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Have you guys heard of this…

That it’s relatively common for transmen to transition from [hate this] “female” to male and then once they are happy they pass as men…to crossdress to female…

Don’t ask where I got this from…a magazine lol.

It’s interesting though…because I haven’t heard a MtF crossdressing to male…and my own thoughts as to why this is, is as follows:

Have you noticed how much more common it is for trans people to be either Cders [as in men dressing in female clothing], TV’s and MtF’s [transsexual,] compared to the less common FtMs? Well maybe…just maybe…the fact us guys are born with male brains…it’s like…I don’t know…a normal fetish associated with men?

[Lets erase MtFs from this now, cause they are women]

Do you understand what I’m saying? I’m not saying every single one of you guys do this…I’m not saying I do…I’m just saying from what I have read. Init.

Another thing, I can accept this…cause, why should we be limited to doing things other guys might?

Personally I have a fetish for BDSM. Other people have fetishes for tights…smoking fetishes [even though they know it’s harmful?]…etc etc etc…so why can’t a transman have a fetish for crossdressing too?

I think this is interesting. You may not…you may? I dunno, but I’m posting this to see what you all think on this matter.

At this moment in time, crossdressing does not appeal to me [I’m afraid I’d pass too well and might anger a few xdressers <<< joke] but who knows…my reason: My dad had this “tradition” kind of thing where at Christmas [or any other get-together family happening] where he’d dress up…and one Christmas he came into the lounge wearing a PVC dress and a Santa Claus coat, beard and stockings etc and called himself “Sandra Claus” and it was hilarious.

He did it for fun. He did it to make people laugh. And I’m a lot like my dad [even though I would like to deny this, I cannot]. I have the same weird humour as he does…

I see it also this way…if I act all macho all the time, who is to say that due to this…people are going to question me for being overly macho? If I vigorously refuse to dress up for Halloween as female, when all my male mates are, will they not question this? And what would I say? Hell no…I’d do it! Cause it’s all fun and games…I guess…

Anyway, am I making sense or talking sh*t once again? Lol.