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Thread: few questions help needed

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    few questions help needed

    Hey i've been on her for a while now but not realy made any friends I'm a closet cd but want to be a m2f is there anyone goin or have been threw the same n is there any places someone like me can go in real life I'm situated in uk Staffordshire xXx

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    You have a friend now. You can go wherever you want. You don't have to go to certain places. Just do it and have some fun. If you are scared, then try and find someone nearby who would go with you.

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    Go to Manchester. Tranny night on Wednesday in New York, New York. If you come up at a weekend I can meet up with you. If you need any help or advice let me know,

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    I think a lot of people on here share your story, so it sounds like you have found the right place to meet friends. There's a lot of international groups out there. There is actually a group close to where I live that my SO and I could meet up with...but, they mainly do conventions...and speakers...and we're not really looking for that. We kind of just want to go out and have fun. In that case, you just have to meet some people. I bet there's people here in your area that go out all of the time. There's even a section on the forum that deals with meeting up with people.

    Other than that, just get out of the closet. Accept yourself and HAVE SOME FUN!

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    Try something simple. Take a friend and go somewhere public like a large park or the lake. Somewhere people won't really notice you, but you can have the experience of being out in the world. In our case we noticed that some people had to look twice but no one unfriendly or threatening.
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