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Thread: New feelings I don't know what to do with

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    New feelings I don't know what to do with

    The other night, my wife and I were snuggling on the sofa in our lingerie, watching the Olympics together.

    Suddenly it occurred to me that I was enjoying watching--Ice Dancing.

    Ice Dancing!

    In all seriousness, have you ever found that you like something while in femme mode that you have made fun of not fully appreciated before?

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    Not really in femme mode, but I recently came out to my wife that yes I would like to watch What Not To Wear and Project Runway with her

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    I was watching it too.. Thinking. "Wow I love her outfit". Followed closley by "damn ice dancing would be so much better if 4 couples were out there at the same time and they allowed checking".
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    My problem with ice dancing has always been the scoring system. So subjective and biased towards known names, and against good dancers because they may be flamboyant.

    But I do like to watch and put myself in their (ladies) place. Nice outfits. Wishing I could wear something similar to skate in.

    Heck, I can't even skate!

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    I have watched some ice dancing. Didn't matter if I dressed enefemme or not. I wasn't thrilled about thier choices either, but I'm with Karren hockey is better. Being from Boston what would you expect.
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    Not happened to me, but I have found that since I became a little more confident and self accepting of my dressing, I have started to like things that I did not like before, dressed or not. I have taken up beading as a hobby... But it does not switch on and off with my clothing choice.

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    Ice dancing doesn't involve a puck. Why bother. I see people on the ice someone had better drop the gloves.Now thats ice dancing.

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    I love ice dancing, and figure skating, and skiing oh yeah, and hockey, I always have whatever mode.
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    Actually no. I have found that now I can admit I like things and not dislike them because they are not manly enough. I can even admit I watched some stuff because thats what men watch and not because it caught my interest.

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    yeah i know what you mean i can tolarate some things better when im in female mode,especially the shows my wife looks at.

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    I have been enjoying the figure skating more this olympics than ever before and enjoy romantic comedies, fashion TV, cooking shows etc. I find that although I enjoy hockey and football I cannot watch it much anymore because the adrenaline rush I used to enjoy now just upsets me, particlularly after a hard day. My team (Canada) is playing Russia tonight and I am giving it a pass to be here with you. It's actually more fun and very real to me to spend this time. I cant express how much better I feel after sharing with you...Dee

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    I've found myself wanting to watch the Home Shopping Network and admiring the outfits, makeup and lovely fingernails of the models.
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    H. S. N. & q. V. C.

    Quote Originally Posted by sesissy View Post
    I've found myself wanting to watch the Home Shopping Network and admiring the outfits, makeup and lovely fingernails of the models.
    H S N & Q V C They sure have some good looking women on there.


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