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Thread: caught under dressing

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    Oh, yeah. 15 years ago or more, there were a couple of occasions at two different jobs when my office shirt (standard poly blend button-down) was not thick enough to cover the leotard underneath - at one job they saw the outline and for some reason must have thought it was a wetsuit because they asked me if I was a scuba diver, and at the other the guy actually snuck up behind me and snapped the leotard top like a bra strap.

    Then there are the times I wasn't so careful with my laundry and went out with a pair of tights stuck in the legs of my pants. Three different occasions I've had someone point out that a bit of hosiery was working its way down my pants leg. Once the person who noticed had the good grace to volunteer the likely reason that something of my wife's had gotten tangled into my pants in the laundry; another time the co-worker wouldn't shut up about it; and once my daughter discreetly called my attention to it and I tried to hide it with my other leg until the salesman went away and I could tuck everything away.

    It's times like that you can really count on a major adrenaline rush.


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    happens a lot and I love it

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    I was wearing women's flare leggings & I didn't realize that my panty lines showed until a woman in the supermarket told me that she could see my panty lines. I really freaked. When I got home & looked in the mirror, it was obvious that I had panty lines. The whole world must have seen them.

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    why should I care what people think! I were painties 24/7 long acrilic panted nails. Some times go out in my fav 3 in" black swade boots. So I could care less what people think. Why should you all care too , I mean why would it matter does a stranger run your live. The only people you should care if they know is your famliy and maybe the people you work with (only to keep your job safe). I say let them see at least they will have something to talk about. And hay of the drab people who see us the more they will get used to us eh!
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    never caught and yet whenever i underdress there is a part of me that wants to be caught. I don't want to be defined by it and yet there is this desire to push the issue more into the limelight..
    Peace through superior dress sense..

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    Once when I was in the casino on a business trip I was wearing a bra under my turtleneck. It must have been apparent, as I got called "Maam" by a waitress who came up behind me. I solve the problem of visible tops of panties and pantyhose by wearing a short slip tucked in to my ladies pull-on pants.

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    I have been caught by the couple accross the street when I was mowing the lawn when I bent over to open the grass catcher they could see my panties over the top of my shorts, they were fine with it and we still talk quite a bit

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    I love hearing all the stories of people getting caught, and the people catching them didn't seem to have any problem with it. I think that's a really huge step towards general public acceptance. I know that's still a really long ways away, but it gives me some hope

    I don't know if I've ever actually been "caught", I'm usually pretty careful. But on 2 occassions I did wear a bra to work. Once under a tshirt/hooded sweatshirt and once under a button down shirt with a heavy sweater under it. The second time I kept getting weird looks at my chest so I think that it was somewhat visible somehow. It was enough to make me go home at lunch and change out of it I'm not quite ready to field those questions so I just don't do it anymore at work.
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    I wore a "waterbra" under a baseball undershirt one time and got snickers from a grocery store clerk once. That was the worst I've ever had happen to me. Of course she didn't know about the matching thong under my jeans.

    Lori Anne

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    Thanks girls, this has been a very fun thread and I needed some smiles this morning. Karen - I really like your style I'am still giggling !!


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    caught under dressing

    Caught? Well maybe or maybe not - no one has told me, but I've come home from work and realized my pants have begun to split or tear (I do let my work clothes go a bit) after I'd underdressed. Also had the wind blow my loose shirt up as I was wearing a long waist black shaper. So not so much caught as unplanned momentary possiblities.

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    caught by aunt

    I was visiting my aunt that was in town staying with my granparents (her parents). Not thinking anything about it I went over there underdressed wearing a underwire padded black bra and a pair of black pantyhose. While visiting her and sitting at the kitchen table I keep catching her looking at the collar line of my shirt to find out that my strap of the bra was in clear view. When she got up from the table and went over to the other side of the kitchen to get something i have to move for her to get around me. When I went to sit back down I didnt pull my jean pant legs down far enough to cover my pantyhose covered ankles. She say this and let out with a big question to me infront of the grandparents, "Why are you legs so dark are you wearing nylons." I gave her a look of shock and the grandparents didnt really hear it. As I was leaving she decided to give me a hug that she never does and as she was hugging me she was rubbing my back up and down right over that bra clasps and straps.. I was totally caught this time around and now i dont care if i underdress around her she knows now so what is the difference.

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    I've been caught so many times I don't even track them. Recently went to the big box store to get something and started talking to the customer service rep. A couple came up and asked a question which she didn't know. I started answering their question and about halfway through I noticed that everyone was looking at my boobs. I had on a foam C cup and it was pretty obvious. I just enjoyed the moment and continued on. It gave them something to talk about. Had a boss ask me to come back into his office and turnaround. He checked out my rear and never said a word. I know he could see my panty line. Most harassment I've ever taken was when carpet installers noticed my very delicate panties as I bent over to show them what they had missed. They began making comments about my walking the streets. They are lucky people knew where they were that day. Was in a gas station and as I walked out a woman announced that man was wearing a bra very loudly. Was waiting to board a bus one day and a girl announced you have on the same pants as I do. Today I would agree and ask her how she liked them, but then I blew her off saying the fabric was about the same.

    Driving, I've had several people notice my bra. My favorite was when I was wearing and brown A-line skirt with a bright yellow slip (60s). I had pulled it up as it was worm and I liked seeing the lace hem below the skirt hem. As I looked over a husband and wife were eyeing my nylon legs, slip and skirt. Guess they got their dollars worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie B View Post
    Actually, I'm just wondering what kind of prurient jerk would actually comment on another man's underwear? One simply doesn't do that kind of thing, my dear.
    My feelings exactly Katie! If I noticed some guy was wearing panties or a bra there is no way I would let him know that I noticed. It is none of my business what another guy wears for underwear and I would expect the same level of respect from anyone who happened to notice my underwear.

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    caught under drssing???

    My daughter caught me wearing really fem jeans, Old Navy ultra low rise size 10, they were also skin tight. I played dumb and said I thought they were a little weird fitting but they were in my drawer so they must have been mine, my wife said she must have put them there by mistake. Another time I got a hug from a woman I know from a client and she felt my bra strap and snapped it, she was totally cool about it.
    I also commented once to a pretty girl that come to my shop that I had the same toe nail polish and that wasn't it the best. She laughed and said sure you do so I just had to show her, she was needless to say shocked. Another time I got caught wearing High heeled boots by the people that plow my lot, I told them I didn't have any other boots and did not want to get my feet wet. I've been caught wearing full get up by the mail lady, she says my boobs are way nicer than hers. oh how good that makes me feel. I told her she looks better in a skirt than I do, she reluctantly agreed but did say I am not too bad either. She has been good for the ego!!!

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    It would be pretty hard to tell with most of my underdressing; the most obvious "tell" is a bra which I just don't do as a part of underdressing very often.
    warmly, Linnea

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    No one has ever said anything to me. But I think I have been caught before. I had to go to the bank, and I was wearing drab clothes (a sweater and jeans) on the outside. Underneath, however, I was wearing a bra, panties, a garter belt, and stockings. When I was having my transaction worked on, no one said anything. However, the next time I came back, the female teller gave me that certain smile.

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    who really cares? I have been patted pinched and outed a number of times and no real big deal so far I underdress every day. Friends give me hugs and always seem topat my back and shouldrs to ck for bra straps but never say anything to me.

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    thanks all girls for sharing your story,,some were educational and others amusing
    Only friends can call me Amy,,, so if your reading this your a friend.

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    not yet

    I've not been caught underdressing yet...always tuck my shirts in, and western boots hide by knee-highs.

    I was 'caught' once by a guy friend who stopped by unexpectedly; I was working in the flower bed, and had worn a pair of chunky-heeled sandals out of the house. I had kicked them off while working, so they were sitting there with the gardening tools. He stuck around, and I finshed what I was doing, then had to pick everything up, and walk bare-foot acrss the gravel driveway. I wasn't going to slip on the shoes in from of him, but I also prolly looked kinda dumb tenderfooting it across the drive. Nothing was ever said about it.

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    Last week I was in Walmart under dressed and did something nice for someone. Another woman came over to me and patted me on the back for the deed, then rubbed my back tentatively. I'm certain she detected the bra straps - she couldn't possibly have missed even if she was wearing welders gloves. But, she didn't say anything, gave me a BIG smile chatted for only a moment and was gone.

    I love being a woman!

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    I'm more conservative than the rest of you. I work at a construction company and only wear panties, but never a bra. Never been caught, but there is a guy at work who would say something to me and everyone else.

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    I Was, But I Wasn't...

    Last week was Bike to Work Week. I rode 2 days and I used an accessible restroom to get ready for the ride home on the second day. I stripped, put my clothes into my back pack and dressed in my jersey and bibs. When I arrived at home I unpacked, but I didn't see the thong that I was wearing. My conclusion was that I had left it in the restroom. Then I started to wonder who had seen me go in carrying my riding clothes. I remembered that one of the cleaning ladies was up the hall when I when into the restroom. At that point, I thought BUSTED!!!

    As I was pacing in my bedroom, I decided that I may as well put a load in the washer. As luck would have it, when I picked up the pants that I wore, the thong fell out. It had only gotten rolled up in my pants...

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