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Daisy Lace
03-24-2004, 06:08 PM
Hi Beautiful Babes.....Calling All Girls!
first want to say I am not trying to monopolize the forum,just trying to stimulate response,I'll try to let everyone else have a chance!
Well,I have one or to more topics,this one is actually for the lighter side of crossdressing!All of us must remember to keep laughing at ourselves with each other.
Odd thing,I will relate just happened to me,a couple of nights ago fits,I was enjoying wearing stay-up stockings with beautiful about 2 1/2 inch lacey top,part with thin plasticy or rubber area that grabs your leg so seductively,I decided to leave them on as I went to bed,also had lovely,but thick material,pink,Japanese floral painting style print,dark red flowers,very high French cut panties.....and light pink camisole only covers to top of my hip.I had to leave these on,remember I never throw away any female clothing,no matter what shape(have repaired one(stolen)pair white panties,one push up pantie girdle,and one yellow vintage lacey half-slip,oh yes and one blue and white baby doll I wear as nighty alot)all these I sewed the damage pretty well.
I told you all that because,as I don't throw out any,the stay-ups I mention above,one had a terrible run from toe to about knee,these were expensive to buy so was annoying,but another danger of dressing.That night,I pushed my toe through more of bottom end rpping it more,thin very sharp fibres of nylon were almost cutting,splitting my big toe on left foot!Being such a digbat I had them pulled too tight at stay-up top!!!!Also have to watch cutting off blood flow/circulation if having tight things on,or binding oneself,so everbody take care! :o
Second one,yesterday,in my haste to meet new cds and excitement to share,dress as a woman,and have fun,I hurt myself again!In the morning,in my haste to look good and take some en femme pictures,I was rushing and excited,flying around my apartment trying to get ready.I went to drop my bed slippers(mens')on the floor,not wanting to bang on ceiling of suite below,I bent to set them down and smashed my right eye,mainly cheekbone,on coat rack hanger end,sharp unfinished post wood end!Hurt like hell,I'm alright quickly held ice to slow swelling,got big blood blister but managed to end with smaller blister due to ice!
So,any girls or others have lighter stories Dangers Dressing/Cautions Crossdressing stories or humour to share? Love Daisy LaceXXOO :cool:

03-25-2004, 11:22 PM
Can't believe you would not throw away anything, I am continueing to sort out all my things. Don't keep what doesn't fit just right, run stockings,gota go!

Tell me how do you keep the stay up up? This is a mystery to me! I prefer the garter belt or Corset with suspenders even with stay ups. And yes I enjoy stockings in bed as well. I also wear attachable breast forms. And find them a real comfort to the feeling of being a woman.

I too have many panties, mostly from Victoria's Secret. I choose not too wear the thong, as they are not designed for men's shapes. Too binding.
I wear femine things every day. However I have only been dress and out in public a very few times. Not that I can't pass, its more to the point I get too nevrious, and the makeup starts to go to hell in a handbasket so to speak.

Would enjoy chatting with you give me a shout.

Daisy Lace
03-26-2004, 12:13 AM
Hi Summer!Welcome home,lover ;)
to answer some questions you have,this girl just is trying not to monopolize our forum,but since u ask in post I better respond in post.
Wanted all,quiet shy guest girls to join in!
Summer,you may live not too far away from me I always need more girlfriends to share with.One first response to general tone of your post is,you are a far more CLASSY,ELEGANT,CLASSIC,fine,refined LADY than I.
DAISY'S NOT THE LADY SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS!I guess I'm more of a lowly street girl... :rolleyes:
Concerning stay-ups,these ones have soft filmy 2 thin bands of rubber,or soft latex that GRABS thigh,best if shaved skin to stick!Long male hair,rubber won't stick at all,I sometimes also wear garter(just because i luv them)with stay-ups,but tends to damage lace top we are talking about.You are one classy lady!
Also,concerning tightness....wrong sizes,I like that too honey,long as not too much blood flow slowed!
Anyway,I may be fetishist,and too sexual for all you girls,Does DAISY DESERVE A SPANKING!!!!????OOOHHH I HOPE SO,,love Daisy Lace :) Lazydaysical girl,hope I'm not a cheap tart...I have a candy ass,Bye Daisy :o

Daisy Lace
03-26-2004, 01:52 PM
NURSERY RHYME GIRLIES,WHO are you?or Want to be?
crossdressing is both fun,funny and very very humourous,the jokes are endless,let's hear from all of you?
humour one of thr main(almost) things i like about dressing,fantasy,pretend :)
Nursery Rhyme Girlies for me:no 1,Little BO PEEP 2,Little Miss MUFFET,3,Little Red RIDING HOOD!I would have a very short dress of their style costume,for me!WHO WOULD U PLAY???
oh,I WISH I WAS BOO'FUL,very quickly anyone remember "CANDYFLOSS"?she was "Oh!Wicked Wanda"cartoon in Penthouse adult magazine,Wanda's side kick and sex playmate was Candyfloss,still fantasize about being her and wearing her clothes!I thought her name was Boo'ful,but that was the pet name she called Wicked Wanda,her mistress!
Bye for now,Daisy Lace :cool:

Daisy Lace
04-01-2004, 11:30 AM
Hi Girls!Dangers Dressing,Cautions Crossdressing!
When making the new pictures I put on my profile,small green velvet or felt dress with white flower designs,really short,I got from Leigh's bargain shop on e-bay,I went to close my window of my apartment.I was learning how to walk on the 5 inch high heels also shown in picture.These are form Leigh's also helped greatly by Leigh on shoe sizing,women's shoes,she went the extra mile for me,always be thankful.Anyway,as I went to close the window,balcony sliding glass door actually,and curtain so everyone outside didn't see....I FELL BACKWARDS off my high heels,arms and legs flailing at the air to grasp,small portable cd player,small speaker,and glass vase with dry flowers in it all crash with me to carpeted floor...terrific Bang!sound I shuffle up more embarassed than hurt!
I was sucessfully,dancing and shaking my ass all around my apartment before,learning how to walk and dance in high heels!Really turns me on,wearing dress,1st level,walking while wearing dress 2nd level of ecstasy,and DANCING,swivel hips gyrate hips,in dress 3rd level of EXCITEMENT!for me anyway!any other girls same?
Please keep this thread for humourous,or poignant at least funny stories,jokes of crossdressing :D :)
or experiences of cd fun strange or wierd?Come on girls,is one of the main things(almost)I love about crossdressing and being a crossdresser!
Love Hazy Lazy Girl,DAISY LACE,smiles to all of you,got 2 more pair of pumps,fantasy white babydoll princess dress delivered today!!!Love to all!!!XXXOOO :) :p

Daisy Lace
04-05-2004, 04:49 PM
Hi Girls,have to share my fantasy story,dedicated to my fantasy lover,Katie. ;)
No panties were tortured or hurt beyond repair,in the making or imagining of this tale!
Scene my house,Daisy,myself is playing on the rug in livingroom,in one of my prettiest dresses,feeling like a princess.I say to mother,"Mummy can I go to Katie's house and play with her?"
"it is may I go? and finish with please,Daisy"she replies.
"Okay may I go to Katie's house,Please?"
"Daisy,I've been meaning to have a talk with you before you are allowed to go to her house,I am suspicious about the time you are spending with your little girlfriend Katie,for several reasons."
I started to get worried and was confused,she was using bad words,"What does suss'...pic' tush mean Mummy?"
she replied,"well I may have to explain that word to you when you are more mature Daisy,anyway when you and Katie are up in your room together,I hear no noise at all,and wonder what you are doing in there?"
"Oh,Mummy that's a bad word suspicsionshun,and what does several mean and mature mean I don't know what they mean bad words,My Birthday is on October 12th,and you know I'm only 8 Mummy"
"Daisy honey,mature just means when you are older....in a few more years say 16 or 18 years old"
"Like you Mummy more mature,Katie is only 8 like me her birthday is November 30th remember Mummy?"
"Of course,you remind me every month or two about both you and Katie's birthdays and every year we have a party at each others house.The other word as I asked you,several reasons,is two reasons,you are quiet all the time what are you doing in your room with Katie?"
We just play games together and stuff,you know we are very good little girls,she is my best friend,I love her,Mummy"
Well,Daisy you always seem to have wet panties when you come back from Katie's house,Why?What Games do you play?TELL ME NOW!MUM WILL SPANK!
"Oh Mummy Please you scare me",I cry,"we just play dressup together and the "princess game"together when we are quiet I think"
"What is the princess game,Daisy?"she continued to question me.
"I just spilled ice-cream on my dress and panties that's all Mummy"I cried.
"I don't know,you are spending too much time with one little girlfriend,you will have to be punished Daisy,not a spanking in your case." cont'd,love Daisy

Daisy Lace
04-05-2004, 05:29 PM
Welcome All Girls over 500,just saw 503 members in forum!
Mummy questions me,and I am getting scared,"Daisy,if I find out from Katie's mother you are lying,you will be in more serious trouble"
I say,searching for the right thing to say,"well we trade clothes Mummy we both like pretty dresses,we pretend we are both princesses,ballet fairies and magical girls and royal princesses with the fanciest dresses in the world,and we twirl and twirl together,we trade panties too,Mummy!"
I seem to be making matters worse,"sometimes we tease boys by twirling in the park,show them our pretty panties and then we run like mad before they catch us!"
"Why are you being mean to me Mummy?"
"You will be punished,you will have to dress as a boy,one whole day a week",she glared at me.
I started to cry,"Mummy that's worse than a spanking,please you know how I love my pretty dresses,I'm not a tomboy,I won't show my panties to the boys any more!"I begged.
"On Mondays you will only wear boys pants and a boys shirt,if you make any more of a fuss you will dress that way for 2 days,stop balling your eyes out!"
"The other girls will laugh at me,Mummy,at school,I wish you wouldn't make me go to shcool,dressed as a boy!"
"Careful little Miss Prissy,you will have to wear boys rough underwear next if you keep fussing!"she said angrily.
Later that day I managed to sneak over to Katie's house and tell her the bad news,we would have to be careful,our MUMMIES WERE WATCHING NOW,I had an idea,if we both had many spare pairs of the same panties both of us could get excited,and wet or panties when we played and not get caught by our mommies!It was another little secret we shared as little sissy girlfriends,KATIE AND ME :p

Daisy Lace
04-09-2004, 08:26 PM
You Girls Gotta Love This!?
Another quick tale,true story of my adventures in crossdressing! :D
All Daisy's stories are true unless I tell you it is a fantasy;before joining this forum site,after being empowered by first "Public Exposure" in Vancouver,last Halloween,I also joined adult chat/personals phone line,at the urging of a friend."Q"personals and chat line had special promotion on.I put a Greeting or Introduction message in "WALK ON THE WILD SIDE" section,sub section,FANTASIES AND FETISHES.In this advertisement I asked for women and/or couples to play dress-up with,couldn't ask for men as well,chat line wouldn't allow it!"Strictly heterosexual line",I'm told but,"I'm a bi-sexual",I wanted other cds of course,you see to play dressup with and kinky playtime I asked for in ad.Said I was 46 year old bisexual,thin,tall,crossdresser...
Have to tell you one of the best responses I got,A CROSSDRESSER'S DREAM! ;)
Man,with nice voice,gives me message,"Hi,I listened to your greeting,my wife is into it more than I am actually,I'm not into it so much."
He then just says,"My Wife works in or owns,A LANGERIE STORE!"My Mind GOES HAYWIRE!KAAABOOOOMM BABY KABOOM! :eek:
He continues,I'm in a PINK or PURPLE HAZE in my MIND!"so she has lots of that stuff for you to wear...I guess I could just watch you two play dressup,do you do anything else?than crossdress?"I think he said.
I was in ecstasy!I sent him message back,something to the effect of"tell me what you do like...I am bisexual so do do more than dance,I mean dress,tell me what you do like?"
never did get to fullfill this connection,have not heard from him or her again,can't track who they were,right here in my city,Victoria though,NOT YET!

Daisy Lace
04-22-2004, 11:13 AM
Hi Girls! :)
One new thing I'm doing,is kinda fun. :D
I am getting dressed or dressed with housecoat over female clothing and going out on my apartment balcony,sort of DARING PEOPLE TO SEE!!!
Most don't even look up,didn't see one sitting in small truck,probably eating lunch,once.
Whole thing is thrilling!
Also light breeze...between legs,up dress,legs apart!AIRY feeling like light caresses..OH BABY,THIS SENDS ME FLYING! :p
I lean on railing,ass feels so good with skirt or dress on,legs apart,oh is like HIGH HIGH,I got my tilly in a tizzy,lilly in a thrilly,JUST HAVE TO PUT ON SOMETHING FRILLY!!!

Daisy Lace
05-13-2004, 10:37 PM
Hi Everyone! :)
I have to share a few quick little funny stories with all of you!
One was as I was performing for one of my best cd friends on the webcam,while dressed and dancing and getting so exciting with my performance and getting into it so much,I scraped my left shin!
I was trying to do a headstand and went stand on too flimsy light chair it flipped over 45 degrees and banged up against wall or would have turned again! I was upside down shoulders or knees or weight of my body on my long hair preventing me from getting up legs flayling in the air! Eventually righted myself and said on chat typing,"DID YOU SEE THAT?" My friend who was watching me said back,"Oh I thought that was part of the act!" :D
Other one same friend watching me different time,I decide to spin and twirl in my dress for awhile,almost stop too dizzy! But I turn a couple more turns and fly off to right of stage smashing into tall lamp,knock it off high table I [ut it on and break light bulb in it,fine glass all over,screen goes dark for my friend!
I get light,another one and say I'm alright to my friend who sees blackness all of a sudden!
First one was when dancing for Katie on webcam I broke small light that is smaller one of same style/set as other tall one! :eek:
So Dangers Dressing/Cautions Crossdressing.....the adventure continues,Love you all,Daisy Lace

05-13-2004, 10:43 PM
I need a ne girl friend.