View Full Version : Anyone going to Espirit Gala in May?

Larissa Cassandra
03-15-2023, 10:19 PM
It's May 14-21 in Port Angeles, WA. It's only a few hours from me, and I've been seriously considering it, but can't decide! One of my main concerns is that I won't know anyone there, and while I'm sure they'll all be very welcoming, it would still be awkward for me (shy around strangers but party girl after I get comfortable with the situation!).

If you're planning to go, maybe we can PM and plan to meet at a certain day, time, and place. If you've been there before, any info or advice will be appreciated.


Here is the link for the info about the event.


03-16-2023, 12:54 AM
Interesting, Larissa! I believe that's the same date as the big T girl event in Vegas, Wild Side!?:eek:

Ursula Harrison
03-16-2023, 07:04 AM
I was there in 2019. The town is very welcoming.

They have a "big sister" program where you can be paired with an experienced attender who can show you the ropes. That is entirely voluntary, you don't have to sign up for it if you don't want to.

I found it a most enjoyable weekend. One piece of advice I would offer though is to check out the events to see if they're your cup of tea. For instance, I firmly belong to the Mark Twain school of golf appreciation, so the golfing outing was not for me. I also skipped the ferry trip to Victoria BC, as I was not comfortable presenting my passport containing my male identity, while passing through border security dressed.

Linda Stockings
03-16-2023, 03:49 PM
It's been ages since I was there on business (1990). Had a great salmon fishing trip though. I remember it as a great little city.

Larissa Cassandra
03-19-2023, 11:26 AM
Interesting, Larissa! I believe that's the same date as the big T girl event in Vegas, Wild Side!?:eek:

Yes, you're right. I wasn't aware of the Vegas event. If I go to either of them in May (would be my first time) I'd go to the closest one. Maybe in October I'll go to Diva Las Vegas.

Ursula - Thanks for your advice. I'm also not a big golf fan, and I've been to Victoria so would probably skip that too. (Good point about border security!)

I was hoping to reach a wider audience for feedback, so I posted this in the main MTF CD forum, but it was moved here because it's about an event. If anybody knows anyone who is going this year, please have them PM me. Thanks!