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Thread: In bed with your wife en femme, ever?

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    Jan 2010

    For Sure

    For sure, many times. as I did, she had on a slip, panties, and stockings. We slipped and slid all over each other and touched each other and it was great

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    RACHEL H RACHEL H's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Yes i do my wife really loves it ''play time'' is always great in a nice teddy and heels.

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    We have a better time when we are both all dolled up!

    We both like spending the time getting ready which just adds to the evening.

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    I've heard that there's nothing like making love with BOTH of you laced into tight corsets. It's my top fantasy, but would also include satin sheets, suspenders, nylon stockings, satin chemises and maybe satin opera gloves. Then we could slip slide our way to oblivion, caressing one another in our satin heaven. Waking up in the morning dressed might also lead to a repeat performance now we've no work to go to!

    Utopia!!! Well it would be if she'd just accept my CD Side!


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    Pacific Northwest

    I am a licensed Cosmetologist (hair stylist, not cosmonaut), work as a hair and wig stylist, makeup artist and permanent makeup artist, dressed as you see in my avatar and albums.

    My web site

    I have over 2,500 pictures on my Flicker site located at

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    We regularly sleep together with me fully dressed in sexy lingerie, nighties etc. We have a great sex life, sometimes she just wants me as a man, but often as a woman. We role play, explore one another, and it is wonderful.

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