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    Thank You

    Thank You
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    Crossdressing Book Suggestions

    I am going on vacation and I want to read a good book about crossdressing. I am not into punishment for dressing by a disgruntled mate. What I would like to read is a story about a couple Man and...
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    This is a GREAT DAY

    I should let you know I am not a person that can pass while dressed. I am out to my wife although rarely dress other that panties and nightgowns. I mentioned to her that I was feeling the need to...
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    Thanks everyone for you input. I will look at...

    Thanks everyone for you input. I will look at your suggestions. Thanks Thanks Thanks
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    Nice stories

    :battingeyelashes: Lately I have been looking for crossdressing stories on line to read. I was surprised at how few stories I could find that illustrated crossdressing in a respectful manor. It...
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    One Wish

    If I could have a wish I would wish that every Crossdresser here has the wife I have. I came home from a business trip on Friday. Knowing my wife was gone out of state for a funeral I was planning...
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    I did a dumb thing.

    Not thinking I did a dumb thing. I was under dressed while traveling. I was wearing a cute pink bra with matching panties. I often wear them as l feel normal in them. Not thinking I went to the...
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    I am wearing a cotton mint green nightgown. Just...

    I am wearing a cotton mint green nightgown. Just took off my lace white panties.
  9. My day was wonderful. I wore my dress all day. ...

    My day was wonderful. I wore my dress all day. It just could not have been any better. At the end of the day I took off my dress and put on a very cute night gown and slept like a baby. The next...
  10. Feeling on top of the world today

    Here is a little background information about me. I have struggled with crossdressing for years guilt, shame, disgust with myself I am sure many of you know what I am talking about. It has taken...
  11. Good for you. I could never go out but so lots...

    Good for you. I could never go out but so lots of dressing at home. BTW I could never go out because I look like a guy in a dress not even close to a real girl. But when I am dressed I feel good...
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    My SO asked what I wanted for my B-day and I...

    My SO asked what I wanted for my B-day and I asked for some together girl time. She said OK so the plan is we are going to dress up together. She will help with my makeup and pick out my dress and...
  13. I can dress whenever I like. My wife told me she...

    I can dress whenever I like. My wife told me she noticed that she can tell when I need to get dressed. According to her I get grumpy and pout. I never knew it. After I get all dressed I become a...
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    Shopping in New york

    My wife and I have never been to New York City but will be spending a few days there in early Nov. We would like to find a crossdressing friendly store to shop in. I will never pass but I still...
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    Crossdressing to me is a way to relax and enjoy...

    Crossdressing to me is a way to relax and enjoy the softer side of life. I don't want to be seen unless it's by my wife. I would allow others to see me dress if I was with like minded folks.
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    I now have a name

    I have been messing around with diffrent names and finally chose one that makes me happy. I have tried Dianne, Brianna, Tina & Emily. I keep coming back to Denise. This was a such a strong Cross...
  17. It is so good IT CAN'T LAST can it?

    :o I read the boards here and once in a while I see something about a group meeting or Triess something. I have to ask what is it? Is there a special secret location where you to try and cure your...
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    Home sweet home.

    I have to stay home from work today to go a couple Doctors appointments. Nothing big just the usual stuff. While I was drinking coffee with my wife wearing the pink night gown I worn to bed last...
  19. Thank you everyone

    Thanks for reading my story.
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    Most nights

    Most nights I sleep in a night gown. Pink or soft baby blue.
  21. From a disaster to indescribable Happyness

    Having a happy day today, it started off as a disaster. I woke up to dine ten inches of snow on the ground. I hate getting out of bed just to sit atop a cold John Deere plowing out the drive just to...
  22. Thank you

    Thank you for all your replies. I will consider all of your opinions and comments. I wonder if Lisa X was spot on when she mentions self acceptance. I am struggling with it. I love your photo...
  23. We do

    My wife and I watch Red Wings Hockey all the time dressing in our night gowns. Hers is blue mine is pink.
  24. How to handle Friend requests and other questions.

    How to handle friend requests? I lurk around here a few times a year more when I am on a dressing binge. Do I or Don’t I accept a request because I think I would not be a good friend. I am here hit...
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    Thank you

    Thank you for the super ideas! I am going to get her a gift. Playing dress up will be enough for me. Our 20yr anniver. is in Dec and she and I discussed leg shaving for the 1st time. Wow some...
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