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Thread: Traits and personality of GGs who accept CDers

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    Traits and personality of GGs who accept CDers

    Thinking about the thread on GGs that are turned on by CDers and other threads about finding an SO who is accepting, I wonder what are the traits of GGs who are accepting. In other words, GGs who are x, y, and z are more likely to accept and/ or be attracted to CDers than those who don't have those traits and personality types.

    So, I'll begin with my wonderful and beautiful wife . She is:

    fun loving and has a child-like innocence
    grew up listening to glam-rock music (Bowie, Sweet, etc) and new-wave. - I see this as being influential in a lot of ways.
    romantic - both in the emotional as well as sexually intimate sense
    dedicated and devoted
    imaginative and artistic - she paints
    needy in the sense of needing to be be loved
    accepting of people
    likes 'cute' things
    somewhat traditional in terms of being a wife

    and this one may surprise you - deeply religious. She also believes that marriage is the uniting of two people in a holy bond

    She's not into sports. She's not aggressive except when it come to defending love.

    That's what I came up with. Anyone else have any thoughts


    --I'm TN (transnationalist) - a Canadian born in an American's body! I stand on guard for thee!

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    My Sweetie is...

    Toni: My Sweetie is like yours in many ways (Aren't we lucky?)

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    I've been with many fun women, and three very accepting women who were artists. I think artists are very open minded, more willing to 'step over the line' socially. They all loved to go out with me as two girlfriends.

    Hugs, Marci
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] My GG GF Julie and I send you all hugs I'm on the right in my avatar, Julie is on the left.

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    Here's an old thread where several GGs discuss it.

    Accepting GGs: What makes us different?
    The River City Gems - Northern California's largest and most active crossdressing & transgender support group!

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    Toni - my ex is the polar opposite, so maybe that validates your list coming from the opposite direction. What I find most interesting about your list is that I think many, if not most, of us exhibit many of the same traits. Perhaps for our community opposites is not a healthy attraction.


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    I think it comes down to one quality, loving people and accepting them for who they are. The rest just rounds out the person IMO. My wife is a very accepting person who can be friends with anyone. And that attitude is probably why she is so accepting of my dressing.

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    I don't think their are any specific traits that lead to acceptance, but I'd be willing to bet upbringing plays a big role. People tend to be more accepting of others when they are taught understanding and tolerance when they are younger.

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    Di is very emotional for starters ...she can start laughing til she cries ..or vice versa ..I love it ..she loves her femininity ..and she loves and wants me to express mine whenever I need to ..what i find amazing is how genuinely upset she becomes when I'm having hard time with my gender identity .. almost like its her fault ..(which its not hun) ..she can be very motherly at times ..natural at this ..and try's to please everyone even tho it may upset her ...funny Di trait ... she will and (has)..well lets just say the Drag Queens love her ...hmmmm perhaps because they may like what she wears out sometimes .. huh eh Di
    Love her coz she loves me could also say we can be absolute opposites ..she is quite a mushy gush ...which is not me at all ...
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    Tea always said she knew I'd be accepting because of the people I surrounded myself with. The ones I called my friends were never really "main-stream.

    If you have an interest in a GG, Look at her friends.

    Presh GG
    That's very sweet , Sher

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    Toni-Lynn that is my GG SO to a T
    Loving life to the full.... At long last

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