Reading about all you girls here and your experiences makes me sad and jealous . I wish I had the freedom too to do all such things in India. But I donot know will the security handle a T. It will be always confusing which bathroom to use. Women will have strong objection to men using the bathroom even if dressed and forget the men's room. Creepy guys probably will flock to you as enter into the men's room.

I am even not willing to goto a mall because of many of the misconceptions in the society. So my CDing is pretty private affair.

There was a fun dressing up game in one of the Indian channels . I am putting up the link here. The challenge is to complete things while looking like other sex. It was fun to watch. It is called as Adam vs Madam ( title's funny too).

Sorry to hijack your thread, but after a long time, I came across such interesting thread and was tempted to write something