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04-05-2005, 03:58 AM
Yup... So one pic of me with my girlfriend Dianne and the other is me at Area 51 (a 18+ club around here).



Another thing... I am thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced. My main concern is whether it will make me look girlie. I don't want it to, obviously, but can't say whether it would. Any opinions about that?

04-05-2005, 07:15 AM
looking good!

I think you look settled enough in male mode that an eyebrow ring wouldn't hurt. I've seen lots of guys with eyebrow rings that just look fond of piercing.

04-05-2005, 09:56 AM
I've got a pierced eyebrow! :p I had it done when I used to be rather an avid Korn fan and when I saw Jonathon Davis's I had just had to have it done. A lot of my male friends had it done and even now I generally see it more in men than women. It's generally quite a good unisex piercing in my opinion. There is a bit of info you need to know first before you go ahead and get it done.

Firstly, have you had any other piercings done? I had my ears done a few times but I always found them very painful in that area and took a long time to heal. Maybe that's just my wierd body, I don't think that generally people have trouble with thier ears. I always wanted my eyebrow pierced but I was faced by a couple of problems at the time. One was that I was at college still and facial piercings were banned (I suppose other body piercings were too but they couldn't exactly search you for them :P). The other was that not being sure how my body would react I wanted to try out a piercing in a place that isn't on show all the time by way of a trial run. Thirdly, my parents would go ballistic but at the time that was least of my concerns :D

So I had my navel pierced first. I went to a parlour with a good reputation after I had asked around with pierced people in the rock nightclubs. I was nervous as hell! The guy was really nice though, he had lots of tattoos and piercings himself so I felt quite at ease. The area was numbed and I barely felt a thing, but it did bleed a bit! I had to keep a compress on it until it stopped and then I had a pad taped onto it incase it started up again. But, I followed all the instructions I was given on my care sheet and although it took a while to heal (navel ones do because of thier location) I was really pleased with the results. A year or so later after no problems I was ready to take the plunge and do my eyebrow!

I went to the same place and was pierced by the same guy. This time I was very fortunate and the needle did not pierce or nick any major veins and so it didn't bleed at all, which I was very greatful for. I didn't want to be wondering around town with a bandaged up head :D I looked after it carefully again and being in a more airiated position he healed far quicker, it was good in about eight months and I could take the ring out to change it to another item of body jewellery or leave it out for a few hours while I went to a gig so it couldn't be ripped out.

So, aside actually having the piercing and making sure it heals properly, there is another thing you have to consider with an eyebrow piercing. It has a high migration rate which most other piercings don't suffer from. Because the skin is stretched quite taught over your eyebrow ridge, some people can find that their piercing cannot heal under the pressure and instead eventually works its way to the surface of the skin, where it can look a bit daft hanging on there by just a little bit of skin and also increases the chance of it being accidently caught and pulled out. I've always had quite prominant eyebrow ridges which I hated when I was younger because they didn't look very feminine and my friends all laughed at them, but I've grown to accept and love them now :p You can sorta see how prominant they are in the pic of me in glasses. They're quite fleshy, I can pinch a good couple of centimetres of flesh there, so I hoped that if I had a piercing it would stay in. And it did heal very well, it hardly moved at all! I still love it very much all these years later although my hairstyle now hides it a bit.

Looking at your photos I don't think you will have too much of a problem with migration. When you decide on a piercing parlour to go to you can always drop in first and ask their opinion on your suitability and migration rate. If they think you're good to go I'd say do it! It's in a good location with a low risk of infection which is ideal since it's in such an open area. I personally think it would suit you very well. Eeep, sorry about the essay I just wrote, you might even be aware of a lot of the information there but I hope some of the things I've said are helpful.

04-05-2005, 11:26 AM
Loui, you are lucky... no anesthetics here for piercings or tattoos... You have to deal with the pain. Personally, I agree with it, how can you want something and go to get it but can't handle the pain. I'm a piercing (and tattoo) freak... I have my tongue, labret, ears 5 times each, HAD my belly button and hood done, also HAD my nipples and eyebrow and nose done. I'm not going to lie, piercings hurt. Eyebrow was probably one of the lower end piercings as far as pain goes. I do, however, agree with some of the things Loui said, go to a reputable piercing shop, preferably one that does ONLY piercings if you have one around, don't get pierced with a hoop, always a barbell, a hoop increases your chances of migration (putting something round in something straight). In all honesty, I am sure there are good women piercers, but through my expierence, MEN pierce better, probably because they aren't as sensitive to other people's feelings. If you have any questions about piercings, let me know, e-mail me, or get a hold of me on Yahoo on Lilgothicmystress or Damyin_ryon, or if you have AIM I use WardenButch. Have fun and pierce away....

04-05-2005, 12:34 PM
I use to have piercings myself. But after awhile, I found them to look rather girly on me. Not sure what pushed that thought into my head cause no one ever told me that, but I removed them. I now see piercings as a girl thing or a gay guy thing.

While I may not like piercings anymore personally, I think you would look cool with piercings. Might just flow better with your wardrobe.

04-05-2005, 12:41 PM
Yeah, I had a spray anasthetic both times for my body piercings which lasted about fifteen minutes or so. Without? Kudos for continuing to go back for more even though it must have been uncomfortable!

I went with one of my male friends when he had a couple of his piercings done (eyebrow and the area just above the bridge of the nose, between the eyes, on separtate occasions) and he was so nervous! He gripped my hand like he was gonna cut off the circulation when I went in with him and he almost passed out after it was done :p

04-05-2005, 06:00 PM
Good info here (lookin good abraxas!)
I was thinking about getting a few more piercings in my ears this summer. Last time I got some was back before I even started school. I don't use those holes any more though. I had a bad habit of wearing just one, and people used to point that out and laugh. -_-; not that it bothered me any though.
Hmm... maybe i'll get my eyeybrow done eventually?

04-05-2005, 06:38 PM
Thanks loads :)

Well, my dentist has lots of piercings and says he knows a really good guy, who's clean and licenced. So I'll probably give my dentist a ring and ask about it.

I've got my ears done-- 2 in the right and one in the left-- and they both healed just fine and didn't hurt that much.

My girlfriend and family don't want me to get it done but nobody's said if I do get it done I'll be in trouble or wot. Dianne says it'll just be one less place to kiss and my face is so pretty without it (makes me cringe when she says that but what can you to? She's a tranny too so I suppose she has the right to say it).
Was a bit curious as to the cost, and all the other technical sort of aspects...
I've heard it's about $35. That sound about right?
I was thinking about a titanium barbell, with ball ends... Nothing pokey til I'm used to it being there lol

04-05-2005, 07:44 PM
I think it's still £15 - £20 here for an eyebrow piercing with a bar or ring. Don't think the prices have changed at all over the years. Some places charge more for a bar than a ring occasionally... not entirely sure why. The currency converter makes £15 out to be about $28 at the current exchange rate :) So $35 is probably about right.

Baby Girl
04-05-2005, 08:52 PM
I myself love piercings. To me they are very sexy on man or woman. I have three myself. I have my nose, bellybutton, and my tonge done. Everyone looks and I love it. So my opinion is go for it!!!!!!!

Hugs,Baby Girl

04-06-2005, 01:03 PM
I agree with Tristen about the nails... My fiance does nails for a living, so my nails are always manicured, BUT after the manicure when they would normally put a clear polish on, she does black or nothing for me. You may also consider roughing your hands up a bit... men don't generally use lotions etc. Their hands are rough and theirs nail are dirty underneath.

04-06-2005, 06:43 PM
Yeah... I don't genreally paint my nails but it was fetish night and something about symmetry bothers me. I wanted my nails blue (like on my left hand) I can't paint my right hand without the polish going all goopy and weird but if I use clear it's not noticeable. So that's why they were shiny in that pic-- they're usually not. :)