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Thread: Wind up skirts or dresses

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    Wind up skirts

    Just four words: Sheer-to-waist pantyhose.
    I learned the laws of physics by watching Road Runner cartoons.

    Do you have that, in a tall?

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    My first time out in a skirt was in the Summer and though there wasn't a wind, the breeze flowing up my legs made me feel quite naked and vulnerable. Coupled with it being only my 3rd outing, I was very self consious.

    I work around the high rises in Downtown Boston so I'm quite familiar with the updrafts as you approach entrances. Have seen some very pretty foundations there on a good day! Ladies beware!

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    Wearing traditional stockings and short filmy skirt are a real turn on when its windy,my boyfriend cant keep his hands to himself. Me,well I just love the feeling as nature tickles all my senses ! Its very tasty and addictive.

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    the first time I did it was in tights and a hand made mini I made out of guys shorts. It was still chilly but I really enjoyed the feeling of the air down there and the fact that no one was out. I was going to surprise a friend on the street. He knew what I was, but he wasn't expecting me to walk down the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joankristy View Post
    [SIZE="3"] What was your first thought when you went outside in a skirt or dress, with the wind or breeze blowing up there.
    My first thought was WOW that feels different, then it got comfy and cool.
    I am still a "wind-up-the-skirt" virgin...but I think it would certainly be something I would continue to try to repeat. Mind you, perhaps it would feel like one of those lucid dreams where I am fully dressed amongst the regular crowd...and nobody really notices...but I worry about what they might see with the skirt rising up a bit. Many images come to mind with this one indeed...

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    There is nothing like it. What a great feeling.


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    blowing in the breeze

    I am so happy im not alone in the real feel of a skirt. the ggs must not realize what they have ,freedom ,If a slightest breeze comes up im rushing to play in it ,whatever im wearing .. a dress or a skirt. its so.... me .and heck yeh what a rush when you get an updraft showing your color for the day awsome it is, im past addiction ,its a staple of life . the wind and a skirt.

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    I remember thinking, "I should've done this a long time ago." The feeling was amazing, and I still love it!!

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    "Wind up my skirt" is that not a TV show.... If not it should be....

    I had not "felt" that with the outfits I first wore the first year I was going out because I wore only long to the floor dresses and skirts untill one day I figgered out I could wear short dresses and skirts. Then I started wearing short flared light skirts and dresses that changed my CD life....for the better. Then the thing I though was " shit the Dam wind is trying to cop a feel and show everybody my panties"! I did nit think about the wind "up" my skirt just the fact that I had to keep my skirt down.

    I do like the feel of the wind on my legs and how my skirt or dress flows. Like in Indiana Jones when marien is on the boat and the wind has her night gown plastered to her . I used to think " wow I wish I could be wearing that night gown in that wind.".

    Yes it's fun to have the wind touch your legs and play with your skirt , you never know if she will flip it up for a lark.
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    It was just fantastic and i love doing it. more and more and more

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    Its a wonderful feelig when a soft breeze gets under, then slowly inflates your skirt. You can't explain it until it happens to you. On the practical side though, the wind can come from nowhere and, in an instant, your skirt is up parallel to your waist and you have to use both hands just to keept it down - well a girl does have to maintain her modesty, lol.

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    First time for me was as a young teen, so my first thoughts I am sure was arousal.

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    Wind up a skirt is....great.
    From Madrid to Montreal that underneath it all that Tina prefers pantyhose

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    One of the sexiest moments was watching a woman on a corner having her sheer dress blowing in the wind and a beautiful slip show. I owned a slip very similar and the next day bought a similar dress. Spring and fall are great times to wear full skirts.

    I will tell you that I do enjoy the new style of not wearing hose. I've always enjoyed the feeling of a breeze as it slides up my bare legs and the feel of just panties under sheer summer dresses.

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    On one of my first "official" outings with a group of like-minded CDs, I wound up standing in the dark on a Chicago sidewalk in 20°F February weather with a brisk wind blowing up my filmy, just-below-the-knee skirt, while we tried to hail a cab. It was probably only for ten minutes or so, but felt like a lifetime. Once we got the ride, my legs were shaking so hard and uncontrollably that I got bruises where my knees knocked together. It was a good half an hour before I could stand up and walk again. In retrospect, it was kind of fun to have this kind of girly experience, but at the time it was pure, physical misery.

    A hopefully never to be repeated experience!

    - Diane

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    Every girl has to try and wear a flowing skirt/dress on a warm day without undies. then the wind blowing up the skirt gets a lot more exciting. Absolutely incredible feeling. I love doing it!

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    I have always wondered if it felt as good to a GG that wears skirts or dresses. Or do they just take it in stride and not even really notice the good feeling of the wind around their legs under a skirt.

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    My first thought when a cool breeze swirled up my skirt was:

    Ah, that's nice, I gotta do this again...

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    I learned that a long time ago I love.

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    Nothing sexy about it really, especially a cold wind in the Winter. Why do you think I prefer long dresses and long skirts and pants?
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    boothbay Harobr

    Wind up skirts or dresses

    that's one of the many reasons to wear skirts or dresses, and wow is the word for it.

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    The first time I felt the wind up my skirt was the best thing that I had felt, ever. Why, oh why, were pants ever invented
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denise Rhodes View Post
    Nothing sexy about it really, especially a cold wind in the Winter. Why do you think I prefer long dresses and long skirts and pants?
    To hide me ugly legs, that's why!!!

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    I love the feel when the wind gets around my legs and lifts up my skirt. I was in Belgium and Holland this weekend on a business trip and to watch World Champion soccer. I went out of a bar after the Spain game, it was still kind of bright outside. When I opened my car in front of a street cafe, the wind lifted my skirt completely. I felt a little embaressed, because everyone could see my back only covevered by a black lace top pantyhose. I'll have a threat about my time in Holland/Belgium in the pic section.

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    Pretty much the same back then Now it is OMG why did I wear this skirt! I had to fight with mine last year on a windy morning and it was not fun!

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