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Thread: Billiards Class

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    Billiards Class

    Well golly-gee! Another Ze thread!

    I just wanted some input from you all. There's an evening billiards class being offered by my community. Fee is very small and it'd meet for an hour and a half once a week throughout October. So, basically, it'd only be four or five classes total.

    My question is whether or not I should do it. I love billiards and have always wanted to learn the "right" way to play it.

    Safety is my only concern. It's being taught at a "billiards gallery," which is not a bar or club, but it's still a night class and I wouldn't be surprised if the students are primarily men. My guess is I'll barely pass (like I usually do) as a very young guy to them...but only as the token cigarette of the group. (i.e. I'm read that I'm gay as a picnic basket.) But is even that safe? It's getting very congested where I live, and it seems every new person that moves in is another that's completely intolerant of the LGBT community.

    I can't figure out if my concept of risking it is irrational or not. I just wanna go so badly...

    Thoughts? Feedback? Comments of shut-the-hell-up-Ze?

    I wish I had a buddy to go with, but those that know about me are totally unreliable and probably wouldn't show up to class.

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    Ze if its like any other billiards / snooker clubs i have been to then the places are usually quiet at night and the playing areas are only lit over the tables.. if that can offer you any cover... if the place looks busy on arrival you can always turn tail and leave.. .. if you get read.. then thats their problem.... my advice is step out with caution and enjoy then class... good luck...
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    Bring some mace.

    Seriously, I think since it's a class you should be okay, just be wary. Keep an eye on the exits and make sure you can get out of there right when class is done (don't wait around in dark alleyways etc etc).

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    Thanks for the advice, you two. Yeah, I'm hoping that if I don't flaunt myself and keep alert, I should be alright.

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    If you know exactly where (and what time) it's going to take place, scope it out beforehand with someone you trust (if you can) to gauge whether it'll be a safe place to go alone.

    Just don't take any chances, OK ?
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    I love billiards also. It is a wonderful game and you can never stop learning. There is a difference in billiards and bar room pool. I can't tell you you will be safe.

    But the chance to learn about a game I love is priceless. I go to all of the exhibitions that I can. I have gotten to learn from some of the greatest players in the world. My last one was with Tom Rossman "Dr. Cue" World 9 ball champion, One of the best trick shot artist in the world. They had a drawing for 10 people to have the opportunity to play him a game and I was one, I beat him in a game I ran the table so he didn't get to shot,LOL... that is the best way to win against him. It was a great night learned a lot from his show. I am not gay but we have several gay men that attend the events and play in the league. I have never seen any problems. I would say go be low key and have fun.
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    I guess it's all about the comfort zone. There's a pool hall that I frequent that I'd say is near a very liberal college town, so if I went dressed (which I plan to soon anyway) I'm sure I might get stares here and there, but the owner is nice, and the place is kept under control quite well. There are more seedy bars in town that I'd not like to test my waters with right now because its all a bunch of drunk locals - granted they'll 'get to know me' soon enough anyway as I continue to come out. I figure as my comfort zone expands to a point where I'm not hiding anymore then places that were originally 'off limits' for me will continue to be tested. Keeping in mind the same things already noted - exits, protection, even getting to know the managers, bartender / location well, will be your saving grace if anything hits the fan.

    I love billiards myself, keep a 2-stick case in my trunk most of the time. I play as much as I can, but I'm starting to get the shark treatment at bars. I seriously have a slow warm up period and then it just clicks.. all it takes is a finely placed masee' (sp?) and people just look at you like you're there to make fun of them. I'm seriously not and I NEVER play for money, I just really like trick shots / fine english and have been striving for great hook shots all the time.

    Best wishes for a good time, and I hope you learn some useful tips!

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