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  1. First time out in complete comfort during the day.

    When morning rolls around I have to take the laundry down to the laundrymate and wash, dry, fold and bring home, put away and hang up. Here's the deal on that. I have no clean mens clothing. I do...
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    My SO never fails to surprise me.

    There I lay, all comfy on the couch watching Ghost Whisperer like I do everyday and in she walks. Normally I'd get a little kiss on the head and tell me 'love ya'. But not today. Today she hands me a...
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    As I have said before, my wife knows about me...

    As I have said before, my wife knows about me being a CDer. She helped me make that transition. Still after 15 years I'm afraid that she really doesn't like the fact that I feel more me this way than...
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    At the grocery store

    Today, we woke up, got all showered up, squeeky clean. Got dressed and headed out to the store. As we were going through grabbing veggies, a lady close to my age, asked me were I got my jeans. At...
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    My wife and I talked it over about 3 years ago....

    My wife and I talked it over about 3 years ago. "What is your Lady name hun?" she asked. I thought about it for a few hours, the told her "Stacey Rae". Here's the reason; There was this girl I went o...
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