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Thread: Head on a Swivel

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    Head on a Swivel

    I thought this was sort of funny, because it happened right at the nail salon.

    I had just finished my manicure, so my fingernails and toenails were all matching extra-bright orange. I was wearing strappy sandals with a 3" heel, and my toes were plainly visible.

    At that point, I had to walk over to the nail drying machines. As I passed one woman who was sitting at a manicure station, she looked over at me and her gaze dropped to my feet.

    Like her head was on a swivel, she was totally focused on my pedicure and as I walked, her head followed the progress of my orange toes.

    It was so funny that I almost broke out laughing. Her eyes were just glued to my feet. I was tempted to start a dance routine, just to see her hed go back and forth.

    At the nail salon, most everyone is there for manicure or pedicure services. That is what they do. So most women are not too surprised to see that is what I get there also.

    This one, though, was some kind of a rookie. She sure was surprised.

    Do you have a funny nail salon story?

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    That is too funny. Maybe your toes were just so alluring and beautiful she couldnt take her eyes off them!!!

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    This won't quaify as a "funny" story, but I will tell it anyway. I get a manicure/pedicure every two weeks. Since I sell insurance primarily to senior citizens my finger nails are always a pale pink. However, my toes are always something bright and showy. I do wear open toe sandals everywhere except when I am selling!

    Two pedicures ago I had my toes done in a sparkling green! I was walking over to the drying machine when this lady leaped out her spa chair and came running over to me. "Sir," she said, "I really love the color of your toes! Would you mind telling me what color that is so I can use it?" I had brought the bottle into the salon myself, and didn't actually know the name. I told the lady she could use my bottle, and told my nail tech to let the other tech use it. The lady customer told me that she had seen me in there before and that I always had very pretty toes! The really funny thing is she never commented on the fact that I was wearing a skirt and very low cut top over my bra, along with medium heeled open toe sandals! Of course, as is usual with me, no wig and only some lipstick for makeup!

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    For me it was sitting at the salon having my nails done and a gg co-worker come in and seeing me there. She didn't want to stare but she was obvious. I chuckled for a day or two.


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    For it was a day that was going to party that and I wanted to get my nails done but I had to work that day. So not having time to go home and change I when in and had both my toes and nails done. Everything went find tell I had a nice coral nail color put on. Men come there all the time but I must have been the first one some of the others have seen to get them colored.

    I went to the drying table with some of the others. One of the older ladies got and said she done and left looking at me all the time almost walked into the door. But some of the others started talking to about the color. And told them I that was going to party and they wanted to know what I was going to wear.

    I had fun the rest of the day it started at the nail salon.

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    I love the salon. Most of the time there is someone there who has never meet me before and it makes for an interesting visit. I was there one day and this little Ole lady was getting her feet done and she kept looking at me. Then she started talking about her church outing to Dallas. She kept on trying to save my soul.LOL... They are big on that here. When I responded in my deep voice she had this startled look. It was as if I wasn't supposed to respond. I kept on talking not letting her respond for a couple of minutes. I can keep the conversation in my court. She had this sheepish look on her face when I finally quite talking. The Vietnamese started talking in there language. She sit there for another minute and than tried to respond to what I was saying.LOL.... It is tough out here in east Texas. Any gender or religious issues out here put you as an outcast.
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