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Thread: How to make good boobs

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    Thumbs up How to make good boobs

    I'm very new to crossdressing, I'm starting to get really into it, but I decided to make myself some good realistic boobs. This is what I did:

    Materials you'll need:
    Unflavored Gelatin
    non-stick spray
    Rubber cement
    plastic wrap [Seran Wrap]

    I got two large bowls out of the kitchen that were of equal size and approximately the size I wanted my boobs to be. The boobs will actually be a little bit smaller when you're done.

    Next I boiled water and mixed together hot water and 8 packets of knox unflavored gelatin. Spray the bowls with the nonstick spray. I put the bowls in the refrigerator, then poured the gelatin mixture into the bowls until they were at the very top, then left them alone for about 6 hours.

    After 6 hours I turned the bowls upside down on a cooking sheet and tapped the bowls until I felt the gelatin separate. Now coat the gelatin with a good coat of rubber cement. This will help seal the gelatin. As it's drying, take some plastic wrap and cover the breast with it. It's important to do this while the rubber cement is still wet so you can push the bubbles out. Once one side is smooth, flip the breast over in your hand [you may need a spatula], coat the bottom with rubber cement, then pull the plastic wrap over the bottom and secure it with tape [I used duct tape, any tape or superglue would probably work].

    Let everything dry, usually another 4-6 hours.

    Now take a pair of pantyhose and cut off the 'leg' part. Push the breast all the way to the bottom and tie it closed as close to the breast as possible. I did a double knot to make sure it was secured. Snip off the excess legging and shift the pantyhose around until the knot is where a nipple would be.

    You're finished! Tuck it into a bra and secure it to yourself with tape or surgical glue and you're good to go!

    Here are some things I noticed:

    Feels natural
    I think it has a natural appearance
    It bounces
    It's durable
    It's cheap to make

    The rubber cement STINKS
    Gelatin is fine up to a certain temperature. On a very hot day these might begin to deform...
    Gelatin nipples feel fantastic, but are too easily destroyed.

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    I don't know whether you're salaried or a wage earner (or perhaps wealthy!), but if you were to divide the cost of a very deluxe set of breast forms by the number of hours you spent on your project, I suspect that you are selling your labor quite cheaply! At any rate, I hope you're enjoying them, and we'd love to see some pictures!

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    Annemarie, I don't think its a matter of cost or time. Some people just like doing things themselves!

    I think I may try this even though I have several sets of commercial forms. Just sounds like fun!

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    Karen is right, I was mostly going for a DIY approach to give it a try. Very new to crossdressing.

    After having worn them for two days now, I do have some comments about them:

    Refrigerating them to ensure they're solid while not wearing them is a bad idea. They're too cold to leave on for extended periods. I let them warm up to room temperature, which happened to be quite warm, and as I predicted they started to melt a little.

    Adding another package or two of knox gelatin would fix that. I also think I'll try to find a different way to seal it instead of rubber cement - the smell lingered for a long time and I couldn't find an effective way to mask it.

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    sounds like to much trouble to me!!!!! My forms are store-bought, and I love'em. they have the correct "jiggle", they have the correct weight and shape. I guess its "to each her own"

    "To thine own self be true"

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    I've tried just about everything there is to make my own breasts. I bought my first commercial pair in 1979 from Roman's mail order for $150.00, now they are about $50.00, I still have them. I believe they are neoprene rubber, hollow, with either sand or rice for weight, covered with a nylon material. They came in 3 pieces and you could buy the bra with the pockets. The breasts are tear drop in shape, the 2 extra pieces were to fill in the top of the breast for a smoother look and the other piece is for the side gland that goes toward the arm pit.

    Last Saturday a pair of my silicone breast forms both started leaking at the same time. I purchased them in the early 90's from Fredericks of Hollywood and they cost $250.00. They were the pair I wore most 40B's. I tried to repair them but it turned out to be a disaster. The silicone is wet, runny and very sticky and like most silicone products you really can't glue, or tape anything to it, adhesives don't work. I was deeply saddened by it all, after awhile they do become part of you.

    I do have 2 other sets I bought over the years, but larger size and much more expensive $450.00 per pair. They are surgical prostheses, I have a large frame so I can handle up to 40G's with really no problem.

    Just a note, the covering on the Fredericks set is quite similar to saran wrap. I still have and use the box with the molded plastic tray and always put them in the tray when I didn't wear them. I'm sure the newer breast forms of today are more durable in construction and material than when I first purchased mine from Fredericks of Hollywood.

    OOPs forgot, the seams are what let go on the bottom. Be careful too with our long finger nails, never puncture the covering while handling silicone breast forms.
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    I also bought a pair in the 90s from Fredricks, about $250. Same story, after about a year they started to leak at the seam, tried to repair them with various stuff. Wound up throwing them away, what a waste of money. Found a cheap pair in one of the mail order catalogs a couple of years ago, use them almost every day even sleep with them. I guess you could say, I'm rough on them & there still in perfect shape. Trouble is, I can't remember where I got them.
    just north of crook county,in the land of Lincoln(if he could see it now)

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