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Thread: I need some advice

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    I need some advice

    I ran into a girl I haven't seen in a while the other night and I have a question that I think I am not sure of my own ability to think through. She is getting divorced and has had a couple of affair's out side of her matromonial situation and one of them was lebian. I really like her and I am not sure if I should even think about offering the best of both world's to her or just walk away from the whole deal. I love to dress up and I don't see my self stopping anytime soon in the future, but I was wondering if anybody had a idea of what I should do.Your input would be greatly appriciated.

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    I would be concerned about her affairs. People can and do change... but not always.

    Best of both worlds sounds awesome though. Any woman should be glad to have that.

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    It may be useful to find out why she is getting a divorce first

    Then you need to find out how she feels about another relationship ?

    This will help you assess the situation better before getting involved

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    I don't give advice but....

    maybe you're being a bit presumptious that she evens fancies you in the first place

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    I personally would NOT try to get into a relationship with a person going through a divorce. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the breakup it's almost always a messy time emotionally. If it's someone you haven't seen for a while you can try to redevelop a closer friendship and then see what happens from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deb The Brunette View Post
    I don't give advice but....

    maybe you're being a bit presumptious that she evens fancies you in the first place

    If she doesn't, she must be a lesbian

    And yes I did read the OP
    Best Wishes


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    She is a person who has feelings, needs and wants. Treat her like you would like to be treated yourself. Divorces are an emotional and personal time. Be her friend.
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    be her friend. That is the nicest thing you could do right now. Thing of her not your self.
    keep on gurlin everyone. paula may

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    Cindy....IMHO, it sounds like your "male" hormones might be seeking to control the situation.
    Friends and loyal friends....then see what develops.

    Of course you can come out to her....AFTER friendship is established. She's been through a rough patch...take care of her. Be her friend.

    If it is destined to will.

    Be patient! Be a good friend!

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