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Thread: I went to the beach in my new skirt today

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    I went to the beach in my new skirt today

    I bought a new skirt,panties ,bra and blouse today.
    I received GRADE A service from the workers {I was dressed in yucky male clothes}

    I changed in the deserted parking lot to femme...Drove to the beach and walked out and sat down on a log. The breezes lifting my skirt.
    I saw a couple not far away who noticed me but I looked like a woman{no make -up however} They kept their distance and I sat and looked at the ocean

    I thought of myself as a woman { looked like one from a distance}...It was so liberating in my skirt and the panties are so pretty.
    My silky nylon thin skirt has flowers so does the panties and lacey purrple white blouse is low cut kinda frilly very summerey looking


    Will get some photos up later

    Next is lipstick and to some stores

    I kinda have more confidence now


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    No pictures sweetie. I think we all would just love to see this awesome sounding outfit. Keep enjoying

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    Wow! That's really awesome. Although these experiences may not seem big, they can mean so much to us. Keep it up! I gain more and more confidence as I go out more. It's a nice feeling.

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    TY My new panties are so cute with green lace trim and dark floral print.

    My new skirt is below knee and very Ladylike and it just gives me so much more confidence .
    I cant believe it.
    I am so close to go shopping in the Ladies dept dressed as a Lady
    Heels or Flats ??

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    A beautiful lake in east Texas, USA
    Lets see them pictures
    I am Nobody-- Nobody is perfect so therefore I am perfect

    There is always room for more friends in my heart


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    Good story girl Can't wait to see the photos

    Lots of Love,
    Miss Kara
    A man cannot exist without a woman, but a woman can exist without a man. Who is the lesser gender?

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    What a fabulous feeling - sea breeze on feminine legs. Can we join you?

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