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Thread: New Symbol Question

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    *Fighting hard to control creative mode*

    I actually never thought of it but could be a nice thing. I wouldn't tattoo it on me or stick it in my car tho. I like to have my secret identity.

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    where there is money to be made
    You know we should work on ideas for this logo.

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    You know I find this rather suprising.
    I've read other threads about symbols
    and needing or wanting one,
    suggestions about butterflies and seahorses,
    or discussion about if the transgender triangle symbol and
    the gay pride flag encompasses us.

    I must say that I am rather confused.
    So many of you wish to "blend in"
    to become a part of the background
    noise that is our society. And to them
    I say, "more power to you."

    I feel my intentions are misunderstood.
    Never was I meaning to out us or
    paint a bulls-eyes upon our busts
    but to those who want a symbol to
    represent our ideology, that

    We are not gay,
    we choose to dress according
    to our own feelings
    that we have significant others
    who support and love us.
    that we are human
    and deserve respect.

    Only after reading other threads
    on the same subject was I inspired
    to open this thread. It is to them
    that I speak, to those that would
    take pride in all that you are
    and find a closet a dark and
    lonely place.

    I speak to those
    who wish one day to see a symbol
    and know it's for you and you alone.

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    that red star in post number 8 reeks of communism to me.
    i do not post any place even on my truck any kind of association with any group.
    there are those who know what it is,
    and other who do not.
    and there are those who do not care,
    and those who will cause problems.
    and this does not just go for any transgendered. but for anything one does not like. some symbols will get you harassed by a cop. and not cause they are vulgar just not pc enough.
    the ying and yang here would be enough...but would the asian culture be offended if we were to use it?
    me i just want to be me. not labeled or cut up to fit into a box.


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    Frankly, cross dressing is not "who I am." It is not even the most important aspect of my life. I suppose it is fun to occasionally wear a badge, but I identify more with my political beliefs, religious beliefs, professional affiliation, avocation, even the state I grew up in, than I do cross dressing. Now, if someone came up with a symbol that instantly conveyed the message of a liberal, agnostic, economist sailor from Texas who cross dresses, I guess I would think about wearing it.

    But I am thinking that might be a little too nuanced for a symbol.

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