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Thread: My wife is letting me buy more clothes

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    My wife is letting me buy more clothes

    Hi all,
    I know it's been a while since my last post. Been buisy but here goes it.
    My wonderful wife is letting buy more and more clothes to add to my wardrobe. She doesn't care if i'm dressed as long as it's in the house.

    I've asked her if for halloween I could go out dressed. She's all for it and is gonna help me with my make up.

    I couldn't ask for a more understanding woman. I guess i'm one of the lucky ones. I know alot of SO's aren't as understanding as my wife.

    Hugs and kisses Brenda

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    Oh, God, what a lucky girl!

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    You are a very lucky girl to have such a loving and understanding wife. I consider myself lucky too because even though my SO doesn't have any desire to see me dressed, she is still very encouraging about what I buy and even offers suggestions on what to wear for certain occasions. Your wife sounds like a keeper.
    Luv and Jill

    Straight, into Fantasy Land

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    I'm in the same position as you! My wife has actually picks out things on her own for me and brought them home I agree, we are very lucky to have such supportive and thoughtful partners.
    My username: Rebecca Morris! Come say hello

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    My wife keeps telling me to quit worrying what others think and wear what I want. Wish I could get up the nerve to do so.

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