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Thread: what reaction when first caught?

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    what reaction when first caught?

    reading alot of threads here on first article of clothes you tried on,what age you was and I started to think what was the reaction from who caught you,,I have never been caught but I think mom and sister must have known or even suspected,, as much as I did it I couldnt have been that clever for them not to have known and have always wondered what type of reaction they would of had when catching me pink handed....
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    I will just say it was not a very good reaction and it showed me the importance of "the closet."

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    I lied my sweet girlish butt off and swore up and down I had no idea how those panties got there. The best theory I could come up with on the spot was that somehow the dustbunnies under the bed had woven themselves into a pair of girl undies and hidden between the mattress and boxsprings.

    And like Jocelyn did (hi sweety!) I became a closet dweller and also learned how to hide things really, really good. I helped them with Jimmy Hoffa. Wait! No I didn't, that was just another tasteless joke. Please don't call the Feds.

    Hugs...Joni Mari
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    Mom was pissed when she caught me in her slip drawer. She caught me sooo many times, she just gave up.

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    My mom discovered some of my feminine items when I was about 14 years old and she confronted me on the issue. I told her the truth and tried to explain myself the best I could but I know she wasn't very understanding.
    Over the next year she made a couple of comments to me inferring that I was mentally ill or gay because of my dressing.

    One thing I've learned about being a crossdresser is that honesty may be the best polocy, but it's not always the most popular policy. (Sigh)


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    I got spanked! I was about 9 years old and feel a sleep dressed. Same thing happend the 2 and 3rd time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossdrezzer1 View Post
    reading alot of threads here on first article of clothes you tried on,what age you was and I started to think what was the reaction from who caught you....
    I got caught by my mother when I was 12. She was NOT pleased. That was the day I learned just how worthless I really was (or believed I was) and began to hate myself. It was the beginning of my dark years, that lasted until just a few years ago.

    I wrote about my experience getting busted in depth here.

    As traumatic as that was in my life, I've communicated with others who's getting caught stories were far, far worse. It's such a waste - to treat us like this. I might have been so much more successful in life had I not spent most of it hating myself and trying to figure out what the hell I am. I'll never get those years back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabrielle Hermosa View Post
    I got caught by my mother when I was 12. She was NOT pleased. That was the day I learned just how worthless I really was (or believed I was) and began to hate myself. It was the beginning of my dark years, that lasted until just a few years ago.

    I wrote about my experience getting busted in depth here.

    As traumatic as that was in my life, I've communicated with others who's getting caught stories were far, far worse. It's such a waste - to treat us like this. I might have been so much more successful in life had I not spent most of it hating myself and trying to figure out what the hell I am. I'll never get those years back.
    It is a waste, you're so right. People normally despise what the don't understand, and therefore fear. Had I been caught by someone like my father it probably would've been near deadly for me, but luckily I hid it well.

    I am very happy that you are where you are now, and have moved past that incident. Kudos , Gabi

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    About age 13 or 14, Mom found my stash and left a note to get rid of the girl things. I remember the phrase "Halloween is over" vividly. I just found a better hiding place. Never heard anything again. I have always wished for an understanding mother to help me and am envious of those who had a mother like that.
    Rachel Denise

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    - Lewis Carroll

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    My mother know I would get into her closet (and her clothes) but could never bring herself to talk to me about it. She never "caught" me outright.

    There is something about this thread that bothers me. "Being caught" speaks to the guilt we probably all felt at first, and many of us still do. There is an alternative to "being caught": being proud to say "Hey, I wear women's clothes". (I mean my clothes! To quote Lacey Leigh: "They are my clothes -- no woman has ever worn them" -- well, unless I got them in a secondhand store, or lent them to somebody ...)

    I would much rather tell people that I crossdress than worry about them "catching me".

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    My mother found a pair of her yellow satin front panties and a white bra betwwen the matress and box springs of my bed when I was 13.She never said anything then a few days later she bought me some fish net panties and matching tops,in yellow,blue and pink.When i was older i got up to use the bathroom one nite while dressed in a red lace bra and matching panties.As I was stepping out of the bathroom she came out into the hallway.She never said a word.

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    The reaction was not good. The first time I was actually caught and confronted I was not caught enfemme. My ex girlfriend found some of my stash. It all started the night before. It was the first time I had actually gone out as a girl, kindof. I made some lame excuse that I needed to go out to meet a friend. That was a lie. It was a Sunday night and I went to a club that catered to people who had fetishes. I took one her bras, panties, pantyhose, a skirt, a pair of her shoes and a bodysuit top that I bought. I changed in the car but was not wearing any makeup. Wow, looking back I must have looked ridiculous. After getting home very late I crawled into bed, woke up the next morning to go to work. When I came home she had all the stuff I took and what she found of mine and left it out on the coffee table for me to see. She wasn't home so I knew a blowup was about to happen. Not a half hour later she came in with a facial expression that could frieghten Godzilla. We started to talk but that turned into crying, mostly by me, with a lot of "I don't know" answers to her questions. Needless to say our relationship was never the same and ended a short time thereafter.

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    My mother caught me in a questioning look of horror. She asked me what I was wearing a skirt for.
    My father was extremely embarrassed but thought he had to confront me after my mother told him.
    The next morning at breakfast my mother and sister both had two of the biggest smirks on their faces that you ever did see....

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    Is my slip showing? Rita D's Avatar
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    My mother who put makeup on me and dressed me in a girl's Japanese kimono several times at age 3 or4; caught me in my room with one of her slips at age 10. She screamed at me asking what was wrong with me, and did I want her to take me to a "head doctor".

    About 6 years later, when I was trying to decide what costume to wear to work at my part-time supermarket job; (We were expected to wear a costume at Halloween) My mother says: "Why don't you dress up like a girl?" WHAT!!??!!

    I thought: "Doesn't she remember what she wanted to do with me when it was MY idea to wear girl's clothes!?!?" I didn't follow her advice- there were one or two cute checkout girls at work who I'd been "checking out"; and there was no way I would want them to think I was anything but straight.

    As for my mother's original threat- I'm proud to say that it kept me from ever even THINKING about wearing female clothes again! That's right- I don't have to think about it any more- I just DO it!

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    I never got caught I think I wes just to fast for them.

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    I got grounded when I got caught! My mom caught me, literally in a closet, hiding while dressed at age 9. It wasn't as bad because of my age, but I always wonder if my mom doesn't still know that I do......??

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    I have never been officially caught, but I suspect my high school girlfriend may have been on to me. One Christmas she gave me a card on the front that read, "This season I know I wil find you in my Chirstmas stocking." On this inside it read, "I know how much you like to wear my clothes".

    I did wear a few of her more androgynous sweaters around my college campus. One of them even had buttons on the left so it was pretty hard to hide unless it was buttoned all the way up. She knew I wore this and I also wore one of her belts on a regular basis.

    That was as far as it went and she knew I wore those items.

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    Getting caught,

    Never really happened to me. I think my mother had suppitions, but never found any of my stuff.

    A few years after I was married, 26yrs ago, I knew I would not be able to hide it from her any longer. So I took a deep breath got dressed up, no make up, and let her walkin on me when she came home for lunch. Her reaction was a lot calmer than I anticipated. She decided, after some descussion, that it was okay around the house.

    About four years ago my oldest daughter, Then 20, walked in the door, it was about lunch time so at first thought it was my wife coming home for lunch as she sometimes does, so I made no attempt to stop what I was doing.. There I was short pleated skirt, satin top, 4 inch heels, make up the whole nine yards. My daughter looked at me and said " Nice outfit Dad". and went to her room. I went to mine and changed.

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    I was wearing (very short) cut-off jeans and black sandals (ah, the time when I could wear normal sizes), 3 inches if memory serves, and my mother opened the door without knocking.

    Her jaw almost dropped to the floor. But my reaction was a heaven send: I yelled something like "CAN'T I CROSSDRESS WITHOUT SOMEBODY INTERRUPT ME?!?!?!?!". I was 16. To this day she still don't understand exactly why I do this. But at least she knocks before opening the door... my father is another story...=-|

    (he have NO idea about this)

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    it all stephaniedoes's Avatar
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    i just so happen to be trying on lingerie when my mother walked in, omg, she screamed and i had not a thought in my head, she closed the door and that is all that ever came of it.things like this just arent suppose to happen. if my son had an issue like mine id go all the way in support. i hope he knows it...

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    i was in my moms girdle an hose in had jens on an penny latfoes on yes a top my one but all she did was say hows my girdle fell an are you wearing panties so i did not stan them i ask how she new she honney i have ben wareing girdles for 30 yrs i now after that she told me to wear oney thing she had an even help me to dress as a women she did not ask how long i had ben doing it all she said was you wood make a good looking girl

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    I'm a secret Lesbian...
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    I've been caught a couple of times. TH eifrst tiema I muist ahev been about 16 years old and my younger brother (14 years old) walked in on me. he calmly looked me up and down, got what he wanted from the room and walked back out again. Nother ever said...

    The second time was by my mother when I was aged 25 or so. She was shocked to say the least and asked if I was gay. I explained that I wasn't and that I just liked the feeling of being dressed.

    She told me to stop or "I'll tell your father". I stopped for a week or so, but soon dressed again.

    Nothing has been said since!

    I really want to tell everyone, but can't (as yet) see any benefit.

    Most of freinds realise I have a strong feminine side and it's often mentioned in a jokey / light hearted way.

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    Caught numerous times

    I'm now 55 and have been underdressing/crossdressing for about 50 of those years.The first time I was outed I would have been 5-6. Had been playing dressups with my twin sister and had been put into a pair of doll"s plastic panties. My sister took me out to the dining room to show my parents and family visitors. By the time I got there my little penis was all hard and clearly visible through the plastic. I was told very sternly to stop acting like a baby and go and take them off.
    As I mentioned, I had a twin sister, who along with my mother were a source of panties and lingerie for me until I moved out of home. Both knew I would "borrow" their panties and lingerie and set me up to catch me out on a number of occassions. I can remember being sprung by my sister hiding behind her bedroom door, trying to cover my near naked except for her panties body, with my hands. Can't remember what was said, but nothing was done. On one other occassion she knew I was wearing her panties while in bed. The next morning she came into my bedroom and tried to pull the blankets off. They were a blue nylon pair with lace covering the entire front and were my favourites at that time. While my mother knew what my sister was up to, after my howls of screams and protests, my mother called her off.

    I had a job after school and each Wednesday afternoon after sport I would go to a family friends place to change for work. Now, as luck would have it, thay had a daughter who was about 12 months younger than I. I'm sure my mother told our family friend that I liked wearing panties, and I think they were happy to oblige. Instead of telling me to change in their son's room, each week I would change in the daughter's bedroom. Boy, did she have some nice panties.On most occassions I would borrow at least one pair, wank in them durring the week, wash them, and return them the next week. I sure used to get some wierd looks from their daughter.

    Moving on about ten years I revelled my panty fetish to my wife. Although not repulsed, she is not 100% supportive either and did not know that I took my dressing even further. Until, that is, after I had been away for a few days, she produced one of my teddies that I had carelessly left on the floor. She asked me was I having an affair and I replied, "no it's mine". She said she didn't know what was worse . Anyway, that was a few years ago now, and after packing panties only to take away on a holiday a little while ago, I told her I was going to wear panties 24/7. I've rambled on a bit, but that is only a small part of my crossdressing experience and being caught, but that will do for now.

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    pretty much like everyone else, the panties were in question. i said my friends got them to use as something to slingshot with, playing around... problem is, they were HER panties.....

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    Panic! Pure and simple!

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