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Thread: Body Hair Question

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    Tricia Dale tricia_uktv's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire. UK
    Not sure what I hate most. The body hair or the nairing. But I nair every week so that answers the question. I hate the hair in my nostrils, sideburns, my moustache thats hard to cover. If I had a magic wand the first thing I'd do would be to remove a;ll my body hair permanently........ and put it on my head!
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    I don't know if I'd go so far as to say I hate it. I don't like it though. It's absolutly a pain in the ass. I have to spend A LOT of time getting rid of it. Really wish I could afford to laser removal.

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    I yam what I yam,
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    Talking Body hair...

    Check me off as one who really dislikes body hair and sweat stink. In the natural state I suffer both. A big thank you to hot water and a set of blades and both go... except the back... I'm getting OLD and can't manage to reach it... One thing no one has mentioned... sweat stink.. I sweat heavily... before I started shaving chest, belly, and under arms, 2 a day showers only lessened the sweat stink... being (except for my back) hairless... Dick Tracy's buddy B.O.Plenty is gone... Yes, I know.. sweat doesn't stink... it's skin microbes that cause B.O. Well, removing body hair dramatically reduces the amount of surface area for the kritters to inhabit, and thus serves to get rid of their nasty stink too. At least for me that's the case... I just wish I were flexible enough to remove the thatch on my back too. Miracle of good vibes, after shaving my legs for a number of years, the hair there just quit coming back... I'm not one to complain either. My older son once asked why I shaved my forearms... I simply told him: "I don't like the hair." End of conversation.

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    About Last Night

    So, last evening I asked my wife for a hairtrim (head). She got out the scissors and snip, snip, nice trim. Looks great!
    As I got out the broom to sweep up the clippings, she said, "Wait we have to trim those hairy arms, get out the electric trimmer for me". Bzzzz, no more arm hair. I got off of the chair to sweep up, She said, "Wait, lets trim that chest and tummy hair too". Buzzz, no more chest and tummy hair. "Well, Lets not stop there", she said. So, again buzzz. No more leg hair! She then sent me to the local drugstore for a bottle of Nair. We spread the lotion all over my chest, back and legs and after a few minutes and a shower, all the body hair is gone! Mostly all the body hair anyway. We shaped the remaining body hair into a neatly trimmed bikini cut.
    Although my wife is aware of my crossdressing she never wanted to be involved or help out in any way. It was an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of tolerance for her. You can imagine my amazement and overjoy since she instigated all of this. Feeling sooo smooth all over my body is pure bliss! While we didn't talk crossdressing last night, who knows, maybe we'll go shopping one of these days. I hope so! Here's to my lovely wife!

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    Aspiring Member kimmy p's Avatar
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    I hate body hair. I only have hair left on my forearms and "down below". And I trim my arm hairs. some love it, I find it personally disgusting.

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    Confident, not arrogant VeronikaDonahue's Avatar
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    I hated my body hair so much, that I went to Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal and had it removed. So now I don't have to worry about shaving, or ruining a good leg shave on a cold day. I also did it because I hated constantly getting ingrown hairs, OUCH! I did everything from my eyebrows to my toes. I love it!!!!!!!! It does however cost a significant amount of money, and there is some discomfort associated with it, but it is only mild. In the long run, it is sooooo worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veronica 1 View Post
    I totally hate my body hair. I keep myself shaved all the time.
    I wish I could keep myself shaved all of the time as well. But summer time I must let it grow. Late in October I usually get a body wax, and keep it off for the winter and spring.
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    PLUCK the YUCK

    I have been Epilating EVERYTHING from the neck down.
    Surprisingly It become less painfull after a few times.
    Also another hint, I use 2 epilators at the same time,
    It naturaly takes 1/2 the time, but it seems to distract the OUCHES !

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    I am in the "hate the hair" category, too. I am having it all permanently removed with laser treatment and feel incredibly happy about it, much like you describe your husband.

    I grew facial hair at the first chance I had in high school (you know the incredibly scruffy adolescent boy look). I have always had facial hair except for a few moments (like Halloween crossdressing events).

    Recently, while shaving my face beautifully smooth, I had an epiphany: I have held on to my hair because my face is feminine without it. I was already an outcast as a child, geeky, misunderstood; the last thing I needed was to look like a younger version of my mother.

    As I looked in the mirror, I realized that I was finally comfortable looking as feminine as I felt.

    (Crikey, I feel like I am going to cry again...)

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    I am in the "hate the Hair" camp. I have always hated it and I have intermittently tried to remove it--electrolysis and eventually laser.

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    Junior Member tanya-uk's Avatar
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    I am also in the "hate hair camp" I keep myself fully shaved apart from eyebrows and hair. My eyebrows are kept plucked and nicely shaped.

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    It looks as though most seem to not like or hate body hair and I feel the same way. I use a combination of shaving, epilation and waxing to remove everything except the hair on my head and a little bit of pubic hair. I'd love to get rid of it all permanently

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    I do not like body hair either. I have always felt like it was dirty and felt so much cleaner when I shaved or whatever to make it gone. Mine is fairly fine but the older I get the more places and the heavier it gets. I hate my harry knuckles.

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    I absolutely hate my body hair. Luckily for me I don't have a lot of it on my chest or back...just arms, legs and you know where. I keep it all shaved smooth. Nothing like the feeling of a smooth shaved body.



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    I just returned from a consultation for laser hair removal and was told because I have reddish hair, with the odd white hair the laser removal procedure would not work for me. So now I am bummed because, I am very hairy and aaaaaargh I hate it!!! I can't wear the tops I want without getting myself waxed and we all know how much that hurts and how often we have to go, and then of course the continuing cost!!

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    N.C. unfortunately
    I abhore my body hair! i want it gone for ever bannished in to everlasting. I love being smooth and soft. the hair on my legs has about quit growing . hair on my arms is light any way and not very thick. My chest however, it like a forest if i don't keep it shaved. i have some neet but thus far have not given it a try. i am small in size any way, very small fingers and small arms. i can wrap my thumb and ring finger around my wrist. my legs are so beautiful to me there shaply and not muscular at all. I always sensed some thing was not quite true about me. i never felt i was a part of the "boys" and you know i was right. i truly believe i am a female. i loath my male body. all of it.

    Thats another thing i wish i could stop. My beard, It grows so darn fast and i hate it. i shave twice. once with the shave cream and again after the cream is washed off. i want my beard gone forever if i could aford laser i would indeed let them zap every hair i have. there is something you ladies might like to try which is Aveeno Positively Smooth shave Gel. It is suppose to make hair grow slower and less often. I think it does help but i want more. Aveeno can be found at most drug stores and also at Wal Mart.
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    These are all so interesting to read.. and I have learned a few things also . I had NO idea that electrolysis wouldnt work ,,or not work well on Gray or red hair . I have always just waxed,shaved and plucked .. Still though my husband is a brunette and I wish after reading these that I could get him to go the electrolysis route .. I think he would be really happy with the results .. but he is still afraid of anyone else knowing what is going on with him , outside the house . Maybe this will change in time ... Pretty soon I will be Dutchess of Nair .. he really has to stand there still while I do it .. it is literally everywhere, no way could he do it himself effectively.

    However , I did see an unopened Epilady at a garage sale yesterday and I sure thought about it ...
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    Here I go again, the ODD BALL... except for above the neck, I like my body hair.

    HEY, I am a guy that likes feminine things, I don't try to look like a woman.

    I will occationally wear stockings over tights to make it look like I have shaved legs, thats only for when I wear short skirts.

    In this photo you can just make out my furry legs

    In this one you can see my hairy arms

    I have found, MOST GG's do not like hairless guys, so I see nothing wrong with a skirt and hairy legs, I have gotten some serious stares when I wear a bikini top, I have a very hairy chest and back, but, I wear the bikini top becuse I have "C" cup breasts, so either way I get stares.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renee k View Post
    I wish I could keep myself shaved all of the time as well. But summer time I must let it grow. Late in October I usually get a body wax, and keep it off for the winter and spring.
    Up until a few weeks ago, I thought I'd have to stop shaving in the summer because people might notice my smooth legs. Well they don't. And if they did, who cares! Just do it

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    Junior Member Lacey's Avatar
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    Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Just wearing what's comfortable! Even if my Wife hates my Keds! Lol!

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    Southern Ontario

    Yuk I hate my body haair

    I Epilate shave Wax, to me its War! next step is laser!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutchess View Post
    ...Did/do any of you dislike your body hair this much?
    Yes, I've always hated mine.

    For a while, I kind of liked my hairy legs only because my wife (then girlfriend) was crazy about them. They've been shaved smooth for years now, and I like them much, much better this way. Luckily, my wife also loves them smoothly shaved (even though she was such a fan of the hairy Sasquatch look I used to sport).

    I shave everything from the neck down. It feels so much better this way. I like what I see in the mirror better this way (even in guy-mode). I've wanted to remove my body hair since it started getting noticeable in my teens... much like your husband expressed.
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    body hair

    I realy dislike my body hair I don't like the way i feel when it's at it's normal place I much rather shave or I want to try nair to take it off .Plus I look much better when I put on my lingerie and I feel so much better

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    Junior Member tonya2's Avatar
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    [SIZE="2"]Hate the hair, if I could afford it I would laser my whole body so I wouldn't have to shave it. I shave my body about three times a week and that keeps me feeling smooth and light. Been doing it now for about two years and only wish I started many years ago. The problem area is the back, hard to get that shaved without someone helping. I did find a salon here is OC that will do it for you for $40 bucks, a little high, but they are there when you need it.


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    The U.S. on the east coast. Yay the beach :)
    Yes i depise all of my body hair except of course for the hair on top of my head. I can do without the facial hair.
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