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Thread: Who among us is a Crossdresser Only?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReineD View Post
    Misty, the number of GG members here represents a minute percentage of all the TGs. And it's hard to tell for sure, but I also think there's a large number of TGs whose wives don't know, so the wives wouldn't be here lurking.
    I'm sure that's the case, but isn't it possible that some people would post disingenuously in order to "throw off" suspicion in case it becomes necessary?

    I think they call that plausible deniability in the movies ;-)

    Another thought that comes to mind; We generally address each other with feminine descriptors and for many of us it fits and we appreciate it, but how do we address those that identify as "all man" and are just wearing the clothes?

    If I identified that way, I certainly wouldn't want to be called "girl" just because I was wearing a dress. I might even want to break somebody's arm.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty is Kindafem View Post
    ...but how do we address those that identify as "all man" and are just wearing the clothes?

    "Nice frilly dress, brosef."

    "Dude" would work too, huh?

    "Sup dude, where'd you get those kickass 5" heels?"

    "This Pride of Apparel will appear the more foolish, if we consider, that those airy mortals, who have no other way of making themselves considerable but by gorgeous apparel, draw after them crowds of imitators, who hate each other while they endeavour after a similitude of manners. They destroy by example, and envy one another’s destruction."
    -Silence Dogood 1722

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    me - crossdresser only - really - no SO lurking - no arm twisting.

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    I am just an occasional crossdresser. I have no wife/girlfriend (or any prayer of finding one I fear), so no one is looking over my shoulder. Since I don't have a relationship I could do anything I wanted as far as that goes, but I am still just a crossdresser and ok with that.

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    Me A Crossdresser??

    Yes I AM... I love the feel and look of womens clothing. 98% of my wardrobe is womens.

    International Men Can Wear A Dress Too Day, Tuesday, May 15 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley S View Post
    I just don't feel that either of those terms (Transgendered or Transsexual) fit me properly. Look at them more closely...Trans-Gendered, Trans-Sexual. I'm gendered and I'm sexual, but nothing has transitioned or is in-transition. It's always been there, and it's always been me.
    I respect what you feel, but the Trans part of Transgender or Transsexual does not mean "in transition" but "across" (a bit like transatlantic does not mean that the Atlantic is transitioning but refers to things happening across the Atlantic).

    I am transgendered and proud to be so, but as yet have not begun any transition in the formal sense.

    But as another poster said, let's not get hung up on labels and what divides us, but rather let's concentrate on what unites us - the cross-dressing. I like labels - they are handy for sending parcels, but not for uniting people.
    Check out this link if you are wondering about joining Safe Haven.

    This above all: To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any

    Galileo said "You cannot teach a man anything" and they accuse ME of being sexist

    Never ascribe to malice that which can be easily explained by sheer stupidity

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    crossdress only

    YEP. That is me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty is Kindafem View Post
    Another thought that comes to mind; We generally address each other with feminine descriptors and for many of us it fits and we appreciate it, but how do we address those that identify as "all man" and are just wearing the clothes?
    This is a good example of why I think that people shouldn't get upset when they are addressed differently then they wish to be addressed. Correct the person nicely. It is an educational process and there are a lot of difference among all of us. Can you imagine someone that has never been exposed to crossdressers before running into one and saying sir and getting ripped "Do I look like a sir?". Then running into another and saying ma'am and getting ripped "Do I look like a ma'am?". We really don't make it easy.

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    Just enjoy letting the fem side of me out every once n a while, so yes just a cd.
    Shun Goku Satsu. Ms. Raging demon

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    Sorry to have been absent from this thread for so long. I just wanted to say that if someone wants to think I am a Transgender, that is their privilege! I go by the definition that was furnished to me by an M.D. who specialized in Gender disorders! I do think he did know what he was talking about! But as others have said, we really don't need labels! All we need is the freedom to dress as we want!

    Lady on the outside, but man underneath!

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    Crossdressing as a term does a poor job of describing why we do it, and it was, i imagine, coined to describe the act, not the why.
    I think that, simply, explains why so many here are comfortable with the TG label. Too many shy from it because they think trans as in transition or those who are seeking to become a woman.
    We should all remember that what we are is up to us to decide, labels suck basically, and we don't need to be held or boxed by them. Transitioning doesn't have to be solely for those who have chosen to under take SRS, it is merely part of the process.
    If someone chooses to move more towards living everyday dressed as a woman, and is experiencing a change in their mentality, then they are basically transitioning. Since i would dearly love to spend most of my time as Cassie then i'm ok with the TG label. mj (Cassie)

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    There are many thought provoking answers here.
    I sort of agree most with, I don't know, maybe Denise Somers in letting others be there own personna.

    As to me, I must remain as I am (mostly in the closet). I so want to be a woman, but with my face, my voice and my height, I am afraid I am a three time loser.

    I dream about being able to pass as so many of you do, but if I show up in public, . . .

    Ridicule by the public would drive me off the deep end. So I don't tempt fate, or at least not to tempt fate too often.

    I just went on a two hundred mile round trip to look at a job, up and back Jo really enjoyed herself, but five miles short of the destination, I had to change to go to work.

    Love to all you wonderful people for keeping my dream alive

    I hate all you lucky ones that are so beautiful.

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]All good things come to "she" who waits!

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    I love to dress like a woman for a few days until the anger sinks in again. For me it's nothing but a poor surrogate.

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    I am I am. i have no need to change my body into what it is not.
    i love women, i love women so much, i love to look like them. at times i feel like i should have been born a girl. but it is not so, so i shall just try to dress and look like one as much as i can.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Crissy Kay View Post
    Thats pretty much it for me too. I have gone out dressed up a couple times for halloween, but thats it. I have no real interest in going out dressed.
    Hey Crissy Kay...

    I think you are on the right track here! The best method is the simple method. Just take this "poll" the day after Halloween, by asking this question:

    When you were trick-or-treating and the person answering the door said "oh, that's a great costume! What are you?",
    What was your answer?

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    Labels and definitions! Very confusing aren't they? Who fall totally within the strictest definition of any group of people? We are all individuals, aren't we?

    I suppose I am a crossdresser and I have no desire whatsoever to transition.

    My wife questioned the need for breastforms and wigs if I did not want to become a woman, (something which she would not support as she is totally hetero and would not want to share a bed with a woman). She now accepts that it is about the look and the feel of the clothes. It is not about sex, although who here has not been aroused at some time by the excitement of dressing?


    As a crossdresser my personality has several facets. Therefore, I suppose I can be forgiven for being facetious.

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    Thought I was

    But the longer I dress the more I get consumed being a girl.

    I have fantasized about what it would be like to wake up with large breasts all the time. What would they be like would they hurt my back if I had a feminine upper torso.

    I dream what it would be like to have wide hips and missing a rib.

    I have even fantasized about what it would feel like to be out with a man. Having the doors opened, ect....

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    I agree with you 100% sissy.

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    why put lable something you love to do. I call myself a crossdresser if their any other names for what I love to do who cares all I know I love to dress in women clothes and try to appear to look like a women. I have no desire to become a women or dress just for sex. I dress cause that my love

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    An engineer - you deviant !

    I'd also like to agree with an earlier comment, both sex and crossdressing are fun :-) and both at the same time ?? wheeeee..

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    They're not womans clothes, they're mine. I have receipts !

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    me too, just acrossdresser

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    [SIZE="3"]Exploring my Femme side, Cross Dresser only here [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="3"] Mandy xx[/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]Dont knock it, till youve tried it[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="3"]Qualified & Insured Waxing Therapist[/SIZE]

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    It's all about the clothes. And the shoes too!!
    Life's too short to not do the things that make you happy.

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    Yup, that is me. The clothes lingerie, dresses make-up and wigs - Wow.

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    CD only

    That describes me. Dressing for the pure enjoyment of how wonderful wommens clothes feel on me and for how they make mme feel. True I do doll up and go out, but only to go out with others like me who are dressing for the fun of dressing.

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