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Thread: Friends negative opinion on CDing upset me!

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    don't give up on your friend just yet. she probably just spoke without thinking.

    Here's my story: one of my best friends knew my SO and I were friends but didn't know we were actually dating. so we were talking about CDing one day and she says "I wonder what kind of person would be attracted to someone like that."
    of course, at the time I was hurt but didn't respond. so the next time we saw each other I told her that I was dating my SO and she was totally cool with it. She is my closest confident now and is super supportive. I am very glad I didn't over react.

    what I did was decide to enlighten her on the topic. now she knows what kind of person would be attracted to a CDer.

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    very disappointing to hear this. And ladies wonder why we are so hesitant to share our dressing desires with them!~

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    I agree with the majority here, be very careful before you do a reveal to this person. If you don't want to be outed that is. I have dated a few women in drab that when cd'ing comes up they just freak.

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    Yeah, I wonder if she does have different tolerance levels for people she'd date and people she'd be friends with. That said, she clearly isn't sensitive to the issue, even if it were her boyfriend that is going through it.

    I think its a problem for me because i'm getting to a stage where I'm ready to start confiding in people, but don't really know where to start.
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