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Thread: Incognito In Leicester :):)

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    Incognito In Leicester :):)

    Well everyone I've had a great week here in Leicester. Its the the best rest
    I've had since I had my chest op two weeks ago ? This is because I've rested
    physically and psychologically.Ill explain...

    Although I've been trundling up and down to the hospital to be with Helen I have
    had time to reflect and enjoy being waited on. Also the most amazing and
    wonderful thing is that the whole time not one person has mistaken my gender not
    one single person hense the title of the post? It has given me such a boost
    because I still get peeps in work doing and saying stupid stupid stuff ?

    Although it was cruel how transsexuals were treated years ago being made to
    leave everything and go where no one knew them to assume their knew identities,
    this week has given me some insight as to why this may have been done. I mean
    many times I have thought if only I had the money I would dissappear have this
    done and come back as the person I should have been at birth :/ but this is of
    course totally unrealistic so I've got on with it and its probably making me the
    person I am now today, stronger, more confident and more determined than ever to
    go all the way with this no matter what!!! Xx Felix ?



    Me, Myself and Felix!!

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    Felix, I'm so glad you are getting some rest and relaxation. But even happier you are feeling so at ease with the changes you have made in your life and are looking forward to the changes yet to come. I think you are right about the strength of character that is built in seeing something like this through from beginning to end as yourself rather than sneaking off and coming back as someone else physically and then having to deal with the mental adjustments. The truth is, mentally and emotionally we are who we are no matter what the outside looks like. You are going to all this trouble to show the world your true self. You shouldn't have to change the essence of yourself as well. Job well done, sir.
    Fulltime girl on the inside.


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    Felix, I'm delighted to read your post. And you look great, by the way.

    Enjoy your recuperation time!

    [SIZE="1"]"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."
    -- Niels Bohr[/SIZE]

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    Sometimes, Felix, these moments of realization come when we least expect them. It is so nice when it happens, and it will leave a little something behind in how you live your life from that moment forward. Maybe it is just a little more understanding, or maybe, just knowing that you are going where you should. Thanks for sharing. These types of personal observations are important to me too.

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    YEAH Felix !!!!!

    Am glad you are healing well and reaping the benefits of your recent surgery

    Felix sometimes those who have known us for a long time are not being deliberately difficult or nasty ...... sometimes the mind forgets and goes with what we know .............. good lord I frequently call my kids by their wrong names, call my sis by my daughters name, it ain't deliberate, and fortunately they laugh about it, but I use it to illustrate a point, & yes I know some peeps will do it deliberately but it says more about them, than how they think (or not) about you ......... sometimes when peeps struggle to understand, they attack with cruel innuendos, pity them hun, smile and go on with your life, a smile disarms them, eventually they will learn

    Say Hi to Helen from Debs and I &
    I allow myself to set healthy boundaries ..... to say no to what does not align with my values, to say yes to what does.
    Boundaries assist me to remain healthy, honest and living a life that is true to me

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