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Under The Age Of 18?

Underaged members will be placed on a temporary ban until they reach the age of 18. Please notify an Administrator or a Moderator listed in the Forum Leaders Board, should you see any under age users.

Under 18?

If you are under 18, the following links will be of benefit to you.

  • Forum For Under and Over 18 If you register here, PM SilverLady(SO) to let them know you are under 18.
  • Lauras Playground Forum For Teens
  • tgteens This is a group for Teenagers that are either a Transsexual, Transvestite, Crossdresser, Transgendered, or questioning themselves.

Joint Memberships

Joint memberships -- those shared by more than a single member -- are not permitted as they have previously caused too many problems in private forum sections and posting under the wrong name.

If an account is discovered to be a shared account, the member(s) will be contacted and instructed to create a new second account. Any member not complying with the request may be banned from the forum.

Banned or Spammer Email Addresses

The following email addresses are not permitted to be used on the forum. Some providers have blocked our website, which means their emails just bounce from us and are sent back. Some of them are just spammers and some are disposable email addresses. If you see - for example - @aol that means ALL AOL email addresses are banned, not just the @aol part.

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  • - - - - - (NO AOL WORKS)

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If you are using one of those email addresses here, please change it asap. Please do NOT use the contact us form with any of these email addresses, we cannot reply to them, they bounce back. You can create a yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc email account if you do have any of the above and wish to register.

If you are trying to register with an email address that is not banned and you get a warning stating your email address is a spammer email address, then it is most likely your account has been hacked and used to send out spam emails, these email addresses will not be allowed on the forum. If you wish to register, you will need to create a new email account with a decent password, hotmail, gmail etc accounts are easy to hack into.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (the "Site") is licensed to First Beat Shops Inc.

Our postal address is: -
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We can be reached via e-mail at firstbeatshops ( at ) gmail dot com

This Privacy Policy Statement sets forth the policies and practices with respect to information or data gathered regarding subscriber and members of this Site. This is an online Site that expressly and strictly limits its membership to adults. All persons under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from accessing or viewing the contents of this Site. Underaged members will be placed on a temporary ban until they reach the age of 18.

This Site does not knowingly seek or collect any personal information or data from persons under the age of 18.

Notice - Use of Website by the member Constitutes the member's Express Assent to the Use of Personal Information Collected by Site.



What Information About Members is Collected?

When any consumer signs-on as a member or subscriber of this Site that consumer will be required to provide certain personal as well as demographic information which may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the member's name, address, birthday, e-mail address, gender, marital status, occupation, education, username and password, and special interests or affiliations. This Site collects any and all such information and includes it in its customer database.

If the Site features or conducts any special events, special promotions or offers, contests or polls, a member of the Site may be asked to provide information in order to participate, if the member voluntarily provides that information, all such information may be collected by the Site and included in its customer database.

When a member of this Site requests web pages from the Site's server or clicks on banners or other hypertext links, the Site will automatically collect some information or data about the member, including the member's IP address, the information that is collected may also indicate any special preferences or requests of the member; all that information and data will be collected by the Site and included in its customer database.

If a member sends any personal communication or correspondence, by any means, to the Site, or any of its employees, agents or representatives, the Site may collect any information regarding that communication and include that information in its customer database.

The Site may also automatically collect traffic and click-through data as well as information regarding the online behavior of members by the use of "cookies" or other programming means - any information about members collected by the Site through the use of cookies or other programming means may be included in its customer database.

You may obtain further information about "cookies" and how they function at:

Use of Personal Member Information.

The member expressly agrees that the Site may use any personal information that has been provided by the member or that has been collected by the Site about the member for any purpose, including without limitation, technical, administration, research and development, customer administration, marketing, age verification, promotional and advertising use by the Site or third parties authorized to use the information by the Site. We do not rent, sell, or share your email address with outside parties.

By the member's use of the Site, the member expressly agrees that the Site may use any of the personal information about members that it has gathered or collected to provide them with offers to other sites or products that may or may not be of interest.

Please note that personal information about a member may be collected by a third-party web service provider that has an advertising banner or link on the Site.

The Site is not responsible or liable for the use of any information that a member may provide, or that is gathered by third-party web sites that have banner ads or links on the Site. This Site does not control, monitor or endorse the information gathering practices or Privacy Policies of any of those third-party web sites.

Whenever applicable, each member should seek to read the Privacy Policy of any third-party web site provider that has an advertising banner, advertises or has a link on the Site.

Security of Personal Information Collected by the Site.

Consistent with the Policies set forth in this Privacy Statement, the Site has adopted and implemented reasonable and technologically feasible procedures for maintaining the security, accuracy and integrity of all personal information relating to members that is collected by the Site.

All members should consider any information provided to or collected by the Site as non-confidential, and consequently the Site assumes no liability or responsibility if any information relating to any member is intercepted and/or used by an unintended recipient.

"OPT-IN" and "OPT-OUT" Provisions.

There may be occasions when a member will be presented with special offers either from the operators of the Site or from third-party service or content providers, which may include consent to receive e-mail solicitations, communications, newsletters, commercial advertising, or other promotional or special event materials (collectively referred to as "Offers").

"OPT-IN" -- Some Offers may be presented to the member with the option to express the member's preference by either clicking or entering "accept" (alternatively "yes") or "decline" (alternatively "no"). By selecting or clicking the "accept" or "yes" the member indicates that the member "OPTS-IN" to that Offer and thereby agrees and assents that the member's personal information and data may be disclosed to third-parties.

"OPT-OUT" -- Other Offers may be presented with a pre-selected preference or choice. If the member does not deselect the pre-selected preference of choice (i.e. "OPT-OUT" of the Offer) then the Site may transfer the member's personal profile information to the third-party service or content provider making the Offer. If the member deselects the pre-selected preference then no personal information about the member may be disclosed to any third-party service or content provider.

Usernames And Email Addresses NOT Allowed On The Forum

Usernames and Email Addresses NOT Allowed On The Forum

  • Offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening or hateful.
  • Initials and/or a mixture of letters and numbers - e.g. DKDFSE, ABC33434 etc.
  • An email address.
  • Your business name - e.g. etc. No reference to your business name at all.
  • A username with a load of numbers after it - e.g. Susan12334556677 Four numbers is the maximum allowed.
  • No personal information such as postcodes, zip codes etc are permitted.
  • Usernames and/or emails ending in or containing 69 will be removed.
  • Any other username and/or emails we feel are inappropriate will also be deleted, this is not up for debate.
  • Disposable email addresses are being banned as we come across them, they are not allowed to be used to register. They cause constant bounced emails to our server, please do NOT use them, your account will NOT be validated.

Any username containing any of the above, will not be validated and the account will be deleted by the Administration. When you register, please use something suitable for this forum.

Account Removal

We reserve the right to remove any account at any time for any reason. PM requests to have your account deleted will not be replied to. If you feel you have a legitimate reason to have your account removed you can contact to have your case reviewed but unless it involves extraordinary circumstances it will not be considered.

The following clause is in the agreement you agreed to when you signed up.

** By agreeing to register at this forum you should consider your account permanent and it will not be deleted on request **

New accounts need to be activated within 14 days of registering or they will be removed.

If members haven't posted within a year of creating their new account, it will be removed.

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