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Thread: Crossing dressing and dating guys?

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    The closest I come to this is my fantasy of being a young newly post-op girl and still living with my parents and going out on my first date with a guy who comes to pick me up and my dad being somewhat overprotective of his new daughter insists on meeting. A whole bunch of new firsts like having a car door opened for me, holding doors open, having hard time keeping up with him because i'm wearing heels, he holds my hand and ultimately my first kiss as a woman. Other fantasies have involved losing my femalw virginity and going to a wedding with a date. Basically all the girly things we fantasize about doing.
    But I could never be with a guy just dressed because I still know I'm a guy too and that's a little gross to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrogredick View Post
    So what is a good way to go about it? Online sites seem scammy and I wouldn't even know where to head out to.
    This is a suggestion. I have no idea if you live in a populous area or not, but in the northeast most large cities have a Gay night club which caters at least once a month to Girls Night Out. I'm originally from western PA/northestern OH and have been to GNO in Pittsburgh, Akron, Youngstown and Cleveland. Large metro areas like NYC and LA have night clubs which cater sometimes exclusively to CD's. You can identify the gay clubs in your area by Googling and using the proper search questions, and then phone calls to the various clubs should enable you to find the ones which have GNO, and when they are held. Depending on the weather et cetera, these GNO usually attract anywhere from 10-12 to 25-30 CD's.

    Caveat, in the big urban areas sometimes the CD/TV/CD friendly night clubs also attract more ******* prostitutes than CD's. Those Gurls, of course, are not as much interested in you and your identity issues as they are in your wallet.

    Anyway, I'd suggest that you go to a GNO in drab, and chat up the CD's who are in attendance. I'm confident that if you are polite and friendly, and identify yourself as a closet CD'er who is interested (but not completely sold!) on dating men, you will get some good conversation and some advice and help. You also will probably make friends with some of the Sisters. You will also have a chance to observe the behavior of the Admirers, who usually outnumber the CD's at these events by a ration of two or three to one. Some Admirers are nice guys, and some are Asshats, in my experience probably in about the same ration as the males who go to bars serching for Gender Girls.

    Also a Caveat: Many of the CD's who go to these GNO events are Lipstick Lesbians. I have no scientific data, but suspect that a lot of bi-CD's might have had their first non-traditional sexual experience in that format. Some like that and stick with it, some like it and go on to experiment with men, and some don't like it, chalk it up under the heading Life Experiences and never do it again .

    You might find that many of the CD's who go to these GNO events rent rooms at a motel near the club so they have a safe place to dress and makeup, and don't have to risk getting a DUI when the club closes. I've done this myself in Akron, Youngstown and Pittsburgh. Nobody wants to get thrown into the drunk tank on Saturday nite wearing makeup and a dress! You can split the motel room cost with a friend, and she can be your insurance policy and confidence booster. There's a reason why gender women go to night clubs in packs of 2-3-4 or more. What goes on at these motels is between consenting adults, and nobody cares if a person wants to play with the other girls, crash on the bed alone, or entertain an Admirer.

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    I’ve thought about this a great deal in the past but have never really sat down and tried to express my feelings in detail. I guess I would have to say I’m a lesbian. I adore women and have no interest in men. While I can often really enjoy male camaraderie with some men, I still prefer the company of women.

    However, I can really see the attraction in going out dressed on a date with a man. I would prefer a less casual and more formal outing like maybe a night at the ballet, dinner at a fine restaurant and then a stroll along a scenic waterfront with other couples. (Who said I wasn’t a romantic.) Ideally, he would be a real gentleman who is unambiguously very male. It also would help if her were much bigger than me. (That’s not very hard. I’m not really very big.) The contrast in dress, manner, sensibility and role orientation would really seem to enhance my feeling of being feminine. I admit that he would be serving not only as an escort but also as a kind of prop or supporting actor to compliment my own female presentation and performance. A cursory but affectionate kiss on the cheek would be OK to end the evening but without anything more. (I guess he would really have to be a good sport about it all.) I don’t think it would be necessary for me to have any sexual attraction to him or to any other men in order for that to be an enjoyable experience.

    Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be any room for a man in my fantasies. Often there’s not even a place for me as male. When I see a nude or semi-nude love scene or anything pornographic, I tend to think the whole picture would be better without “him” in it. I’m looking at her appearance of course. But, I also tend to focus on her role and what she is experiencing. If I were trying to place myself in the scene, I would be inclined to want to be having sex as the female. But, there would be no man involved. If there was another women, then that would work very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateW View Post
    I think I am very much a lesbian crossdresser in that regard.
    Im bi but still mostly only like girs. like very few men

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