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Thread: long hair - little bird

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    long hair - little bird

    Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always dreamt of having very long hair. Unfortunately, due to a strict upbringing and now work constraints, I’ve always had to keep my hair short...even if blessed with a full head of hair!

    So, as you can see in my album, I bought a wig with long natural hair to my lower back. WOW! What a feeling...even better when I’m all dressed up. I feel so feminine and sensuous when wearing it.

    Recently, I came across pictures of this “little bird” guy on the internet


    WOW! Unbelievable hair!

    Did any of you had (or currently has) long hair like that – or longer? How did (does) it feel? Or would you want to have hair like that.....

    Does anybody know if Little Bird is a crossdresser?

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    I don't know anything about little bird however I do know what you mean about long hair. I've always wanted it and now that I'm moving on with my life I'm growing mine out. However I do love the feel my long wig gives me on bare shoulders

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    I used to have long hair (for a boy) in my rebellious years. I miss it and I love how a wig feels (minus the headaches and itchyness) so I'm starting to grow my hair out now... ugg... two or three years isn't THAT long is it???

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    For many years my hair was almost midway down my back. In the last few years I've cut it back to around shoulder length.

    Seriously long hair is great, but other than put it in a pony tail or braids, or into a bun, there is very little you can do with it.

    Shoulder length or chin length can be styled and is more fun, although it does take more work -- curling irons, straightening irons, sprays, mousses -- just all part of the daily grind.
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    I love my long hair

    hair2.jpg There's no better feeling than having you own long lovely hair. I recently cut off about 6 inches to the length of my avatar, and lightened the color.
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    My hair is about as long as his! Might actually be the same length, but last time I had measured it(from top of my head to longest point), was a little over 3 1/2 feet, which is over half my height. It hasn't been cut since about 2005/6 nor trimmed, which I really need to do though. And I absolutely LOVE it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellycan27 View Post
    hair2.jpg There's no better feeling than having you own long lovely hair. I recently cut off about 6 inches to the length of my avatar, and lightened the color.
    Very beautiful- Love the waves.

    My hair is what is the most important to me. Even if it's a little thin and silky. I was heavily abused while growing up in that I had to cut it. After I was 15 I didn't let anyone touch it. Just sometimes professional hairdressers, but I prefer to take care of it myself.

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    I feel blessed in that my hair grows very quickly Was almost to my waist at one point. Right now it's below my shoulders but in deference to my wife recently, I got more cut off than I find I ever wanted.

    One strange night ten years ago I got incredibly drunk with my friends, remember approaching two ladies to chat to them (only time this has ever happened), and woke up the next morning having had my hair cut to my shoulders but practically no memory of that night...

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    Evidently that is irrelevant
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    My hair was just below my belt three years ago. I had it cut for locks of love to benefit the breast cancer foundation. It has been three years no and it is back on my shoulders. I love long hair. As a mailman the only requirement was that we kept it neat.
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    My hair was as long as the "bird" in the images until a few months ago when I had a trim of around 10 inches or so.

    This is the third time in my life I have had waist length hair or longer. The first two times I looked more like a member of ZZ Top.

    I believe I will have my hair trimmed again soon because it is easier to style and doesn't take forever to dry. There is only so much you can do with really long hair, and I no longer favor the hippie chick granola look.

    The down side to long full hair is I can't get it all stuffed under a wig when I want to change up my look. Before growing it long I could change my appearance from blonde to brunette to red head on a whim.

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