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Thread: Define "Pink Fog"

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    Define "Pink Fog"

    Hi Girls:
    I hate to label myself as a "Clueless, Senior Citizen" but I'm (relatively) new here and have heard this term used often. So here's the question " define what Pink Fog means to you. I'll begin.....

    To me it's that feminine feeling I get when I'm sitting at my vanity doing my hair.... Body smooth and silky.....painted fingers and toes...smell of perfume in the air.....Jewelry and heels on.....legs crossed....taut garter straps......Dress hanging on a hanger nearby .....To me this part of the preperations is sheer nirvana!!!!

    Have I the right idea, or is the "Pink Fog" something completely different

    Love ya all!!

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    There is no set definition for it... It's different to every girl. For some, like you, it's where you feel so feminine that maybe for just a moment you forget that you're a crossdresser and believe yourself to actually BE female. For others, pink fog is when your crossdressing becomes such a significant part of your life that it begins to interfere with other aspects of your life...such as your finances, most often, or your social life.

    For me, I've never had a need to use the term, so I've never had a need to define it for myself. *shrug*

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, though, I guess my workplace *IS* a pink fog. See, back in the spring of 08 I pulled the managers aside one by one and convinced them that I had an extreme case of gynecomastia and that my doctor recommended I start wearing a bra. Doing this, I got myself a good excuse to be able to wear one at work without worrying about managers thinking badly of me. Thing is, since then, even when I've been tempted to purge, I CAN'T now because I *MUST* show up at work with my breastforms in place and my bra on, or my cover is blown. So, the crossdressing interferes with my work, so I guess that's a pink fog.
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    Pink fog is the overwhelming urge to do something for your femme side. Example: You go out to get a pair of workboots and along the way you see a nice scarf that you have to have and then i cute skirt, etc. You finally get home with 12 femme items and no boots and maybe no money to go back out to but them
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    For a GG the pink fog is.....

    Being short of money because finances have been spent on everything to do with cding, a lot of the time without the GGs knowledge, until she sees a bil etc.

    Being ignored because all the cder thinks about is herself and spending all the time on herself.

    There's more but I'll leave at that for now

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    For me, it's when I want to stay out, or go right back out. Keep shopping, trying more stuff on... Just not stop being dressed! The last fog I was in was late Nov, out of town for business. I was out every night for 10 days, even walked through much of Valley Forge park in a skirt! Going back this coming week and can't wait! (Don't tell wifey I said that...)

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    Hi Danielle,
    The pink fog subject is one that gets a lot of play here. The following search may be helpful:

    Tag "Ping Fog" -

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    See this recent thread.

    My response is the same:
    Quote Originally Posted by ReineD View Post
    If you're interested in getting a GG's impression, pink fog is not the sense of happiness, wholeness, or euphoria that comes with the freedom of expression. It is the self-absorption that can accompany those feelings to the point where responsibilities and loved ones' needs are disregarded.

    I don't know if it causes any hardships among the single CDs, but it has ruined relationships.

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    Not sure any more really. I dissipated mine with the C4.
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    White fog that was washed with your red gym shorts!! Yeah!! That's it!
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