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Thread: To remember!

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    To remember!

    That I need to be less girly than my wife around Valentines Day!

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    Wear a pair of those mud stained jeans from out stomping around in those sediment laden streams!! That would do it for sure.. And let her wear the dress!!
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    My g/f was shopping with me for the outfit I'll be wearing on Valentine's Day. So, she'll be expecting me to look pretty... it's another first for me, and it'll be sweet!

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    Don't forget the flowers and chocolates!

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    I was buying the ingredients for dinner a few hours ago at HyVee (US grocery chain) and the clerk asked me if I was looking forward to Valentine's Day. I said I didn't think anyone was going to get me anything. Then she asked if I wanted my lipstick in my purse or the sack. Didn't I say I was dressed at the time?
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    To remember!

    I can be girly any time throughout the year. Valentine's Day however, is reserved for the two of us.


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