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Thread: How often?

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    Senior Member Sarah_GG's Avatar
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    How often?

    How often do you like to dress? And, if you had no parameters at all (ie wives, girlfriends, partners, work, travel, families) how often would you dress? Does the urge to dress wax and wane or is it a permanent desire?

    If you already dress as much as you like, are you happy? Or is there something left that you'd like to achieve whilst in feminine mode?

    I realise that the TG spectrum is wide and varied and would appreciate any feedback at all.

    Thank you

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    I dress everyday, no SO to worry about. I only wishthat I could dress as a lady when I go to work instead of drab on the outside. Mind you underneath my jeans and shirt is all girl

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    I would love to dress every day, but my life situation does not permit that - if I do not dress on a weekly basis, I "go bad" - I get moody, depressed, irritable - my Spouse has come to notice and tells me that she thinks I need to dress.

    I do not want SRS - I could live being able to dress 24/7 and to enjoy my years of repressed femininity - we all feel that we have so little time to make up for years of denial and ability to express our inner selves.

    Thats my opinion.

    JoAnne Wheeler
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    I do dress everyday, it's cold in Minnesota, LOL but in reality I have transitioned to female 24-7 so it isn't a problem. My wife passed a few years ago and my children are adults and do not live with me so the issue that some have in dressing as they like are beyond my life.


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    I try to dress completely at least once a week which is about all I have time for. My wife is 100% supportive, other responsibilities ie, work usualy limits me to once a week.

    If I had more time, I would dress completely every day but in a more simplified manner ex. wearing pants, less make up.

    The desire never goes away no matter how much I might want it to. In fact keeps getting stronger.

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    Great questions.
    I crossdress 2-3 times per week.
    The desire to crossdress has waxed and waned over the years.
    However, in the last couple of years, my desire
    to crossdress has clearly accelerated to the point that I'd really
    love to dress everyday. That's not a realistic option at this point in
    my life, due to other realities. So, I really try to enjoy and savor the time I
    do get to crossdress.

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    If there were no parameters? I would dress most, if not all the time. I have no problem getting into casual dress, so it would then be easy to be dressed casually most of the time. To me this is also without make-up and the fuss. Then I could dress "up" once a week or whenever I was going out. So something near fulltime would seem easy if you remove all those other "barriers".

    Now am I happy with how much I am dressing. Yes. Are there thoughts of expanding? Sure. I am not out and about other than going to more isolated areas. So I certainly see myself changing that. But for me, it will probably be more controlled than just rushing out because I have to do it.

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    I dress every day and every night I usually wear skinny jeans and tee sometimes with an over shirt to work

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    I dress about 3-5 times per week, depending on my schedule, with dressing on the weekends a must for me. I don't go out much, actually not at all, which fine, for now. Sometimes my desire to dress ebbs, sometimes the desire is so great that I'll dress for the entire day. The feeling is just out of this world! It would be fun to venture out enfemme without the feeling of insecurity, but for the time being, I'm satisfied.

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    If I'm lucky, I can dress once a month, occasionally more often. With no restrictions--- much more I'm sure! Maybe everyday. Seems the more I dress, the more I want to dress!
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    I wear a skirt or dress almost every evening and at week ends. I do, however, have no wish to work en femme.

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    I dress at least twice a week. Sometimes if I'm willing to stay up late after work from my night job I will dress on three more days. If I didn't have anyone to worry about I would probably dress full time now.

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    I am an empty nester with nobody to answer to so I can and do dress almost every day. Some days depending on my mood and time schedule I will dress completely, sans makeup, unless I intend to go out. Other times I might just underdress and go about my daily routine. I also sleep en femme (panties, bra, forms, and nightie) so I consider that as being dressed. My freedom to dress as often as I please happened when my wife passed away and even though I miss her dearly, her passing opened opportunities which couldn't exist when I was married.
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    I dress like this maybe weekly to biweekly, in 6-8 hour sessions.

    It's not an urge so much as a sacrament, a conscious act of non-denial and grounding, and a reaffirmation of what's vital inside me.

    I'm not closeted, I'm cloistered. I could dress daily like this if I wanted to, there's realistically nothing stopping me if that were a goal.

    There would be one more thing I would throw into the mix, and I'm working towards it. Not sure how to phrase it, but 'going to annual social events" would be good. I'd like a yearly meetup, a convention of sorts. A place for 'her' to travel to and make merry with friends and their other selves. A festival to revel in, not a stuffy hotel trans event, more like a costume con. I guess an exclusive social life just for her is what she'd like. Plus, 'She' gets creative credit for anything we do.
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    If I had no restrictions.... I'd probably go full time.... For at least a couple weeks.. Until I get tired of all the fuss and muss and get lazy.. Lol. My desire is always there I just don't have the time..
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    I usually fully dress 3-4 times a week. On the days I do dress I usually go out for at least part of the day. I just completed 6 days where I lived as Nicole full time. That meant 6 full days of lingerie, stockings, skirts and blouses or dresses, heels, full makeup, wig, jewelry and of course night gowns.

    Based on this experience, I would very happily love to live as Nicole full time if conditions would permit it, unfortunately that is not the case at this time. My first official act as full time Nicole would be to trash all of my male clothing and make room for Nicole's growing wardrobe.


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    Dress fully everyday, skirt blouce, when out in male mode all female under. Have been dressing female for as long as I can remember.

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    I wear panties every day! If I am not going out on sales calls, I am fully dressed. Since I am a widower and live alone, I can pretty much do as I please. And it does please me to be Stephanie, at least in clothing!!

    Lady on the outside, but man underneath!

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    hot patootie,bles my soul marisa's Avatar
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    honestly, i'd likely go full time. but thats not an option at this point. so for now i'm able to deal with the limited dressing time i get.

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    I typically dress in some lingerie daily but if no parameters would most likely dress more in both clothes and frequency

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    just west of syracuse n.y.
    I dress 5 days a week the weekends are for me wife to have her man about. If I had no parameters you mention I'd most likely go 24/7.

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    I have the opportunity to dress nearly every day but don't always do so. It really all depends upon my mood at the time and whether I want to go to all the fuss that starts with shaving, moisturising etc.....
    There is no point in me dressing if I don't do it fully and properly.

    I also happen to enjoy a little guy time too and enjoy that side of life fully once again depending on my mood and will.

    If I had no parameters stopping me at all, I'd say I'd have a 60/40 split in favour of my man side. I'm greedy and like the best of both worlds!

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    I get about 2hrs a day and once i get dressed I would never get out of it until I wanted to put some other girl things.If there was no one around I would go 24/7.It's just to much fun to see how good I can make myself look.

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    Right there. To your left. No, your LEFT! Yes, that's it. Hi.
    While I do enjoy dressing, let's face it. I'm a guy. I'm basically lazy. As a woman, you know what goes into this. It's not easy.

    I tend to dress and go out in varying frequencies - about once a week to once every few months. Yes it does wax and wane - whether due to stress, hormones, or even getting the latest White House/Black Market catalog.


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    How often

    If given the opportunity, I would prbably be totally dressed all the time. Right now, being married and a father, I can't, too bad. My wife knows and is very accepting. When I ask if I can go out dressed in say fem shorts and top (no bra), she'll say do what I want, it looks ok or if we may run into someone who may not be as accepting or understanding, she'll just say maybe I'd better cahnge into something a little more masc.

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