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Thread: How long did it take for you to fully accept yourself ?

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    How long did it take for you to fully accept yourself ?

    I was thinking the other day while online and talking with a female. She had told me right from the beginning that she really likes and enjoys CD males. It struck me that she accepted me right away, and I had wondered, It took me about 25 years to be able to finally look in a mirror and not feel ashamed or guilty, or all those other things many of us had felt at some point. So that is my question, How long did it take for others here to finally be able to stand up, look in mirror and feel good about who and what you are. I cant even begin to count the number of times that I was positive that suicide was my only true release from this blessing and or "curse". I was about 36 or 38 years old and one day I sat down crying on my ex wifes shoulder. I didnt know what to do or how to feel, the encouraging words she spoke to me, it was like the curtains were opened and I got a clear view of all. And really I dont thank her enough for being my saviour that day. She turned my whole life and attitude around. All of you GG's out there that are accepting and openminded -- One more "God Bless You". There is probably no way of knowing how many lives you all have saved from a slow painfull lonely death. My hat is off to you, or maybe a quick curtsie will suffice.?

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    When I started dressing about 3 years ago I never really had the issue within me to accept was more of a lets see where I can go with this and see how it works accepting never was an issue...guess I was fortunate...I guess I was trying to use the dressing to bring out the female within me which I knew was there and see if I could dress well enough to valid the female inside me to being a female in the mirror if that makes any sense...
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    I had dressed all my life and I was 36 when I quazi accepted myself but it was still yet another8 years , yep just 4 years ago at the age of 45 when I finally came to terms with who I am and yes it is because of the love and support of my wife that helped me and eventually led me here. I thank God for Mrs.M everyday and thanks to all of your support as well.

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    I, personally, never had much of a problem with it other than sorting out the feelings. I went to therapy to figure out how to deal with family members and others who seemed to have a problem with it. I finally integrated the fellings under one aegis from the spiritual aspect.
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    For me it must've been in my mid to late twenties to fully accept that I loved dressing as a woman and it being a large part of my life.

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    Age 35

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    My journey of 'full' acceptance is an ongoing process that I don't expect to end in this lifetime. I'm still learning about me, sometimes astonished at what I find.

    The turning point for me, beyond which I recognized that I was a crossdresser and would be forever, was when I was 23. I stopped purging then.

    The turning point for me, beyond which I refused to accept a girlfriend who did not accept me...all of me...was 32.

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    Far too long. I beat myself up over being cd'er for 40+ years. I didn't start accepting myself until 2.5 years ago. It was a struggle but I finally got to a comfortable place.

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    after 6-7 years of fighting it, I've finally reached the point where I'm accepting it. I'm 22 now, and since I've started accepting Jania as a part of who I am my life has gotten infinitely better.

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    Well I'm in my early 20's, and I'm finally beginning to accept it and even embrace it a bit. I mean, the process isn't complete, but at least I've begun?

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    Hang on a minute whilst i work this out......
    I will be.......33 this year ( another 6-7 weeks?).
    It was the end of 2008 (and just before redundancy due to the ression took my job) when i told my then boss of my plans to start transitioning an go full time. Then right at the start of 2009 i started at college and attended enfemme.
    So the answer would be 30-31 years old before i fully accepted myself.

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    40+ years

    Let's see. I was ashamed when I first thought girls clothes were pretty neat at age 6 or 7; I was dressing fully in secret on occasion by my mid teens and knew it was wrong, wrong, wrong; I continued to dress occasionally until my late 30's when the desire to dress started to hit me with more consistancy and I was dressing regularly into my mid 40's and trying to get out; I made contact with other crossdressers and actually made it out in public before I turned 50 and finally on a drive back from Las Vegas I pulled over to the side of the road and cried because I had finally realized that my desire to express femininity could be nurtured and be a benefit in my life, not just a curse. So 40 years sounds about right.

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    Not too long. I think it was more trying to figure out what facet of my life made sense to have at this point. And somehow, it made sense to me to express myself in both boy and girl modes. I've felt better ever since that realization!

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    I have been dressing practically since birth. Also since birth I tried every thing humanly possible to stop. During my college years I began to realize the walls were starting to crumble despite all of my attempts to be 100% male. I was also a very grumpy person during this time period.

    I still trired my hardest to resist until my mid 20's when after a very traumatic event I finally started to accept myself and came out of the closet to a few close family members.

    Even after accepting myself I still gave it one last effort to "cure myself" which lasted all of 24-48 hours. It was not until around mid 2007 that I fully 100% came to terms with who I am and have not looked back since.

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    to be very honest I still have days when it hurts inside to be me. Started when I was very young pre teen and now I am going to be 64 this month. I so envey all the girls that have totally accepted themselves.

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    it took an unpleasant divorce and a couple of years of counseling, and the acceptance of a great woman to become fully capable of accepting myself.

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    I never had to accept myself. It's was just me and Never had a prob with wanting to wear girls colthes. I've known since I was 4 that I wanted to wear what the little girls wore but just did not understand why I wanted to. I never felt gultly or ashamed of it , I just wanted to understand what I was and why.... Still working on the why part but ant we all lol.

    So unlike mort others I never had any guilt or shame , nor regret on it.

    Why should I. That's the way god made me. And I thank him for that. Kisses god
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    At a very rough calculation, it took me just over 46 years to accept myself. My earliest childhood memories (about age 7 or 8) were of dreaming about getting married as the bride.

    In those days, we were still about 3 decades before the Internet stone age so I thought I was the only freak in the world.

    Early last year, when I faced the stark choice of cross-dress or commit suicide, I still couldn't accept myself and tried to shame myself our of cross-dressing.

    It wasn't 'til nearly Xmas last year that I finally accepted that I am transgender. It was only about 5 months ago that I accepted that I am in fact transsexual.

    The relief is unbelievable.
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    It seems to be an on going process, some days are better than others. But overall, very excepting

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    I started crossdressing by wearing panties at age 6! Beforer I was out of my teens, I had accepted the idea that I was different from my male friends. I liked wearing feminine clothing!! Abd I stll do!! Oh yes, that was over 60 years ago!!

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    About exactly the same! I really wish I could have accepted myself when I was 20ish.

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    I took me about 40 year to come to terms with myself and my cross-dressing , but with the help of my very good therapist I have come to accept my cross-dressing as part of who I am and I'm the happiest that I have ever been in my life.

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    I am just beginning. I don't know if I can say I have accepted what the flood of feelings means, but I feel better for having started the process. It took me several years to get to this. In a lot of ways I feel as if the light is on!

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    Its an ongoing thing. It took until I was 31 to fully stand strong against my detractors, so in that sense, around 20 years -- oh and about 800 litres of rum. One a day over age 28 to 30. Don't do that no more.

    The past 20 years have been golden, and the 4 with my wife have been the best, because she accepts me 100% as I am.


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    About age 10, when I started. I figured others might have a problem with it, but I didn't!

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