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Thread: Body Hair Question

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    Tracy Schapes TSchapes's Avatar
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    Nov 2007

    Hate Yes.

    I was upset that I got stuck with the body hair gene. My dad hardly had a hair on his body, and here I got his recessive Slovak hair gene...yuk.

    I dislike waxing and the pain, so I shave, and I hate the stubble, so I shave some more. If I could afford the time and money I'd have it all zapped off. Unfortunately the small bit of lasering I've had done, a lot of my hair is blond or gray and the laser is useless.
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    Aspiring Member
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    Metro Louisville, KY area
    I also dislike my body hair and keep it off, for several years when in my early twenties
    it would take me several days to even get a few hairs on my face.
    Even now I can go three days before I have to shave my face.
    I don't dislike body I hate body hair, would rather see everyone without body hair of any kind.

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    Worlds Prettiest Dad!!! Jocelyn Quivers's Avatar
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    Hate it, I shave everything daily so I can be hair free all the time. I just find body hair disgusting. Even if I wasn't a cd I would still shave every thing.

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    Silver Member linnea's Avatar
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    I shave my legs, underarms, chest, back, face, and arms--pretty much everywhere the hair grows. If I could afford to do it, I would have electrolysis and remove all of it permanently.
    warmly, Linnea

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    New Member
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    South Shore, Long Island
    If I could get rid of my body hair permanently, I would do so. Although I am not overly hairy, I do have hairy legs and shaving them is a real chore, not to mention other more personal areas.
    And then there is the rash of course...!

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    Aspiring Member karynspanties's Avatar
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    Ann Arbor/Brighton, Michigan
    I hate body air. In my family, we are not very hairy to begin with, as we get older we loose what we do have. My brother just turned 50 and he has hardly any hair on his legs. I now (at 44) only have to shave about once every two weeks. My wife is jealous, she has to shave about every 4 days!

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    Member Chrissie P's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    CT... In my jammies !
    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa Golightly View Post
    Oddly though I kind of prefer hairy men...

    Interesting point. I was with a man who had very, very little body hair. It seemed kind of icky.
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    Duality sometimes hurts.. PetiteDuality's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrissie P View Post
    Interesting point. I was with a man who had very, very little body hair. It seemed kind of icky.
    This is why we can't make ladies happy about our body hair (and I say that as the male me).

    I think that the point of view on many women is:

    "If it's too much body hair, you look like an ape or a saskwatch ans its creepy. If you shave, then you look like a girl or a 12 years old boy. Hairy chest might be Ok (depending on the hair pattern), but back hair is horrible. Hairy arms is gross if it looks as a sweater. Shaved arms are ridiculous. Shaved legs are weird unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo or some other famous sport player, in which case we will just drool over their shaved legs. Is it clear?."

    How the hell can you make them happy then? How am I supposed to be just as hairy (not much, not less) as they like?


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    Clear Air Turbulence Joni Marie Cruz's Avatar
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    I am so with you girls who abhor body hair. The couple of times I have broached the subject to my wife of totally getting rid of it permanently via electrolysis, she, ever the practical one, unlike myself, has pointed out that it would cost about the same as a nice down payment on a new car. So I guess it's the razor and the occasional chunk out of my ankle or belly button or wherever.

    Rock on, you smoothies.<g>

    Hugs...Joni Mari
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    A tea girl Ann D Bluebird's Avatar
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    I hate it.

    I remember seeing my father's dark hair legs, arms and chest at a young age (5-ish??) and thinking I really did NOT want to grow up to look like that! (but I do love him!!). The adage that "this will put hairs on your chest!" just made me think "But I don't WANT a hairy chest!!. As I got older, and a bit hairy-er I tried accepting it as a fact, but resented it really. Then I finally got the courage to say "To HELL with it!" and now shave and epilate merrily! considering how to get more permenently hair-free.
    "Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.”
    Epictetus (Greek Stoic philosopher) [SIZE="2"](who I'd never heard of either until I stumbled on the quote in "How to walk in high heels" by Camilla Morton )[/SIZE]

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    Aspiring lady! cassandra2601's Avatar
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    Near London
    I prefer waxing but I am with you gals - I would love to be totally hair free all the time - done it several times but not all the time and the feeling when you put on silky soft pantyhose (tights) or stockings is fantastic!

    "A girl can dream and when you cannot dream there is always shopping lol!"

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    Senior Member Lily 1's Avatar
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    Wales, UK
    I don't exactly hate it, but I prefer both the feel and look of no body hair. My wife also prefers me hairless and often helps me with the bits I can't reach easily. BTW, in the 3 years or so since I have been hairless *nobody* has commented.

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    Shy :) Scotty's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutchess View Post
    Did/do any of you dislike your body hair this much?


    Luckily I don't have much and it's super super fine but I still don't like it - I like the all air feeling, the feeling of crawling into a set of fresh sheets with shaved legs...

    My arm hair is so thin you can't hardly see it, my g/f has way thicker hair and says she's envious.

    But I don't like the itch of hair, and well, I just like it gone!!
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    I do not like any kind of bodily hair except from the eyes up. I absolutely hate facial hair even on non cd'ing guys. I know it is natural but it is a huge turnoff to me.

    I shave my face, chest, arm pits, abdomine, butt, and legs almost every day. I am fortunate that I do not have any back hair and the hair on my arms is very fine and hardly visible. In fact my slender arms and small hands are my best feminine feature. I use an electric razor everywhere except the arm pits, I use a disposable blade there.

    I especially enjoy smooth legs and would never let them get hairy again.

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    Well Heeled rebecca_morris_75's Avatar
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    Central VA
    After shaving everything the other day after months & months of not shaving, I can honestly say I never want to have body hair from now on. I love feeling smooth all over. I guess I'll be stocking up on razors and shaving cream for a looooong time
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    Member susants's Avatar
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    putnam valley
    i'm not very hairy but get waxing from the neck down about every 3/4 weeks .
    was at the salon yesterday for legs and brazilian next week the rest

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    May 2009
    central Ontario - in Canada eh?
    Body Hair - I hate it. Some arm and leg hair is not so bad (and I never really used to mind that), but as the years go by the hair tends to get downright ridiculous. Be gone!!! Waxing hurts, but I'll do it.

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    New Member skreamer's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Yep. Totally hate body hair and facial hair completely. I'm working with my wife to work out electrolysis/laser treatments to permanently remove it all.

    Absolutely makes me itch all the time and it gets all over everything.

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    Banned Read only Olivia's Avatar
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    central Texas
    Yeah, I hate the stuff! I was cursed with a LOT of hair on my body, and not nearly enough on my head. When I first started shaving it all off, I thought, "wow, that was so simple! Why on earth had I lived with it so damned long?" I was embarrassed at the pool or beach. I hated to remove my shirt. In short, being hairy sucks. But, I fight it. I shave my torso everyday in the shower. It adds a few minutes to the routine but it's soooo worth it. My wife help with a hard to reach place on my back and my legs get a fresh shave every few days. It just feels so good to be smooth all over. I can now really enjoy getting a nice tan, and going shirtless isn't something to dread anymore. Being so hirsute was just another one of Mother Nature's cruel jokes to play on me...

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    Member Laura_Stephens's Avatar
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    Another in agreement -- hate all of my body hair below the neck.

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    Junior Member Pauline Lauren's Avatar
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    I don't just dislike my body hair, I despise it!!! LOL As I started dressing much more after December, I really just started hating seeing myself in a cute sleeveless top and with a bunch of male chesthair protruding out from under it! Yucckkko! So first the chest hair went, then the tummy and underarms and the legs. Next on the target list is the airmhair and then that trouble area called the back!! Guess I will have to go in for a waxing to be rid of that blight. Fortunately my SO is not disturbed by my hair removal. She has another (platonic) male friend that shaves all his body hair and he is most definitely not a CD (at least not so that we know of heheh), so it wasn't a foreign concept to her.

    I will be much happier when as much of it as I can possibly remove is gone!!


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    am here Hali's Avatar
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    Body hair.............

    I dont know i never liked it, before it was body hair but as time goes on am beginning to hate my facial hair as well i cant explain it, i just dont like it.

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    Senior Member dawnmarrie1961's Avatar
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    Dutchess, There's no such thing as a silly question. Just a silly answer.

    To Nair or not to Nair?
    That is a question that has plagued CD's since our distant ancestor first donned a really short skirt and was quickly spotted around town due to the fuzziness of his lower extremities. After being ridden out of town on a rail.

    He quickly learned from his mistake that although...."To Hairee is Human, smooth legs feel divine !"
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    My weight does not define me.

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    Accepting GG Dutchess's Avatar
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    WOW ,, I cant thank you all enough for all the great replies .. I mean really !!!

    I hadnt been able to get back online shortly after I posted this so I could see... I am going to go over all these again ....

    I am glad to know that when I am covered in Nair , that I am not alone... I DO wish he would let me at least home wax him ( I do my own ) but he is just afraid .. however ,,he is very bold and doesnt care who sees this ,,as long as it isnt his MC brothers but since they are back in the Netherlands , he really has no worries about that .....Plus people are usually so taken aback by his body art and hair on his head that they probably dont even notice he has shaved legs anyway..

    I dont say anything,, he goes to the store with shaved legs in shorts and seems perfectly happy and commented last night on how great his new pajama/peignoir (sp) set felt on bare skin.. I went to sleep,,,( well not right to sleep) glad that he was happy ....

    I see many of you all feel the same way as he or close to it .
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    I dont like my body hair either, part of it may stem back to early child hood and carried on when the whole family would tease on the monkey child, sure it is funny but, anyway i still do like my hairy body, it itches and feels un kept. My wife says she likes the hair, that is something I cant understand but she cant understand why I would want to get rid of it.

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