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    That is why I quit fixing boats and started...

    That is why I quit fixing boats and started running them. LOL. Sorry we did not have a chane to get together while I was there. Maybe next time
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    Hi Joank, I have eaten at several chain...

    Hi Joank, I have eaten at several chain restraunts and some mom and pops and have never had problems. They want your money just as much as anyone elses. Denneys IHOP and Waffle house, I have found...
  3. Irene, she may have been jellous, I think you...

    Irene, she may have been jellous, I think you look fantastic. If I were younger all my skirts would be that lenght
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    Hi Claire, I travel ( brab ) a fair amount and...

    Hi Claire, I travel ( brab ) a fair amount and it is my understanding that your Pic on your ID is suppose to match how you look, I understand quetion #1, but the difference is the agent is seeing a...
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    Your fun only has to stop if you want it to. No...

    Your fun only has to stop if you want it to. No reason you could not make an occasional trip to the library.
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    Hey Ginger try driving in a convertable with the...

    Hey Ginger
    try driving in a convertable with the top down. It took me a couple miles to get ahead of the truck next to me. Everytime I would speed up he would too. LOL
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    I have also notcied a vast majority of crossdresser come from proffession that require uniforms, ie, pilots, police, military, etc
    and of course boat captains. LOL
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    A real public outing

    First off let me apologies for this being a lengthy post. I have kept it as short as possible. There is so much to say.
    This past Saturday was so much fun. One of the local charity...
  9. Thread: time

    by Phyliss Hdson

    Sometimes the desire to dress is not as strong as...

    Sometimes the desire to dress is not as strong as other times, but too lazy never. I take every opprotunity to dress that I can even if only for an hour or so
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    When you are 6'3" and wear 3-4 heels you stand...

    When you are 6'3" and wear 3-4 heels you stand head and shoulders above the crowd. I will be in 3" heels to night
  11. Mani/Pedi, make up, and a gourmet meal

    First off let me appolgise for being so wordy itried tokeepit as short as possible and because I was by myself there are no pics

    After being in Newport RI for almost a month I finally got the...
  12. Comfortzone

    Hey Kristen,
    From your pics I would say go and have fun/ Hope you did. I was recently in Jacksonville and had the opprotunity to get out a couple of times and had no problems. As well as you present...
  13. Tsa

    Just be careful, flying out of Fort lauderdale last month some one at the aiport helped them selves to some panties and a wig from my checked bag. This happened on Southwest.
    Hugs Phyliss
  14. Travel

    Hi Allie,
    Unfurtuately I am still traveling for a living so I understand your stiuation.
    I get very little tie to go out with the girls in Houston but get a fair amount of time for dressing while...
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    Once I got over be self conscience of my heights all was okay.
    Hugs Phyliss
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    Hi Gerri,
    I agree with the others, take a deep breth and be the woman you are. Have you taken into consideration that since your wife arranged it she may have given them some kind of a heads up on...
  17. CDing in TX

    Hi Yolanda,
    I live just out side of Houston and to my knowledge there is no state law brohibbiting crossdressing. It is possible in the state of Texas to get a state ID card that shows your femme...
  18. Going out first time

    My first time out was by myself in a place where I knew absolutley no one. While it was fun and exciting it would have been much more fun to go with someone. For those thinking about going out for...
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    I say go underdressed, I have done it many times, painted toe nails and all. Just be careful changing you shoes.

    I think it would be fun to bowl in a skirt
    Hugs Phyliss
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    Now What

    Yes Annie it can be quite confusing. When I first started dressing I had no clue, like most, how to really dress or do proper make up. At 6’ 3” I get noticed when I a out in drab or dressed. In...
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    Going out!!

    Hi everyone, for those who have red some of my previous post know that Igo out often abd that my wife is pretty supportive. Most of my outings are when I am traveling, but I do try to get out when...
  22. Purse

    Hi Karen,

    I am sitting in the airport as I read this thread. I am noticing that the ratio is closer to 70/ car30, but true most women are carring their purses on the left.

    I had never paid much...
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    CD only

    That describes me. Dressing for the pure enjoyment of how wonderful wommens clothes feel on me and for how they make mme feel. True I do doll up and go out, but only to go out with others like me who...
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    Stop the Desire

    Wish I could say somthing different, but I dont know of anyone who has been able to just stop for good. I like most girls here was able to supress it a few times for varying lenghts of time, but it...
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    Trans girl

    Well it was not me. LOL I have not had the chance to wear my new things out yet, but I will be back in Florida on Wed and will have the boat to myself for a few days. See ya'll soon.

    Hugs Phyliss
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