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    Long Time No Talk - and other news

    Hello all!

    It has been a while since I've last posted. I wanted to log on and let everybody know just how it is going.

    The last time I posted, I believe I had only just come out to my dad and...
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    Wonderful News!!!

    Hey everyone~

    So, it's been a while. A lot's happened here since I've last posted... including my coming out to my parents and pretty much all of my friends. :) I came out to two households, both...
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    Out With My GF

    Hey all~
    This weekend was one amazing experience~ I finally dressed out in public ;) I was visiting my GF at college and I brought along the perfect outfit to go out dressed for my first time. I...
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    New Do With a Small Chance of Ohmigod

    Soo~ Hello everybody! Hope you all had a happy holiday ^-^ So~ an update after a while of no-posts (I've been busy with school and stuff so eek). After the holidays I went shopping with my GF and...
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    Thanks for your support everybody :) My GF and I...

    Thanks for your support everybody :) My GF and I have been in a relationship for just under two years now, and she's wonderfully supportive of me every step of the way. and Isha, she was a little...
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    Came out to my GF~

    Hey all~
    It's been a hectic week, so I haven't had the chance to post this, but recently I came out officially to my GF (We've discussed it, but it wasn't quite a reality yet). We were in my room...
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    I picked my name recently since i just recently...

    I picked my name recently since i just recently discovered the CD in me. my friends helped come up with my name. I asked my mom (inconspicuously, i'm still in the closet to my family) what my name...
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