming:

char GG
08-27-2022, 01:18 PM
We plan to be in Vegas during this event. Will probably pop in and see what's happening.:bs:

08-28-2022, 09:49 PM
The preliminary day to day schedule is up now for the DLV event

Kris Burton
08-31-2022, 07:17 AM
Like Raychel, Diva Las Vegas is an event that is on my bucket list. I hope those that are going bring stories and pics to our site, so some of us who cannot go for whatever reason can share vicariously!

09-05-2022, 12:44 AM
I always find it hard to pack for a trip that Melissa is going along with and for Divas, it is even harder. Well, usually as the places I will be visiting this time in the USA, I can cram stuff into my suitcase for the flight over and then leave a lot of the stuff in Vegas at a thrift store as a large part of my wardrobe, I have either never worn it (and never will) or have had it for quite a while and it's time for new stuff (I don't really go out much these days en femme where I am in australia)

Teri Ray
10-23-2022, 06:21 AM
I will be there hope to see you all. It is a very fun event

11-25-2022, 09:09 PM
I've already contacted the organizers for 2023 and I'm waiting for dates. If I go, I'll be organizing some pickleball games and maybe a roller coaster tour. You don't have to go all week and I'll probably hit this one up on a Wednesday and Thursday if it's the weekend before Halloween.