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Thread: My Motorcycle Outfit

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    My Motorcycle Outfit

    Last Friday I needed to go into town ( 10 miles ) for something so I decided to ride my motorcycle. It was pretty hot so I wore woman's jean shorts that had a cute flair. My pullover top was blue so I wore my blue canvas shoes with short white socks turned down once. I was going to visit a friend who was recovering from surgery. I'm not out to her so I didn't wear makeup. No need to fix my hair because of the helmet. Of course my legs were free of hair.
    When I drove into my friend's driveway I noticed that she had lots of company; her two daughters, their spouses and kids. They were having a backyard barbecue. Everyone was nice but I did notice one of her daughters staring at my outfit. But I just kept visiting and we all had a good time. I couldn't help but smile later as I rode home. The Hell's Angles probably wouldn't have approved of my girly outfit unless I was riding as a passenger. I'll never know. Leanne

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    I thought motorcycle riders wore leathers?? I don't ride, but I do have two pair of leather very short shorts, designed for girl riders of course! One white and one black. Yes, I have worn them out in public!!

    BTW, Leanne, your outfit does sound nice, even if not very protective!
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    Sounds like a cute outfit, but you should've worn more leather.... you might have got approval from hells angels. I have a biker babe outfit that I once wore to a fetish ball last year. One & only time I have ever been out en femme.
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    I have been to the Hells Angels club house here in Johannesburg and saw nobody dressed there in an outfit like your one that you have described,so sadly i dont think they would approve it.

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    more leather definatly

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    You go girl! As long as your leathers weren't lederhosen. Or, maybe, hmm, that wouldn't be so bad.

    I've ridden a few times. Mainly at night, w/helmet. But femme tank top, white short-shorts, and of course, freshly shaved arms, legs, and all points in between.

    What a great feeling it is to ride in the warm, summer night!! I will even wear sandals and show off my freshly painted toes! What with the helmet, and the rest of me looking fairly femme, no one notices the difference. I've even ridden w/breastforms and a sexy bra underneath my fairly scant tank top. Plus a couple of honks from unsuspecting he-man types.

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    Riding in heels

    Quote Originally Posted by Leanne2 View Post
    Last Friday I needed to go into town ( 10 miles ) for something so I decided to ride my motorcycle.
    First time I rode my motorcycle en femme I wore boots. I always wear boots and jeans, as I've had road rash. Well, the only femme boots I had were hi heeled. That was an interesting experience, first time I put my foot down at a traffic light.

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    When I was in high school I used to ride a motor scooter, and wore sandals a lot during summer. Once I started riding motorcycles I quickly discovered two things. One, the shifter wasn't too comfortable on bare toes (the scooter had a twist-grip shifter). And two, the engine on the motorcycle got hot. The engine on the scooter was well hidden away.
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    tank tops jeans and boots, normally if the weather is nice. never shorts! I think road rash would put a damper on wearing skirts and dresses, and I do so love wearing them. Leather pants or chaps on those colder days. I have a friend that has the "Vance and Hines" logo branded into the inside of his right leg...he no longer wears shorts when he rides....
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