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Thread: We are everywhere . . .

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    You are just chock full of surprises. Very nice and cool story. Like others have said, also nice that you shared a bit of yourself too instead of leaving her thinking.
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    Kim you are amazing and very thoughtful. I'm sure she was a little nervous but you handled it quite well barring the jaw on the floor. LOL She will remember you and I hope your friendship blossoms.

    Huggs Teri

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanyaKay View Post
    Kim,..without being specific what industry do you work in? I'll go first my business energy transmission. I work the Gulf Coast area. dk
    Danya, I'm not at all shy about that as I am quite proud of what I do. The only reason I don't just tell everyone where I work is because I fear my company may not be as proud of this side of me as I am of them. My company is mostly in the semiconductor industry, providing sensors and controllers. This particular product is an Infrared mass spec and it is used by just about anyone doing gas analysis to include factory emissions, refining, automotive, universities, etc.

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    It's interesting when find another in your life. Ever since I started my transition, I have had several folks come up to me asking various questions, then suddenly coming our about thier place along the gender spectrum.
    The frightening thing is I have actually helped a couple of them find resources. I never thought of myself as becoming a TG Guide...

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    Kim, you can fix my Klett meter anytime. That experience showed unusual courage; you commented on the sticker. And you had a good understanding, sympathetic to the feelings of your customer--that is--when you recovered your dropped jaw and explained your situation, so she would not be embarrassed or offended--after her sharing of deeply personal information.
    We are everywhere--but few of us have the courage to fully come out. Baby steps; acceptance is getting better, a little at a time. Wish I lived in Austin.
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    Kimberly thank you for sharing this event with us. It is true there are many more of us that are blessed with reduced gender boundaries than I think many people realize.

    Thanks for sharing.
    See yourself as a soul with a body not a body with a soul" Dr. Wayne Dyer

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