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Forum Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators

The forum Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators are not paid and give their time freely to help this board function properly. Forum Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators are as follows: -

Administrators Super Moderators Moderators Section Moderators
  • Char GG -
    • Male to Female Crossdressing
    • Media
    • FAB
      • DAVIDA -
        • Births, Marriages, In Memoriam, Passing of Members, Family and Friends
        • Shopping and Beauty
        • The Lounge
        • GM Section
      • Di -
        • F.A.B Forum
        • Loved Ones
        • Special Events and Occasions
        • Upcoming Events
        • Help Forums
      • GretchenJ -
        • TG/Gender Non-Binary
        • Male to Female Crossdressing
      • Jeri Ann -
        • Safe Haven
        • Transsexual Forum
      • Mimi -
        • F.A.B Forum
        • Loved Ones
        • Writer's Society
      • Nigella -
        • Safe Haven
        • Transsexual Forum
        • Introductions and Re-Introductions
      • Raychel -
        • Meeting Place
        • The Lounge
        • Transmen
        • Trivia (Games, Jokes etc)
      • Sandra -
        • Help Forums
        • Special Events and Occasions
      • Shelly Preston -
        • GM Forum
        • Male to Female Crossdressing
        • Meeting Place
        • The Picture and Video Gallery
      • Tamara Croft -
        • Help Forums

        Note: - If you have any problems, you should first contact a moderator, if you cannot resolve the issue with a moderator, or the moderator is the actual problem, you should then take it up with an administrator.

        Any posts on the boards found to be criticizing any moderator or any administrator decisions, will be deleted and may result in warnings and possible bans.

        Any members found to be complaining about the way this forum is run by staff on other boards, blogs, websites etc in nasty terms, IE: - name calling, foul language used against them, abuse etc will have their accounts banned permanently.

Respect and Tolerance of Other Forum Members

All members of the forum have the right to post and reply to posts and generally take advantage of the features of the forum without abuse from other members. If the board Administrators and/or Moderators believe that any abuse is taking place, the offender will be warned and their posts may be moderated. If the abuse continues, the offending member will be removed from the forum for a minimum of 7 days to 1 month. If on return, the abuse still continues, the offending member will be removed from the forum permanently.

** Note **

This also applies to the PM system. If any member is being harassed, abused, victimized etc via PM by ANY member, please let the staff know and we will deal with it accordingly. If you would like a member of staff to step in, please provide all correspondence between you and the offender.

Rights of Content

Rights of Content

The following content is NOT allowed ANYWHERE on the forum and will be deleted.

  • Explicit sexual content and/or pictures, this also includes external links to other websites.
  • Personal threads ie: menopause/tampons/pads/sex toys/peeing.
  • Fantasy pregnancy threads/posts/pictures etc.
  • The discussion of non-surgical breast enhancement is prohibited.
  • The discussion of ANY herbal medication and any kind of supplements for ANY reason is prohibited
  • The discussion of ANY over the counter medication for ANY reason is prohibited
  • The discussion or recommendation of ANY online pharmacies for ANY reason is prohibited
  • Politics, with the exception of TG rights in the Media Section
  • Religion of any sort, no exceptions
  • Use/sale of illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia or condoning any other illegal activity.
  • Guns/weapons, using, buying etc.
  • Ridiculing members/non-members, or the manner in which they express themselves. This includes any complaint about the way females, males, transgendered, or any other cross-section of the membership dress, the way they express themselves (such as spelling and language skills, and any mention of religious beliefs, political preferences and affiliations, sexual preference, etc.)
  • Asking for money, begging, donations, if you can afford internet to come to this forum, you can afford to buy what you need. Donations for causes may be allowed, but prior consent from an Administrator will be needed.
  • Threads/posts asking for help with information for surveys, research, essays for schooling etc are not allowed.
  • Any link on this site, to other sites that set conditions for access will be removed, this includes Facebook.

If a member starts a thread, please do not take it off topic by posting irrelevant content, which is considered to be done to spoil the thread. If requested by the thread starter, off topic posts will be deleted any of the forum staff.

This is an English based board, please respect that and post in the English language only. Any other language will be deleted.

If a thread/post is found to breach any of the rules, the Administrators and/or Moderators will edit/remove/lock the thread/post and the offender and thread creator will be contacted via PM regarding why it was edited/removed.

Forum Posts/Threads/Profiles

Anything posted on this forum, in any of the sections/profiles, should NOT be posted on any other forum/website unless you have the posters' permission. Anything used from any of the sections/profiles on this forum for profit is strictly prohibited.

Links on the board

You may post up to 5 URL's in a post, but no more than 10 per thread page (standard thread page is 20 posts) and they must adhere to the forum rules. The staff do not have the time to constantly check links you are posting, so these must be kept to a minimum.

Links in your profile

You may have one link to your personal website which must adhere to the external links rule, you can find that rule here. You may have 2 links in your signature, any excess links will be removed.

Objectionable Material on the Forums/Profiles

It is important that members recognise the real-time nature of these forums, the moderators cannot always monitor the contents of posted messages. As such, we depend upon you to inform them when members are violating our rules. You must also recognise that they cannot respond immediately to such notices and that some time may pass before any warranted action is taken.

To contact a moderator use the Report this post to a moderator "Report this post to a moderator" function or send a private message to one of the moderators listed in the Forum Leaders.


Topics/posts that are just complete nonsense will be deleted, or have the entire thread locked, at the moderator's discretion. Spamming yours or other members visitor messages constantly is not allowed and will be deleted. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically banned without prior warning.

Post Pumping

If a post is suspected to serve no other purpose than to increase the post count of the poster, then the moderator's may, at their discretion, issue a PM to the member in question enquiring about the nature of the post. Posts/Threads that are blatantly post pumping will be removed/locked without recourse to the poster.

Cross Posting

Posting the same thread/post in more than one forum is not allowed. Should this occur, then only the thread in the most relevant forum will be left open, all others will be deleted.

Multi Posting

Multiposting is repeating the same message several times in the same topic, or, making a post directly one after another, when you could have edited the additional comments into your first post. Multi Posts are not allowed in any forum. Multi Posts will be merged or deleted.

Topic Discussions

Before posting a topic for discussion, please use the 'search' facility to see if there is a thread discussing this topic already open. If there is, please do not create new threads discussing the same thing, they will be merged or deleted.

Quoting Posts

Please do not quote whole or partial posts for a few words, or quote posts prior to yours, there is simply no need to do this. If you want to thank a person for their post, or reply to that person, simply use their name or PM them. Quotes like this will be edited out of the post or your post will be deleted.

Thread Bumping

Posting in a thread you created for the sole purpose of "freshening" the thread is not allowed, unless permission is granted by a staff member. The application of this rule is up to the discretion of the staff and such posts will be removed.

Old Threads

All threads are closed within a time frame in each section. Please do NOT post in old threads that should have been locked, especially if they are more than 6 months old. This pushes down recent threads which is unfair to members. Please do NOT post in threads you've missed because you haven't been here, especially on the 3rd or 4th page, this is also unfair to members who have posted new threads. Any old thread found open to post in should be reported to a member of staff.

Leaving Threads

Leaving threads are not permitted for any reason on the forum and will be deleted.

Please remember, just because you are on a crossdressing forum, does not mean all the members here are presenting as 'female'. There are many male members here. When starting a thread, please pay attention to what section you are in, starting a thread with 'hi girls' is inappropriate in some sections. See individual section rules for more information.

The Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to Edit, Lock, Remove or Relocate any thread/post. If a thread/post is removed and is against any of the forum rules, the staff will not always contact that member by PM/Email. They also have the right to delete/edit anything in your profile that is against forum rules, you may or may not be contacted regarding this.

Porn, Warez and Virii


Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene is not permitted on these forums. Topics/posts containing such will be deleted on sight. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically banned without prior warning.


Providing or asking for information about 'warez', 'games' (illegally copied/obtained software) or any other software or work protected by copyright law is strictly forbidden. This includes the use of torrent applications, P2P applications etc. Any thread found in any section will be removed.

Virii, Malware and Adware

Posting links leading to virii, malware, adware, etc is forbidden. Any violation of this rule, your account will be banned without prior warning and the thread will be deleted. As a warning to our members, you should be vigilent when clicking on links and exercise the same caution as you would on other sites.

Prank Sites

Posting links to "prank" websites which cause the browser to freeze, crash, or otherwise be rendered unusable, is likewise not permitted.

Photography, Videos, Avatars, Profile Pictures and Size Guidelines

Pictures or video clips used anywhere on the forum, must adhere to the following rules. If they do not, they will be removed. All members posting pictures or video clips in any section of the forum, are responsible for obtaining permission from each person depicted.

  • One photo and/or video clip thread per week in any section, no exceptions. Any picture/video thread deleted will result in you having to wait another seven days before you can start another photo and /or video thread.
  • You may post a maximum of 10 pictures per thread page (based on 20 posts per thread page), anymore than that, you will be asked to remove them, or the whole thread will be deleted. This means a total of 10 pictures, doesn't matter how you post them, if you have 2 in 1, a collage etc, 10 pictures TOTAL!
  • You may post 2 video links per page, (based on 20 posts per thread page). The staff simply do not have the time to moderate links to loads of videos. If you post more than 2, the thread will be deleted.
  • All pictures and video clips must be of you fully clothed.
  • Lingerie/male underwear photos and video clips are only to be posted if they are modest.

The following photos or video clips are not permitted anywhere on this forum, this also includes external links to other websites.

  • Genitalia
  • Bare buttocks
  • Crotch shots
  • Bare chest/breasts (with the exception of FTM's after chest surgery or medical pictures of Breast Augmentation in Transsexual Body Issues or Safe Haven)
  • Bulges/erections (with the exception of FTM's using packs)
  • See through clothing exposing breasts, genitalia or buttocks

Links to private or off-site photo/video services that require a member signing in or joining (or being a "friend") are not permissible and any found in profiles, signatures or threads will be immediately deleted and the member warned or given an infraction.

If any members are found to be using pictures or video clips for which they do not have the owners’ permission and falsely claiming they are that person, the picture will be removed immediately and contacted by PM. An explanation will be requested by an administrator or a moderator, if one is not given within 24 hours, you will be banned permanently from the forum.

Any pictures or video clips used from other websites may or may not be under copyright protection. If the material is copyrighted, we ask that you first get permission to use the material from the copyright holder and/or that you provide credit to the source you have taken your material from. Simply posting the source name or website address etc may be acceptable to use this material in accordance with the laws. Any members' pictures or video clips posted on this forum may NOT be used on any other website, unless you have prior consent from the member who posted the picture. Those pictures are under copyright protection of the individual member.

Pictures or video clips used on this forum may not be copied, edited and re-posted by another member who does not own the material without permission from the copyright holder, it will be deleted.

Any photos or video clips judged by the staff to be unsuitable for any reason will be removed. Anyone with questions should feel free to PM any one of the Administrators and/or Moderators with them.

Posting Pictures Guidelines

These are the following file sizes allowed using the attachment manager: -

  • bmp - 600 width x 500 length
  • gif - 600 width x 500 length
  • jpg - 600 width x 500 length
  • png - 600 width x 500 length

When using a host URL to post pictures, such as photobucket, flickr etc, please crop these to fit on the page, 650 width x 550 length maximum. If you need help resizing refer to the tutorials thread or simply ask for help. All pictures that are over this size will have to be removed. They look messy and there is no need for pictures this size.

Any photo links that are accessible only by gaining permission to view (Flickr, MySpace, etc.) are not permitted. The staff neither has the time nor inclination to wait for said permission

Please also remember that not all members have super duper fast cable/adsl/isdn connections. Some members still have dial up connections (56k) so spare a thought for those, as LARGE pictures take a very long time to load.

Hotlinking Images

Hotlinking of images from other websites is not permitted. The simple reason is, when you link a picture from another website to ours, that website is still paying for the hosting of it. The more times the picture is used, the more money it costs. If you want to use a picture from another site, then save it to your PC (with their permission) and use our attachments icon to upload the picture to our hosting.

** Internet Safety **

Despite the fact that every measure has been taken on this forum to protect members’ photos/videos, it is not advisable to post photos/videos of your children under the age of 18 in any of the public forums. This is not a rule, just a concern to keep your children safe and protected.

Flaming / Trolling / Personal attacks / Abuse / Foul Language

Flaming - Material that is knowingly defamatory, illegal, abusive, threatening or harassing, is strictly prohibited. As with anything, you, as a member, should use good common sense when posting.

Trolling - Posting to get a reaction out of someone or generally causing mayhem. Posting to cause arguments and generally disrupting the board is not allowed. This is one of the quickest ways to get your posts moderated.

Personal Attacks and Abuse against fellow members are not allowed and will result in moderation. Threats of violence by any member against any other member/s will not be tolerated and posts will be immediately deleted.

Foul Abusive Language will not be tolerated. Unacceptable language will be edited and/or removed. This includes the "C" words as well as the "F" word.

All of the above can lead to sanctions, the ultimate being banned from the Forum

Other Forums / Groups

Flaming, trolling, abuse and personal attacks regarding other forums and groups, will NOT be tolerated here. If you have an issue with another forum, then please keep that issue with them on their forum/group. We do not want to hear about it, it isn't our issue. As a forum, we strive to work along side other forums and groups.

We reserve the right to remove ANY url in any members signature, homepage, threads and visitor messages. This forum is for support, it isn't your personal recruiting forum.

If you have an issue with our board and you are found to be bad mouthing our board on other forums, your account will be suspended until further notice.

Personal and Business Websites

If you are advertising your personal website in your profile, signature or just posting about it in a post/thread, please make sure the content is within our own forum rules. We do not wish to see any content of a pornographic nature or any other content that we don't allow here. These sites will be removed out of your profiles, signatures, posts or threads. Remember, this is a forum for support.

Advertising by use of Private Messages, member's personal e-mail accounts, and Visitor Messages is expressly forbidden unless prior permission has been granted by the staff administrators.

If you own a business, please remember we are not a bulletin board for you to advertise your products. This forum isn't here for you to make money, any posts/threads created to advertise your business will be removed. Anything posted in your profile will also be deleted if you do not have permission. If you have a business and would like to advertise it, then you must contact Tamara Croft or Sandra to ask for permission. If you joined specifically to advertise your business, you will be removed from the board.

Personal Information and Right to Privacy

Personal Information

Do not put 'personal information' or 'business information' in threads, posts or your profiles (i.e. no phone numbers, addresses, bank account numbers, email addresses etc). These will be removed by an Administrator or a Moderator for the safety of the forums' members.

Right to Privacy

You will not violate a persons privacy by publishing information against another member's or non-member's will, information that is private and personal. This includes copy and pasting any correspondence that is considered private, including private messages and e-mails. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically banned without prior warning.

User Name and Password

You will NOT share your username and/or password with anyone else to log into this board. This is a violation of our right to privacy and will result in your account being suspended or even banned. If you are a member of any of the private invitation only sections, your access will be removed and will not be reinstated. Members join those sections for privacy, not for other members or none members to read. This is not debatable.

Multiple Accounts

Each member is allowed one account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed and those accounts will either be merged or deleted.

If you have account issues, click here for further details.

Account Sharing

When you create an account on the forum, this is for your own personal use. Anyone found to be using an account that was not registered by them, will be put on a 7 day ban. Any member giving out their information to another person or member to use their account to bypass forum rules, will also be given a 7 day ban. This will not be tolerated under any circumstances at all.


When you signed up for this forum, you agreed to abide by all the rules. These rules are enforced by the forum staff. If you ignore any of the rules set out above, you may find yourself banned temporarily from this forum.

Anyone found to be in constant violation of these rules, will be banned permanently from the forum. The Administrators and Moderators have the right to remove you from the forum at any time without any prior notice.

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