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Thread: Crossdressing nightmare

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    Crossdressing nightmare

    I had a dream the other night that I was ten years old again and head upstairs to my bedroom to secretly try on womens clothes. The dream quickly turned into a nightmare. When i reached the top of the stairs there was a women in her underwear looking out of my room, as i walked closer she started walking towards me. Just as she was at the door to my room she changed into a really scary vampire.

    I should say that i dont watch horror movies, books or anything like that, so i dont know what it means or wear it came from. Every time i look at me fem clothes i see her face.

    Has anyone else had a nightmare about cding

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    feels better in a dress
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    no never have, al mine have been nice (so far)

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    In my nightmare I'm dressed at work and the room is full of macho guys who and make me the focus of their conversation while I try to do my job.

    Work is a terrible thing to dream about and I wake up in a cold sweat.
    I fall back to sleep. In my next dream I go to the closet to get dressed and someone has thrown all my girl stuff out. I wake up thrashing about and run to the closet to check on everything.
    I fall back to sleep.
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    Never had a nightmare like that! The only thing close is when I was getting dressed in a dream and could not find the top to go with the skirt I had on!! That can be a nightmare!!

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    Nightmare ....

    I have had a recurring nightmare... that is always similar.

    In it I have just gotten dressed, and step through a door. For some reason the scenes shift and I can't get back through that door again.. I can't get back through that door again. Most of the time, it's nighttime (my all time favorite time) and I'm walking on the streets around very large buildings. Passing a lot of people and being somewhat caught up in the crowd. People are looking at me, but no one really cares.... and no one threatens or makes fun of me... Just the sense of confusion. I seem to stay in character and dressed the way I started.

    Strange.... but not threatening...

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    My nightmare about cding would be not having high heels and makeup!!!!!!

    No...I have never had such a dream. Mine were always kind of fairy tales.

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    I have two interesting bad dreams that show up every few weeks or so.

    In one, I am dressed and someone is trying to open the door. I am trying to keep it closed, but they keep forcing it open a few inches before I can push it shut. Generally it is either one of my parents (who have both passed on) or my kids. I think the interpretation of this one is pretty obvious.

    In the other, I find myself out in public while partially or completely dressed, but wasn't aware until that minute that I was dressed and have been all week. The nice part is that nobody notices or cares. And I relax.

    Guess which dream I prefer?


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    I don't have night mares, the last one was when I was a kid. So I guess that must Means My live if rockin fine.

    If your having nightmares it means your unconscious mind is trying to warn you about something, It could also have nothing to to with your CDing cuz It knows that that dream you will remember very well and then think about it and figger it out. That's my worth.
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    Nightmares???? Nope...never.

    Daydreams, Fantasies, dreams??? By the 10s of thousands!!! and all wonderful!

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    Usually mine are about being dressed like in a night gown and I am walking around my old school, trying to avoid people.
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    Well, sometimes I dream about getting caught crossdressing.

    I guess that this dream is like the fireman dreaming that is inside a house caught in fire

    The only good thing about those dreams is that when I dress I look incredibly girly, with nice curves and hairless peach skin. And when I get caught in my dreams, I decide not to care anymore because I feel totally feminine.

    Very different than in real life. I normally get disappointed with the guy in a dress...

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