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Thread: The Feeling of Crossdressing

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    The Feeling of Crossdressing

    I Crossdress At least once a week,It's very a relaxing feeling when I get dressed up I fell so much more comfortable.Recently I had a week away form normal drab life,and I had the chance to dress up 24/7 for a week! But I choose not, I dressed up a hand full of times while vacationing but it didn't feel as special when you have that total freedom,and now I've returned and I'm sitting here writing this post all dressed up and that "Relaxing feeling" is now back. I don't understand how that can be?

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    There's still a little bit of the "taboo" lingering in you as it still lingers in me.

    The thoughts of getting away with something just make it a little more exciting. Sort of like getting away with that cookie just before dinner.

    Another part of it is you don't want to wear it out. You're afraid by dressing too often, some of the thrill might go away. You love it too much to take that chance.

    Same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shari View Post
    Another part of it is you don't want to wear it out. You're afraid by dressing too often, some of the thrill might go away.
    I was afraid of that, at one time. Didn't happen.
    As a matter of fact, I just got more involved, more refined.

    Natalie, I feel the same way you do, When I'm dressed, I feel so relaxed, comfortable and in touch with something inside of me. Seems like my natural state, seems like I'm being honest with myself. That's not a bad thing. Appreciate where your spirit takes you.
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    Do you have that, in a tall?

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    And you feel no sexual arousal at all?

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    I too get that feeling of relaxation after getting all dressed up. My make up these days is not taking as long to apply and the technique is getting better, my SO dosen't approve so I really cant' get her opion. I am getting to like what I see in the mirror. I'm getting comfortable with my feminity, which improves my confidence. And yes I do and have got out dressed. once to a night club that was faboulous, but had to move and have not found another one close. Get out at least once a week dressed to shop at my favorite thrift store. They know me now and one day a woman came up to me and showed me a dress that she thought I might like.
    Laura Lee

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    I wouldn't try to figure it out Natalie just go with it hun. That makes life easyer and more fun.

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    Don't understand it

    I have been living alone for almost 2 years now, and even though I stay shaved smooth, under dress, I still have a difficult time bringing myself to doing my make up and going out. What is wrong with me?


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    I've had those "too much of a good thing" periods where its like.... Why bother... Guess I'm just lazy at times.. Luckily I don't HAVE to dress up every day!!
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    "too much of a good thing"

    I'm like Karren, Sometime it's almost too much bother. Many weekends I'll spend hours working on Danielle, and other times I'll just throw on a pair of Levi's and a sweatshirt and go walk my dog or ride my motorcycle.

    Now mentally it's a whole 'nother story, Danielle is never too far out of my mind......I'm always looking at female stuff and thinking "Dani would like that"

    I guess it doesn't make a lot of sense to some folks, but that the way it is with me


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    The Feeling of Crossdressing

    I try to dress as often as I can. Most of the time I only have a little time so it's without makeup. When I do have the time, I take my time, take a shower, shave my legs and apply make up. that's when I enjoy it the most. I don't like the excitment of snicking because I almost broke my ankle trying to get undressed when my Grandchildren came over unannouced. I tripped hurrying down the stairs in 4" heels. I can laugh about it now.

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    I dress everyday and it really has become odd to have a day when I CD as a male. I really would prefer to dress and present as a woman that my core feels.


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    I like to buy new items which helps me keep the dressing feeling "fresh".

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    It would be interesting to know of those who have these feelings who (if anyone) does not routinely appear in public when "dressed."

    Is it possibe the that it's that "all dressed up and no place to go" feeling that makes dressing up completely seem almost pointless at times?
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    Barbara, it's kind of like that. I feel that to get dressed up and not get out there into that great big world and have fun - when I know just what incredible fun it is - is a missed opportunity. Maybe I am getting dressed up not necessarily for me, but for others' enjoyment instead. Hmmmmm.


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    Complex Lolita...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie 393
    I'm sitting here writing this post all dressed up and that "Relaxing feeling" is now back. I don't understand how that can be?
    [SIZE="2"]Yes, I think it helps to pace the dressing a bit, if only for reasons of pure relaxation. Just like its counterpart in nature, every action has a reaction, so, in this instance, not dressing enhances the experience of dressing. For me, it’s very relaxing to go from completely drab to completely femme, and I enjoy the ritual of the changeover. I suppose I need the contrast to make it special, but I’m a ritualistic person to begin with. I also delay pleasure, always keeping a little something just ahead of me to look forward to – I use dressing up as a “carrot” to get more mundane tasks out of the way, freeing up a block of time when I can be completely Freddy… [/SIZE]

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    Alittle bit of a thrill goes with the once a week dressing. To be able to do it 24/7 it loses its thrill. Now you have it back and your relaxed.

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    I dress every morning, unless I get called to work early. Am under-dressed every day all day(even at work) and enjoy every bit of it. Go out dressed frequently, but never alone, except for going to support group meetings. Don't know, that I would call it a relaxed feeling, but definitely exciting. Not sexual but definitely sensual. I flat out love being dressed and presenting my other side.

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    I can generally dress 5 days a week for a few hours.Mostly jeans and top while doing work around the house,but sometimes I have to go all out and dress for office work at home.Those times are the best ever.

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    Never had that feeling. It went from originally being "charged" when I dressed to what it is now, just a choice of costume and no big deal either way. I have fun when I go out and dance but that's because I'm feeling free being myself, the clothes really have nothing to do with it. I think to feel "comfortable" I'd have to just sit home eating bon bons all day watching soaps or reading women's magazines like Peg Bundy.

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    Learning what we are

    I started to write this comment and got brought to a complete halt when I realized:

    1) Parts of my life are responsibility: I have things I must do to support and be with my family. They must come first.

    2) A part of my life is masculine: Husband and father first off, and then there are all those other masculine things I enjoy, too!

    3) For the last few years a part of my life is feminine: This is Tina and she start from zero time, so she takes ever more time and I enjoy that part of myself too. Tina has slowly gained certain roles in my life and they are certainly an important part of me.

    It's the mix of these that keeps us healthy and sane, and keeps good relationships that we want to foster. Most men don't have 3) and it surely complicates our life, but enhances it as well (else we wouldn't do it!). Everyone mixes these differently, the mix surely changes over time, and it will be different for everyone. When "Tina time" is minimal, I miss her. When there is a lot of Tina time, I miss "him"! For those of us who live in both genders, it seems that this is pretty common.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineta View Post
    And you feel no sexual arousal at all?
    I don't. Maybe long ago when it felt so much more taboo. Now I dress to spend time with the part of me that doesn't get enough fresh air. Some call it the second self - I'd call it more like the rest of my soul.

    [SIZE="2"]"You're as beautiful as you feel"... Carole King[/SIZE]

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    I dress fully as often as I possibly can. I feel uncomfortable wearing mens clothes. I felt as good this morning getting dressed as I did when I used to borrow a dress from my sister when I was a child. I know the desire to dress is never going to go away or lessen, and I wouldn't want it to. I love being a woman.

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    Smile The feeling od crossdressing

    I dress as often as I can. I always feel far better when dressed, far more natural. The comfort factor is very important. I feel very uncomfortable in drab, and feel like I look like a dork. Saying I hate being in boys's clopthing would be a great understatement.

    When I am out and about en femme, if I'm busy I forget or become unaware for a time that I am en femme. This is how I belong and what is natural for me. Way to go!
    Patricia, the hard core CD

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    I sense it's a very individual thing

    I imagine our gender identifications range from comfy heterosexual, to bicurious to bisexual to gay, with all sorts of shades in between and around the edges. so, cross dressing can satisfy a variety of needs.

    Like many here, I get a feeling of mild euphoria (aka very easy relaxed feeling) when I dress, as well as a bit of naughtiness and, I suppose, the feeling htat I am realeasing something, letting something come to the surface, indulging my feminine side, my feminine needs.

    Yet, sometimes I just don't get the feeling, for weeks at a time - particularly in the winter when dressing means first undressing in terms of long johns and all the other paraphenalia that Canadians and Northern states folks have to slough around in for several months a year.

    At other times I'm suddenly overtaken by erotic feelings and need to see, to touch and to wear all sorts of lacy, frilly lingerie.

    I started with panties (including French knickers, pantalets and all sorts of variations, in the early 1980s and soon graduated to stockings and garter belts, half slips, full slips, nighties. I didn't really start wearing skirts and then dresses until the 21st century.

    However, as said, sometimes it's very relaxing and sometimes it's highly erotic and sometimes it just doesn't occur to me.

    I have never worn make-up though I've occasionally tried on a girlfriend's wig and I feel a yearning to put on lipstick and do my fingernails and toenails at times.

    My female friends include those who share their undies with me and/or take me out shopping for silkies and help me know which female sizes fit properly. others tolerate panties and will donate the odd nightie rather than sending it to the Goodwill, but that's about it.

    I've found bisexual GGs to be the easiest going - basically unfazed by any expression of feminity on my part and I've felt most comfortable with them.

    I certainly include cross dressing in some of my racier fiction, and get mild to major frissons from seeing other males dressed, whether performing or just relaxing.

    The great thing about this group is that thoughts which circulate mainly in the brain can be expressed openly in writing which, in itself, is very pleasant and relaxing.



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    The Feeling of Crossdressing

    I think we all go througgh that, I know I did, and I have been able to dress fully 24/7 for 4 weeks now, and loveing it, have to go back ttto being a boy again next week, only part time though.

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