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Thread: phone number

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    phone number

    Hi. I thought it would be fun to ask if anyone has been "hit on" by a man when dressed. Maybe there was a funny or interesting incident. Did you like it? Were you flattered? Turned off? Were they rude? Or sweet? And if you haven't been approached, would you want to be? Would it give you more confidence? I think I would like it, being the kind of girl I am.

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    i havnt yet but thats cuz ihavnt gone out enfem tho i wish i could i dont look very fem yet lol ne ways i would like it my wife wouldnt like it very much tho lol

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    Yes I have and it was very flattering.

    But then again it was at a Gender Bar and he was an admirer so it was not a "real thing"

    But it was nice either way.

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    Some years ago, when my late wife and I were both younger, we did go out together as two girls. And we often did get hit on by men. My late wife was extremely good looking, and when she did my makeup I was very passable. We always wore our wedding rings, but that didn't stop the men. One man said, "I see both of you ladies are married, but how about trying something different?" My late wife looked at me and laughed, I kind of chuckled and said, "If you and I got together it really would be different!" Since I said that in my normal man voice, it really shocked him! He got this really odd expression on his face, turned and left rather hurriedly!!

    Since I am definitely a man, and my late wife knew it, we never accepted from any other man. I crossdress, but I am still a man underneath.

    Lady on the outside, but man underneath!

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    Oh yeah! I've been hit on quite a few times by guys while dressed up. Some run away when they find out I'm a man, some sit and chill and talk to me, and some take me home ;-)
    It's flattering and turns me on! I love getting attn from guys when I'm dressed up.

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    Several years ago I was in London and used a dressing service, after the transformation I had a night out with one of the local ladies. Towards the end of the night at our first bar she introduced me to a male friend. We chatted for a minute and we went to leave he asked for a quick kiss. He was big and cute so I leaned in for a peck which became a 5 second kiss and I admit it had me melting a little bit in his arms.

    Not sure if that was A semi scripted part of the night out adventure planned by the dressing service or not but it was fun to try once. Ultimately, I don't swing that way but when in Rome...
    Rebecca Bas

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    I've been hit while in drab, and have to say it was quite flattering. I take it as a compliment that I manage to attract both sexes. I however have not really gone out in public dressed, but I would have to say it would make my day if I got hit on while dressed.

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    Just once... last halloween I was at a party in an LGBT club dressed as a bride. I was asked if I was 'looking for a groom'.

    From the way he said it, and the topic of conversation afterward, I do get the impression that he was trying to pick me up, but I just politely told him that I was all set in that department.
    In a society in which it is a moral offense to be different from your neighbor your only escape is never to let them find out.
    -- Robert Heinlein

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    One halloween in college I dressed as a girl, but left the facial hair so as not to do "too good" of a job (My first time dressed in public, still in the closet otherwise). We went to the college bar, and we're having a great time, and when I went up to the bar to get another pitcher of beer, someone comes up behind me and says "Hey good lookin', can I buy you a drink?". So I turn around, and it's one of my classmates! He was pretty drunk, but it only took a second or two for his face to go from drunken smile, to confused, to shocked.

    At this point I began to worry that I may become involved in bar violence, but then he laughed and said "I'm so sorry man, I had no did a good job!". So we laughed and chatted about school stuff for a bit, and the night eventually ended without incident.

    Anyway, even if it was from behind, on halloween, in a bar, it still had me on cloud nine that I was hit-on, and I'm not even attracted to guys. I had ultra-confidence for the rest of the night.
    We're here for a good time, not a long time.
    So have a good time. The sun can't shine everyday.

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    I've encountered this question before and have given it much thought since then.

    Should a guy hit on me, in a nice way mind you, I'll probably entertain his company and maybe befriend him. Seeing as how I'm not interested in guys, I'm hoping that he's at least open-minded enough to have a friend since I'm not CDing to be in a relationship with boys.

    I often see CDing as a means to "test" the waters in terms of friendship and relationship-wise and that person's comfort and maturity level, and self-esteem. I don't need more emotional baggage in my life and if they can't handle me en femme, then I probably won't be willing to handle the other baggage they have in their life

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    Have had it happen a few times over the years.
    It is always flattering.

    However, most of the time the guys were not very gentlemanly about it, getting graphic about what they wanted to do. Why not save that for the bedroom? Yes we know where men like to stick their tongues and their...
    But they don't need to announce it in public

    Tho I am straight by nature, I would not mind if a decent looking guy would do some of the things they are fond of saying
    It takes a true Erin to be a pain in the assatar.

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    yes I have, and it was interesting to me but not more. In November I was in Holland, where I went to bar with dancing and music in a very populated street. I was standing quite in the middle of main room when a gyu came up to me and started a discussion whether I was a TV and why I dress up. I explained my feelings about dressing to him, and that did it for him.

    In April I was back in Holland on a street fest with live music, sitting on a bench, a guy came up to me after looking at me a few times. He realized that my glas of beer was empty and asked me if I want another beer.

    I also went to two TV/CD/TS bars in Long Beach and LA. In each place on a CD/TS event, a guy came up and started talking to me and making compliments about my looks and legs.

    I'm a heterosexual guy, which means that these events are interesting. I guess it just strengthens my seld-confidence when en femme.

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    I just ignore men for the most part. They often are governed by one thing and one thing only. That one thing I am really not interested in anyways.

    There are occasional nice guys but...............

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    The only times I have been hit on was in bar that caters to alternate lifestyles including BDSM, crossdressing and gays. A few times it was flattering when the guy acted like a gentleman. Other times it was crude in their approach. The worst to me was this jerk that approached me while I was with my then wife. The very first time she went out with me to this club. The idiot starts off with telling us that he likes to sit in front of his computer and masturbate while looking at guys in drag! Nice huh? i kept my cool and asked him to please leave.
    Another time, a guy came over and asked all kinds of questions about crossdressing and said he'd love to dress himself, but did not know where to start. He was polite, so I talked to him. The odd thing is when he left, he had sent over a single rose that he bought from a girl selling flowers in the bar. Flattered yes, but then again, I am not into guys.
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    Back in my younger years, it was a regular occurance and yes I enjoyed it. Turned on, yes, very much. I still have fond rememberences of one young handsome man who treated me like a lady all evening while we watched a impersonator show. He was so sweet. I often dream would come have been.........

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    in the hills of central california


    i do not dress to get "hit on", but then i do not go to bars, so getting picked up is a non issue for me.
    not sure how i would feel about this, would he be a trani chaser? or just so drunk the beer glasses are working...very good.
    if he thinks i am a real girl then i would take it as good. but only for a drink..nothing else. (but the drink would have to come from the bartender...not from???)


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    Yes I have and it always helps with your confidence .
    Last night I was going into to a Lowes Store and the man next to me opened his door the same time I did ,he motioned for me to go first and I thanked him .
    We both arrived back to our cars at the same time and he said "We have to stop meeting like this " I wish I had a clever comment but I just laughed and said thanks .

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    I've only been out a handful of times and have never been hit on. I think it would be fun if it ever happens tho. Another new experience for my diary!

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    Most recantly I was hit on at the grocerie by some Harl-man. He was polite and kept his distance to see how I would react. I graciously passed him over, and he remained respectfull.

    the first time I got hit on was last Haloween when I was Sarah Palin, I got hit on alot that night, all at so called stright establishments. one gu put his han on my sholder and asked "is everything ok here? Yes, everything's fine I said. Can I get ya a drink he asked. Sorry I already have one I say. and he asked if there was anything he culd get me, and I said no, so he finaly moved on. a few minutes later, a couple ohter guys were taking up positon right behind me, and my freind (a GG, she was Bristol Palin) called my attention to them. I got my compact and a comb out and pretended to fuss with my bangs, but I was using the mirror for a "rear view" if you will... Sure enough they were setting up to make a move, so I got out of there before they could do anything.
    Well, we went to another bar, where this one dude got real obnoxoius with me, he wouldn't take no for an anser! he kept putting his arm arround me, and I kept brushing it off. Finaly I had to sink my nails into his arm, before he finaly started to get the idea, but it really didn't sink in untill I told him I was a lesbian, and kissed the girl who would later become my Polar Bear.

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    I don't get the chance to get dressed often...but I was in a bar & was mostly looking on hitting and/or being hit by a beautiful woman. Instead, a good looking man approched me & started "hitting" on me. What a feeling. It was a major turning point for me, giving me confidence and knowing that I could now pass.

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    I guess it depends on whether or not you are into the traditional "boy chases girl" scenerio. Phone number?
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning

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    Never happened to me although I would be extremely flattered if it did...and sometimes wish it would happen!
    Can you see the REAL Me?

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    i dont know if this would be considered getting hit on or not but i was at a gay club and some guy tried to reach his hand up under my skirt. i turned around smiled as he had that "deer caugh in the headlights look" on his face. i didnt say a word, i turned around and go pissed. i just wanted to punch the guy.
    <3 Jenny

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    for me, it was at my boss's haloween party a few years ago.. I was dressed as a 'hooker', and my wife was my 'pimp'. I was in 7" ThighHigh boots and a short leather skirt.

    I recall glares from the wives of various couples and a few 'I would hit that" comments from the husbands. Scary and fun at the same time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lilmissjenny View Post
    i dont know if this would be considered getting hit on or not but i was at a gay club and some guy tried to reach his hand up under my skirt. i turned around smiled as he had that "deer caugh in the headlights look" on his face. i didnt say a word, i turned around and go pissed. i just wanted to punch the guy.
    I've had that happen too, I just told him that I was there to enjoy myself and not looking for a hookup. At least I got a free drink out of it.

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