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  1. Thread: a survey

    by Alex1967

    How old were you when you first wore an item of...

    How old were you when you first wore an item of women's clothing?

    What item of clothing did you wear first?
    Girls nightie and the day after knickers

    Who did the clothing belong to?
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    Level 2/3 at the moment LEVEL 2: Panties and...

    Level 2/3 at the moment

    LEVEL 2: Panties and other fem clothing like skirts, tights, lingerie & nighties. No make-up.

    LEVEL 3: Shaving parts of body
  3. Some polyester knickers - bought with other...

    Some polyester knickers - bought with other shopping from the supermarket. Really nice pink with glitter bits and Wonder Woman in them
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    What was the first time you wore?

    I was eight years old when at last minute went to stay over night at my cousins - I had no clothes with me, but was going going to borrow some old clothes belonging to my older cousin who was also a...
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