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Thread: Joanie's Christmas/New Year's Gifts to Herself

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    Talking Joanie's Christmas/New Year's Gifts to Herself

    I mentioned in the tattoo thread that I got a goddess oriented tattoo a couple of days before Christmas. I really like it. And today I decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure.

    My last pedicure was with a GG friend while on vacation and celebrating my birthday last September. And I rarely get manicures as my job is hard on my fingernails and it doesn't last long. I think the last one of those was last summer or even last spring. It's more fun getting a pedicure with my friend, who introduced me to them. But since she lives in another state, I sometimes get them by myself locally.

    I have the rest of the year off from work, so I decided to go today as I thought they wouldn't be as busy than during the holiday weekend. Got in a chair right away and had a deluxe pedicure. I could feel the peppermint or whatever it was in the mud mask on my legs for an hour or two afterwards.

    When it came time for the manicure, I had to have a different girl work on me because the original one had an appointment to do. I was just slightly annoyed as that meant an additional $5 tip. This was the first time that an electric type of buffer was used on my nails. I've had manicures in San Diego, where they used the sponge buffers and shined my nails so much they looked like I had polish on them. The guy in me wondered if I could use a Dremel tool to buff them at home.

    I was in drab through all of this, though my legs are shaved and I did have on Victoria's Secret red bikini panties on. They have a print of women's lip prints and little hearts on them.

    I got home and put on my favorite dress and painted my tonails with some clear polish that has little flakes of hologram material in them, along with some larger hologram stars. I got it for only a couple of bucks online from Hot Topic and I love it. It really makes the nails shine in the light. If the girl would have offered, I would have had her put clear polish on in the salon, but she didn't and I like this more anyway. I was surprised she didn't offer as I had the stuff on when I came in.

    Still glowing from the fun, and remembering that I wanted to find some buffers to keep the fingernalis up at home, I went shopping online at Hello Gorgeous. For wanting only a couple of dollars of sponge nail buffers, I ended up buying almost $100 of stuff! Along with the buffers, I also got a couple of lipsticks and several glosses, some makeup brushes, an eyelash curler and scissors to trim my Andy Devine style eyebrows, along with a few other odds and ends. I ended up spending so much I qualified for a free gift. I was torn between a cuticle pusher and cuticle cutters and ended up getting the cutters, though it scares me a bit to try that on myself, because it had a higher value.

    I have little opportunity to wear makeup, but that stuff attracts me at least as much if not more than the clothes do. I love watching makeovers on TV. Women applying makeup is so sexy to me. I have started on occasion to wear a little shadow when about town, usually a Bare Minerals "warmth" which is really meant for highlighting the face after applying their foundation products, But I've also worn a green power on the lids themselves which I got from Hot Topic too. Again, inexpensive and I like the skull and crossbones logo on the jar (the polish has that logo too). When I do wear something like that, I remember to keep the sunglasses on in the stores. I do have a pallet of glosses and shadows I got from Sephora, but I rarely use them as the shadows are too bold to take a chance wearing them in public. And the brush for the gloss sucks, which is why I ordered some brushes today.

    Anyway, just had to share the fun I had today. Anyone who hasn't had a pedicure but has considered it, I recommend getting one right away. Of course, it is nicer when the legs are bare of hair as the lotions seem to go on smoother, but even with hairy legs it is an experience you should have on a regular basis.

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    I agree. There is nothing like the feeling of someone else pampering to your needs.
    Put a little lipstick on you'll feel better

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