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Thread: GG would like your help

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    I would go with Spouse. It is the most discriptive with out gender.

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    How about "This is Tea" and leave it at that. We don't always need to provide more information.

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    I like SheriM's reply this is how I introduce Nigella, now if later they ask more. then I say that she's my partner.

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    Hell-o, Let me introduce you to my dearest friend, and spouse. this is Tea, Tea this is Susie, gloria. don or whom ever it is you are introducing Tea to.
    However, as stated above, IT SHOULD BE TEA'S CHOICE!
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    I really hope you and Tea talk this over and come to a resolution that makes you both happy. If you are looking for suggestions to discuss with her, how about, "This is Tea, and we have been happily married for 30+ years." No mention of gender and the relationship between the two of you is firmly established. My .
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    Why not Miranda's suggestion?

    Quote Originally Posted by Miranda09 View Post
    I like "my significant other", but spouse works just as well.
    We use SIGNIFICANT OTHER here, all the time!

    It seems to cover ALL THE BASES!
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    As others have already said, it is definitely "Tea's" decision as to what term you use to describe him when he is enfemme. When my late wife decided that the two of us should go out together as two girls, many years ago, she asked me how I wanted her to introduce me when we met people. A note here, when she passed a way we had been married just shy of 50 years. But what I am talking happened early in our marriage. I told her that I was her husband, regardless of what I was wearing, but that I also considered myself her girlfriend. She herself frequently referred to me as her girlfriend. With a lot of help from her I could become passable! So when we went out, she would introduce me as "her girlfriend, Stephanie!" If people questioned further, and few did, she would tell them that I was her crosssdressing husband! After all, that is what I was, and still am even though she is no longer here!

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    "This is "Tea for two"....and then when that look comes over their face simple explain that she's both my husband and my girlfriend....thus the "Tea for two"....if that doesn't work then just say you just met her on the way in to wherever you are and let them figuire it out on their own...
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    I think SO or my life companion would be more appropriate.

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    Are we upside down?

    It certainly seems that the two of you are very much in sync, which is why I'm so surprised that this is even a question to be asked. My wife, like you, is a complete part of my feminine side, so this issue, like all others, would be discussed before the fact.

    It sounds like this has happened on numerous occasions so why not talk to your spouse so the two of you can decide and be as comfortable with this decision as you have, it seems, with all the others that needed to be made.

    In my situation, Tina is a girlfriend, and I have a feeling that she would be introduced in that way. We very much separate husband from girlfriend.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chris80 View Post
    'this is my spouse' indicates you are married
    'partner' indicates you are merely living together
    Not necessarily. We have common law marriages over here so (assuming that they are opposite genders which for some reason in the US we can't get past) they may be living together presenting as married (legal after one night in Colorado) and technically not have a marriage license. They could say spouse. Also in Colorado "Partner" doesn't even mean you are intimate Cowboys have partners who only ride along....or do they???? C'mon Pard...let's mosey on down the trail and I really like them there new chaps with the rhinestones...brings out yer eyes
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    Thank You All

    Tea and I have talked about this. Trust me on that !

    She just said " Whatever you like, Dear". This is why I'm comeing to you for suggestions.

    I like soulmate! And the generic " This is Tea"

    I guess It's just me [ not Tea] that feels 'Husband" doesn't work.

    I'd like to know you would feel.

    Thanks again,
    Presh GG

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    The two of you should come up with a female name for him when he is dressed. Then intoduce her as your best friend " ".
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    Hi Sherri,

    Tea IS Her Femme name. Has been for 20 years. She has a "guy" name too, but it's not nearly as pretty !

    Presh GG

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    There have been a few times that when my wife has been out with me strangers have asked about our status. Then the questions come at her, are you okay with this (with him/her being dressed), I couldn't do this and wouldn't let him go out like this. I can tell that my wife is uneasy about the way the conversation is going; hell, I don't like the way the conversation is going. What I suggested to my wife is that she just tell everyone that we just good friends; which we are. If there are other questions, just evade them.
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    [QUOTE=docrobbysherry;1969414]We use SIGNIFICANT OTHER here, all the time!

    How come mine use`s INSIGNIFICANT OTHER

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    I would suggest an introduction like

    Have you met my partner Tea

    I am sure you can give more details later if they are needed

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    Out here on the left coast we say my partner, or Significant Other, which I'm not to thrilled about that last one. Carol

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    I think SO or better half is good. I'd love to be dressed enfemme out with my wife, so Tea's got her/himself a great wife!

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    My wife thinks significant other is too informal, and I happen to agree with her. You won't find me referring to her other than as my wife.

    As for me, I would not mind if she referred to me as husband, when out with me enfemme. I don't try to hide who I am, since there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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    Maybe "this is my wife" ?
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    I would prefer "my life partner", but that's just me....

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